Friday, November 15, 2013

Supplements: The Pitfalls to Working Out?

Hello, and welcome all of my faithful readers! We talked a little bit about protein shakes in a blog post last year and mentioned once over the past blog posts about how protein shakes are the only supplements I take when I work out. I want to clarify a little bit about protein shakes and some other supplements. There are a lot of different articles about protein shakes and supplements and if they are good for you. I want to give you guys an accurate glimpse into a few of the most popular supplements on the market right now. Are supplements the pitfalls to working out?

1. Protein and Protein Shakes
There has been a lot of heated debate around the topic of protein and protein shakes. Is added protein to your diet good for your body, your weight loss, and your overall diet? I would say that protein shakes are an added supplement for those people that are serious about putting on some mass muscle in a short amount of time. I added a good ten pounds of muscle in a span of two weeks just by adding a protein shake to my diet 3-5 times a week. It is for ADVANCED bodybuilders or for people that know what they are doing. Let's focus for now on how to get rid of the fat, not how to build the muscle. Besides the obvious chance of overdosing from eating or drinking to many protein shakes, the only side effect for those people that take it in moderation is the chance of laxatives and gas.

2. Creatine or Creatine Kinase
Creatine or Creatine Kinase is a powder that you can mix into drinks that will boost muscle growth in a very short amount of time. Creatine is NOT a steroid! It is found in red meats and fish in minute levels. Creatine reduces fatigue. It is a myth that Creatine is a steroid. Creatine allows you to do more reps and more sets which provides you with more lean muscle mass in the months following your beginning to take the supplement. The side effects of Creatine are the same as protein or protein shakes. It CAN in rare cases cause stomach or gastrointestinal issues. The huge problem that bodybuilders and athletes have with Creatine is that it puts H2O into your muscles which allows your muscles to look bigger naturally. That water weight can be and is heavy. Due to having that water in your skin and muscles it makes you look softer instead of more solid. Creatine can be used, but is NOT in any case needed right now in your weight loss journey.

3. Nitric Oxide
Nitric oxide is a newer bodybuilding supplement that has recently been released by supplement companies. Nitric Oxide is a natural gas that allows the body to communicate in between cells. It releases more adrenaline and more hormones. NO allows more blood through the veins and to muscles. The fatigue of the muscles doesn't exist for long because the increased blood flow allows your muscles to heal. The hormones and adrenaline that is released helps you to go longer and harder. If you have high or low blood pressure you should consult your doctor before taking Nitric Oxide.

As with all of these supplements, there is always a chance of overdosing. We are not responsible for your supplemental intake, overdose, how you take it, or death. You should consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Supplements can be good, but you should know how much to take and how often to take it. In the long run, supplements are pitfalls to your working out at this point in time. When you are trying to lose weight, muscle is going to do you no good. You can build a little bit of muscle to help you burn more calories, but you will end up looking fatter because you are growing the muscle under the layer of fat. Stay on the path of just burning the fat off.

Happy weight loss!

~Obesity Overload

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Explosive Afterburn Workout

Hey guys. So this morning I figured that I would share another video with you guys on another workout to inspire you guys. I hope that you guys adopt these videos and use them. Mike Chang is a Personal Trainer that has laid out his wisdom and knowledge about losing weight in many many videos. The first video describes what the "Afterburn Effect" is. It is really in depth and I will let him explain it to you. :-)

The second video is the main one that I want you guys to focus on. It is a workout that requires no equipment and you can do it at home. The best part is that Mike Chang will do it with you. He uses the concept of the Afterburn Effect to burn fat and help you lose weight.

I have used many of the videos that he has made. I would like to bring up that he has offered an apology that says that he has cheated and he wanted to apologize to those people that support him. He has come clean and I still would say that his videos are still applicable. I agree with using supplements if they help you build muscle. I agree with using protein powder or drinking protein shakes. Stick to that supplement only if you must consume one. I have lost a lot of weight and have gained considerable muscle through it all. I urge you to give him a second chance and watch these great videos!

"From the home gym, the underground training facilities, and the octagon,"
~Obesity Overload

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1 Video that Will Boost Your Weight Loss During the Holidays!

Welcome fellow readers to my humble home gym that is my abode! I was just thinking that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years is coming and we all need help. I have been working out hard and have been losing weight, but I really found a gem in this video. My stomach is getting smaller and smaller and there is more and more muscle. The weather is nice outside the home gym and it is fun to get out and run or do something outside. Now is the time to build that beach body. Then when summer comes you will be ready for volleyball on the beach!

Mike Chang from Six Pack Shortcuts is a genius and is somebody that has really given people on a smaller budget something to work with. I have always been someone that has had a bit of trouble with dedicating money to my own weight loss. Mike Chang has done a video that shows that repeating four exercises over and over can accomplish a lot of weight loss. He really knows what he is doing. Without further torture and ado, here is the one video that will boost your weight loss during the holidays!

Mike Chang is the brains behind Six Pack Shortcuts. There is another YouTube workout prodigy that has shared his wisdom with calisthenics with the world. Fortress is a guy that uses nothing but a pull-up bar to get ripped. Here is an extra video that he uses to introduce people to the muscle building world. Technology from my home gym has shown me that just about anyone can lose weight if they can put their mind and body to it. Check out this EXTRA video to help you guys during the holidays!

I wish you guys the best as you guys prepare for your holidays and you plan on how to lose weight during the holidays. Worry no more! Put these videos into practice and enjoy!

"From the home gym, the underground training facilities, and the octagon,"
~Obesity Overload