Friday, May 26, 2017

10 Things to Do When You Feel Like Quitting

Are you someone that is thinking about quitting your weight loss or diet program? We have all thought about doing this at one point or another. The thought about quitting seems to come up a lot because we find it hard to do the things that are essential for weight loss and keeping on track with our diet. You can either quit what you are doing with your weight loss or diet program, or you can take the bull by the horns and go out and do it. What do you do when you feel like quitting? Let's take a look!

1. Remember
The first thing that you can do when you feel like quitting is to think back and remember why it was that you were wanting to quit. You may have been doing your weight loss or diet program because you wanted to get a girl or a guy, or you were losing weight to fit in smaller clothes, to look better, whatever reason that you had. Think back and really remember the, "why." You will be glad you did. 

2. Hold 
The second thing that you can do is to hold on to that reason and why you wanted to do it in the first place. People forget things and why they do the things that they do. Hold on with a tight grip to that all important reason why you are doing it. When everything wants to take that reason you are doing your weight loss or diet program away from you, take a hold of it and rip it out of their hands.

3. Focus
After you struggle and grind and fight with the reason why you were wanting to do it in the first place, focus on the solution that will bring your motivation and love for doing it back around. The solution is to think about all of the time and energy and money that you have already given to it. Think about what your life would be like if you were to quit. Would your family line continue with obesity and disease from obesity? Or can you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make a difference?

4. Reality
A lot of the bloggers that I see that blog about weight loss, fitness, dieting, bodybuilding, working out, and on and on, they all have one thing in common. That one thing is that they sugar coat everything for you and tell you that it's easy. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Think about reality and how the world works. Nothing is easy! Weight loss is a long and hard road. I have seen fitness gurus and trainers that say its easy. Its not. Now that you have thought about reality, think about reality in the sense of how easy it COULD be by breaking it down into smaller chunks, say, a few minutes a day to work out. Keep in mind that its hard, not easy.

5. Goals
Share your goals with at least one person this week that is NOT yourself! By sharing these goals with someone, you may find it it will inspire them and them being inspired might inspire you. Take some time to get a drink, slow down in the day, and share your thoughts and goals for weight loss and dieting with them. They might have useful information for you on how to attain those goals as well. 

6. Challenges
Acknowledge the challenges that you are facing and will face in the future with going through with weight loss or dieting. So often we find ourselves struggling in challenges and we don't acknowledge them. By doing this, we put ourselves in a place to be completely oblivious towards what it is that's causing us to fail. Accept those challenges and work to conquer them and destroy them with every step you take.

7. Positive
The last thing to do when you feel like quitting is to be positive. Think about the happy things that you have accomplished through weight loss and or dieting. Take away the negative thoughts that will bring you down and strive to be positive and happy. By doing this you will find that you no longer want to quit your weight loss or diet program. Positive thinking is like good food for the soul.

8. Think
Think about the hard work that you have put in to working on your diet and your weight loss. It has been darn hard work just burning the fat and weight off, let alone eating correctly and actually putting together the process of weight loss. Stop and think for a minute and see how much better you will feel after your diet or weight loss. Most people don't consider how much effort it has taken in order to lose just 1 pound of fat. 

9. Changes
Make small changes in order to let your body acclimate better to your weight loss and diet program to give yourself a chance to save your new lifestyle. Sometimes we make these huge changes to our weight loss goals or diets and our bodies just can't take so many big changes at such high prices. Our bodies and psyche can't understand what is going on with change as we are not fans of change.

10. Perspective
Think about what your perspective is on how your situation looks. Sometimes our perspective becomes clouded when we don't see the bigger picture. You can change your life for the better and never see yourself as changed. You must introduce yourself to the new you that is coming and welcome in the new lifestyle that you will encounter upon still doing your weight loss or diet instead of quitting.
I hope that my readers can implement these things that you can do when you feel like quitting. Its a pretty simple job of thinking about how hard you have worked and not being stupid enough to quit. I know that it hurts when you work out and its hard to eat good all the time, but you guys must strive to beat obesity and keep going. Otherwise, you may find that if you quit, it just might be to your demise or downfall.

~Obesity Overload

Sunday, May 21, 2017

10 Power Packed Weight Loss Foods

Many people wonder what to eat on a diet and it really is no wonder why. So many blogs talk about so many different foods. We want to give you 10 power packed weight loss foods for your diet. These foods are the best for weight loss and will really help you succeed in beating obesity. You are going to want to spread the news and go shopping for these foods once you learn about which ones they are. 

1. Almonds
The first power packed food for weight loss is the almond. Almonds are low in calories, taste sweet and crunchy, are an excellent source of omega 3's, and have several great vitamins and nutrients. These are a great weight loss snack!

2. Legumes
Legumes are great for weight loss and pack quite a powerful punch. Fiber is numerous in legumes and other minerals are in abundance. Make some legumes as a side dish or incorporate it into your meal to keep you feeling full.

3. Berries
Berries are a secretly power packed weight loss food that has antioxidants in every bite, a sweet treat, they vitamins and minerals and they make other foods taste fantastic. My favorite berry is the strawberry because I love how they taste. Berries are a great snack for weight loss.

4. Green Tea
Green tea or yerba mate is great for burning fat and has the power to jump start your weight loss back to life. If you're struggling with weight loss, this tea is very powerful in burning fat. I remember my dad saying that when he went to Uruguay in South America, the people walk around drinking yerba mate out of a gourd, with a strained straw and everyone is slim and strong. It is full of antioxidants and has some caffeine that will give you a natural boost in your day.

5. Grapefruit
Grapefruit is a citrus that is not spoken of all that much. It is powerful because citrus is power packed full of water, vitamins and essential minerals. Grapefruit has been tied to burning a lot of fat as it is a fat burning machine.

6. Apples
I can't speak well enough about apples as they are a favorite fruit of mine. Fiber is abundant in apples and apples are a fruit that will keep you feeling full. Vitamins are quite full in apples, but you have to be careful because some apples are more sugar filled than others.

7. Avocados
The seventh power packed weight loss food is avocados. This veggie is known for its hard cored center and smooth flesh. Avocados are mistaken for being a food that is bad for you, but it is simply not true. Avocados have a greater fat content, but remember, eating fat doesn't make you fat. Eating sugar makes you fat.

8. Spinach 
Weight loss foods always cover the basics, but spinach is a special food that packs so many good and powerful qualities about it. Spinach is fiber rich, vitamins and minerals are present by the myriad, and you can make a really good salad out of spinach. It will not give you special powers or muscle immediately, but it will boost your weight loss efforts and leave you feeling guilt free as you demolish obesity.

9. Broccoli
Broccoli is a weight loss, power packed, obesity crushing, fat destroying bomb. Vitamins and minerals are huge in broccoli and fiber is great for keeping things regular. If you find that you are gassy when you eat broccoli raw, then you can steam it and it will make the broccoli more bearable and manageable for your body to handle.

10. Dark Chocolate
Okay,, okay, I know that I wrote that you burn fat with dark chocolate. I bet that you didn't know that there are antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols in dark chocolate. Polyphenols are some of the best and most efficiently burning fuels that your body can burn. Dark Chocolate is a phenomenal food that has a lot of power and is packed full of good nutrients that will help your weight loss endeavors.

I have loved talking about foods that will help you on your way to that beach body that we all want to have. Weight loss can be hard if you don't have enough options to eat and fill your meals and snacks with. I would like to invite you to comment on which foods you like to eat for your weight loss and like and share this post. Please subscribe if you liked the post to get these posts delivered to your email. Good day and good eating!

~Obesity Overload

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Naturally Boost Your Testosterone for Greater Performance

Testosterone is the main sex hormone, but today we are going to talk about other aspects as to what testosterone does to your body. There are few things if anything that is greater than feeling the pump of blood rushing through your veins when your working out hard. Boosting your testosterone and then feeling that blood pump through your veins feels better. In this blog post we will talk about why we should boost testosterone and then how to naturally boost your testosterone for greater performance in your workouts and athletically. This post is more for the men out there that are looking to lose weight in a short amount of time and in huge bursts.

Why should we boost testosterone for greater performance?

A. Increased Muscle Mass 
You can easily boost your muscle mass by increasing your testosterone levels. The reason being is that testosterone is the chemical that is released into the body after the brain sends a signal to the rest of your body that. Testosterone is part of what makes your body respond and pack on the muscle.

B. Fat Metabolism
Testosterone releases and tells your body to burn more of the fat that you have instead of letting the body store it. Stress makes fat store, testosterone makes the fat burn. Your metabolism increases and your weight loss becomes easier when you combine the testosterone with a good set of muscle. This becomes a winning combination when it comes to weight loss and beating obesity.

C. Increased Blood Cells
Testosterone increases the amount of red blood cells that are made when the blood marrow is activated by the testosterone. Bone density is increased as well. When the red blood cells are increased the body runs more efficiently and your body becomes a fat burning machine. Weight loss becomes a piece of cake.

How do we naturally boost testosterone for greater performance?

1. Exercises and Lift Weights More
One of the most natural ways to boost your testosterone for greater athletic performance is to increase your muscle mass by exercising more and lifting weights. When lifting weights we find that the brain releases more growth hormones in the body in order to heal the muscles that were injured slightly in order to come back. Bigger muscles equals more testosterone and more testosterone equals more weight loss and more fat burned.

2. Eat and Drink More Protein
Eating and drinking more protein increases testosterone naturally because the protein itself contains testosterone. I would suggest the men to eat and drink whey protein as it has less estrogen in it and more testosterone. I prefer drinking my protein as opposed to eating it because the protein typically tastes better than eating it.

3. Stay Away from Flax
We kind of touched on this in the last way that we naturally boost testosterone. Staying away from flax products and flax seed is essentially for producing more testosterone. Estrogen is the counterproductive counterpart to testosterone, and is in a way, the testosterone for women. For guys, we are going to want to stay away from anything that has flax or soy proteins in it. Soy is a bit better for the men, but both are counter to testosterone.

4. Get More Rest
Your body will burn a lot more fat and will work more efficiently and have greater performance after you start to get more testosterone. As everyone knows, especially those that lift heavy know that we have to rest in order to create a greater amount of testosterone. The body makes repairs and builds the muscle in the resting stage. You will find a great increase in testosterone if you give yourself two more hours increase in sleep more than what you get now. This can come in the form of a nap as well.

We have given you some great ideas on how to boost testosterone naturally in order to get greater performance athletically. I want to invite you all to share this blog post anywhere you can and please comment below to give us even more ways to naturally boost testosterone. This was a great a fun blog post to write as I find that my body feels drab if my testosterone is low. Let's get the manly muscle one, boost the testosterone, lose that weight and beat obesity!

~Obesity Overload

Friday, May 12, 2017

5 Secret Exercises for Getting Pumped Up Muscle at Home

It's no secret that there have been certain exercises to working out and getting pumped. We have 5 secret exercises for getting pumped up muscle at home and without heavy equipment. All you're going to need is a hand towel or bath towel. You might be thinking that these exercises couldn't possibly get you pumped up muscle, but you would be DEAD wrong! I have used these to get ripped at home for free and the secret is out...these work to get you jacked and ripped.

1. Push-up Hand Raises
In order to do the push-up hand raises you're going to want to grip your towel about shoulder width apart. Then you assume push-up position when you're at your highest, then you try to raise your hands one at a time as close to your body as you can get them. If this doesn't work with your hands being shoulder width apart then put them closer together. This exercise will work your shoulders, your triceps, your chest, and your abs. Try to pull your hands apart as you lift the hands one at a time.

2. Military Press Skull Crushers
To properly execute the military press you hold the towel shoulder width apart and you extend your arms above your head and bring it down in front or behind your head. For this exercise we are going to bend our elbows as our hands go behind our head. Once your hands are above your head we are going to pull our hands apart while gripping the towel. This exercise will work your shoulders, upper back, 

3. Super Crunch
We are doing a variation of a crunch in which you are going to hold the towel shoulder width apart and try to get the towel gripping hands to your feet at the end of the crunch. Focus on trying to pull the towel gripped hands apart. This will give us a greater stretch in our shoulders and a deeper crunch in our abs. All of the sections of the ab wall be activated. Don't bounce as this will take away of the deep burn that you will experience.

4. High Knees
High knees are done when you run in place, trying to get your knees as high as you can. We are going to hold the towel out in front of us and try to pull those long shoulder width arms apart. You can variate this by bouncing the hands up and down while trying to do those high knees. Another variation of these high knees is to variate your running speed. Try running slower, then faster, then at a medium pace. This exercise will toast your legs, abs, and your arms.

5. Squashing Squat
We are going to ramp up the squat and make it something to behold. This is going to be a man-maker of an exercise. Assume the squat position with your towel in your hands at shoulder width apart fully stretched out. Push your hands out until you can feel your abs activate. Push your hands up and stretch those abs upwards after a few moments, and then thrust those hands down in a sort of a squat crunch. Try to push the hands apart in order to get more out of this exercise.

1 TIP (This is what makes these exercises work!)
Pull the hands apart as much as you can with these exercises in order to get more burn and deeper reps. Do these exercises every day until failure and you will be ripped and jacked with huge muscles.
Weight loss, fat burn, and obliteration of obesity is the inevitable destiny after you have used these exercises to workout. You will be burning so much more fat if you do these until failure. These exercises are widely known and you will find yourself gasping for air after this workout.

All of these exercises are variations that are designed to get the nooks and crannies that are normally neglected. They burn more fat and build more muscle by utilizing multiple muscles at once. You guys and gals will definitely feel your body getting buff and ripped as your muscles will be burning immediately. Please share this blog post, subscribe to our blog and leave a comment below to share your results and let me know what I should blog about next! Use these 5 secret exercises for getting pumped up muscle at home.

~Obesity Overload