Friday, July 4, 2014

Thor Workout...Strength of an Asgard Warrior!

Come on, we have seen the workout that Batman threw down, but now there is a Thor workout?!? Yep! Thor's workout is a shoulder and upper body heavy workout that is bound and determined to leave your core burning like lightning, and your shoulders like smoldering fire. Chris Hemsworth a really ripped and lean body, but it wasn't always like that. He began to throw down this workout and lost some fat to really cut out his muscle. Now, he is known as an iconic Marval legend known as Thor. Thor is admired for his cannonball shoulders, tight eight pack core, and quad god legs that leave nothing to be desired. I personally did this workout three times in a matter of four days and I noticed a considerably large amount of muscle growth and lots of muscle definition. Join me in working out like Thor!

Please, please, please stretch well because this workout is no light workout. This workout CAN and WILL hurt you if you don't stretch!

1. 20 Lunges
The 20 lunges will leave your legs burning and your heart rate up after the first set. These lunges work your hamstrings, quads, and all-around legs.

2. 5 Shoulder Presses
The shoulder presses will get your upper body going as they work your deltoids and upper shoulders.

3. 10 One Legged Squats
The one legged squats work on defining your calf muscles and your lower quads. Don't underestimate them!

4. 20 Shoulder Touches
These shoulder touches help your shoulders grow, as well as your chest and your core due to having to balance.

5. 12 Pushups
The reason that there are not a lot of pushups is because there are a lot of shoulder exercises. You can alternate your leg distance to work different parts of your muscles.

6. 20 Plank Jump-Ins
These jump-ins will raise your heart rate and will torch your core as you work on them.

7. 20 Sit-Ups
20 sit-ups will help work on those upper abs. You will enjoy this as a down exercise to rest your shoulders.

8. 20 Sitting Twists
These twists are called Russian twists and are not to be taken lightly either. They are easy enough, but try them on the third set and you will be dying afterward.

9. 20 Turkish Get-Ups
These get-ups are the clincher for absolute wear-down. They are not fun by any stretch of the imagination, but they work your core muscles to the max!

Beginner Level: 3 Sets 
Moderate Level: 5 Sets 
Advanced Level: 7 Sets

Enjoy this workout by the Asgard warrior, Thor! Comment below on this workout to let us know if you like it or what other one's you would like to see. Be safe on this 4th of July! Burn some fat and get going to get that huge body. Obesity doesn't stand a chance!

~Obesity Overload

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