Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Edition: Obesity Overload

We have all eaten the classic turkey, potatoes, yams, stuffing, and the other various Thanksgiving Day feast dishes! With the buttery goodness comes the buttery guilt and shame of eating more and more of what makes you gain weight. For most of us, we are overweight and Thanksgiving seems to be a day when we gain even more weight than we would like. I would like to talk today about how to minimize then damage from all of the turkey and fatty foods. Let's get down to some quick tips for Thanksgiving and how to keep your diet going while enjoying some good food!

1. Use Less Butter
One quick way to keep from gaining weight is to use less butter than you normally would. Does your stuffing really need two sticks of butter? Stick it to some of your butter and stay away from most of that fat.

2. Eat With Smaller Plates
This one is kind of a, "DUH" tip, but it is one of the simplest ones to implement because it really gives you a perspective on how much you really eat. If you're a visual person, then it really pays to eat smaller!

3. Go for a Walk
Strap on your sneakers and get out and walk around with the family to burn off some of the food that you have eaten. Instead of sitting and letting the food sit on your stomach, go and get your burn on with your family.

4. Don't Eat the Skin
With this tip we will consider not eating the turkey skin. This may be something that not all of you guys take part in. There is a considerable amount of fat that is in the turkey skin. Stay with the turkey breast that is leaner than the rest of the fatty turkey.

5. Space Out
What we mean by spacing out is to space out your time between your meals a little bit instead of eating constantly. Let your food that you enjoy for the first meal of the day fully digest before eating the next meal.

Play some football or some soccer in your backyard or at a park nearby to burn off some more calories. We all enjoy some football during the holidays, but playing football is an excellent way to get rid of some fatty food!

I hope that you guys really enjoyed these tips and that you guys implement these tips in your guys' lives. Just because its Thanksgiving doesn't mean that your weight loss or diet has to suffer. You don't have to gain weight today, you can lose weight. We will have more links below for you to check out and more tips to help you lose weight. I highly encourage you guys to do your best today and to enjoy and give thanks with family and friends for what you have.

Feel free to comment or share our blog post and converse about it. We would love for you to comment and will respond!

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my American readers and to my British readers! Happy Thanksgiving to all!
~Obesity Overload

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mini Post Motivation

What is Mini Post Motivation, you ask. Well, we have come up with a powerful new tool to motivate you without writing and you reading a big blog post. Its like a motivational moment instead of a motivational twenty minutes. Enjoy these Mini Post Motivation moments!

Rome was not built in a day, my friend! You have to build your fortress, your body over a longer amount of time. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen on the first day. Weight loss is a long and difficult process.

~Obesity Overload

Monday, November 24, 2014

Think Positive, Lose Weight?

Our brains are effected by even some of the smallest things. We laugh and feel happy, and our brains think that we can conquer the world. When we are sad we feel like our brains are falling apart. When we are doing weight loss and dieting, it is very important that we have good attitudes. Good attitudes give us a great boost in weight loss when we feel good about ourselves. We are going to talk about why weight loss depends on our attitude and how we see the world. It is very important that we think on the sunny side of things instead of thinking so bad. Why are positive attitudes key to weight loss?

1. Endorphin Overload
Endorphins are a hormone that are released when you work out and are happy. When we are happy and we have good attitudes, the endorphins release neurologically and it boosts your weight loss because your body functions better. When your body functions better, your body burns fat better. 

2. See Yourself as Someone Who is Changing
What attitude are we to take if weight loss depends on an attitude? Instead of seeing yourself as someone who is overweight, obese, or someone that just needs to get a life, look at yourself as someone that is getting skinnier, someone that is changing their body for the good, and someone that will conquer obesity and will win. 

3. Bad Attitude, No Weight Loss
I have a question for you. Would you rather have a good attitude while losing weight and it be easier, or would you rather have a bad attitude and weight loss be extremely grueling? When we have bad attitudes, we find ourselves hitting rock bottom and we have problems because our minds convince our bodies that we are nothing. Bad attitudes are a weight loss killer and we find ourselves beating ourselves up because we see skinny people that set the standards on what the good looking person is. We need to redefine ourselves and to change the way we look at weight loss.

4. Good Attitude, Weight Loss
Good attitudes are essential for weight loss and we need to have good attitudes in order to really experience weight loss. Good attitudes boost your ego and your body feels good about itself. You want to lose weight in this case and having a bad attitude is out of sight and out of mind. Good attitudes are something that are rare during the holidays. Try to think of a happy thought or time that is very dear to your heart. 

5. Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a powerful tool that can be very empowering in weight loss and dieting. When we can forgive ourselves for eating the wrong thing or forgive ourselves for not working out when we know we should have, we can get past the simple but crippling disease of the bad attitude. Bad attitudes thrive on guilt and making you feel bad. Slay your bad attitude by forgiving yourself!

6. Cut Out the Negative
Cut out the negative things in life and replace it with positive things. Hang with people that will encourage you even though you think that you will never lose weight. Find other people like you that you can encourage and have encourage you. Start a Facebook or social media group that you can support one another through your hard times. When we cut out the negative, we will find the positive emerge, almost magically!

7. Sticky Note Positive Affirmation
Write something positive about yourself that you want to remember days down the road on a sticky note and put it in the most prominent place in your life. Every time you see those notes, your mind will immediately think more positively. It pays to think more positively!

We find ourselves in the midst of the holidays and we find that bad attitudes run rampant. Please try to have a good attitude to boost your weight loss this holiday season. We all could use some good cheer and our weight loss and dieting loves good cheer. Do yourself a favor and think a good thought. Helping others helps us to feel better because we are helping others. Weight loss is all about attitude. Have a good attitude and have victory, have a bad attitude and your weight loss will die!

~Obesity Overload

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Year's Resolutions...Set it Now?

My question to you is, "Why don't we get started on New Year's resolutions now?" It would make perfect sense, wouldn't it? We always set a resolution at the beginning of the year, and we normally don't have time to get it accomplished. So, by offsetting the resolution making, you give yourself enough time to accomplish the resolution. We are going to talk about some tips for smashing your New Year's resolution in the mouth and get er' done! Let's go!

1. Smaller Plates
-Using smaller plates allows you to see what exactly your eating. We often eat with huge plates and we find ourselves going back for seconds when in fact we are eating thirds and fourths.
-Smaller plates for the holidays will allow you to eat a little bit of everything in moderation; a little bit of turkey, cranberry sauce, maybe a roll, you get the point.

2. Get Up
-If you get up in the morning and have breakfast instead of sleeping in, then your metabolism starts early and you will find it easier to maintain that metabolism.
-Getting up off the couch will allow the blood to flow and will help your metabolism kick into gear even more.

3. Cut Sugar in Half
-Cutting the sugar in half will more than double your fat loss because sugar enters the bloodstream and goes straight to creating fat.
-In addition, sugar is what feeds cancer cells and makes your body vulnerable to being sick and unhealthily overweight.

4. Cheat
-Cheat? I thought we were supposed to be doing good, not bad? Cheating, or rewarding yourself for doing good in your diet will allow your body to take pride in your work at losing weight.
-Your mind will quickly perk up when it is rewarded for keeping your body on the straight and narrow.

5. 4-6 Smaller Meals
-Eating 4-6 smaller meals allows your metabolism to go bonkers because by the time your food from one meal is done digesting, your stomach will have something else to digest.
-Save 1 big meal for dinner and make the other ones smaller.

6. Don't Watch TV
-Watching TV allows for you to see all of the cooking shows and commercials that come with watching TV in general. The first thing to come on a commercial is food.
-Getting off of the tube will allow you to work out and burn some calories as well.

7. Stop Lying to Yourself
-When we are in dieting or weight loss mode, we often lie to ourselves saying, "Oh, well those extra calories don't count for much, I'll eat it anyways." You are only cheating yourself.
-Be honest with yourself. When you do, you will not feel guilty and like eating.

8. Be Self Conscious
-Being self conscious is the feeling you get when you feel like, "a bug in a jar." Make yourself feel guilty when you eat bad and don't do it again.
-Guiltiness is not bad, it means that you care enough to do it right!

9. Set Reasonable Resolutions NOW!
Now that we have talked about some tips on how to accomplish the New Year's resolution, let's talk about setting them. Set the resolutions now. Procrastination now will only lead to procrastinating on your weight loss or diet in the future. Take action and go out and conquer the world. Get the beach body that you deserve. You deserve to look good and feel good, and to be able to look in the mirror and say, "I am beautiful," or, "I am handsome!" You need to put the footsteps to your words about wanting it, you have to just do it.

10. Conquer Them Early
My last point in this blog post is to conquer the resolutions early. As I alluded to earlier in the post, you will procrastinate on the dieting or weight loss if you procrastinate in making the resolution now. Write it down on a piece of paper and post it to the wall that you will see every day multiple times a day. I would suggest putting it in the kitchen! By seeing the resolution, you trick your mind into constantly wanting to accomplish it. This works!

I want to wish you all a great day and I hope that you guys take into account what we have talked about with making the resolutions now. I have given you the gun, the ammo, and have set you on the right path. If you stick to these tips, you can't go wrong in your weight loss and dieting endeavors. If your still not convinced that you should make your New Year's resolution now, think about this question, "Why do I want to diet or lose weight?" It will be a surefire way to respond with making a resolution.

Here's to your success!
~Obesity Overload

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

7 Golden Fat Burning Foods

After reading the past couple of blog posts about weight loss and pushing to accomplish your New Years resolutions (CLICK HERE!), you're probably thinking, "Can you give us some tips on how to accomplish what you're asking us to do?" That's where this blog post comes into play. I would like to introduce 7 golden fat burning foods to you and how they help you burn fat. We will be going into depth a little bit further than just the surface for these 7 foods. Anyone can tell you, "yep, these are fat burning foods," but very few posts ever say, "why." Let's get into these 7 golden fat burning foods and why they burn fat to give you a six pack in no time at all!

1. Spicy Foods
Peppers and hot foods are a great way to burn fat and to lose weight. You may have heard of the famous Sriracha hot sauce that is sweeping over the world like a huge spicy cloud. Spicy foods can liven your foods and dishes up really well and then get your metabolism going, In turn, this gives you a fat burning kick-start! If you really want to add something to your foods quickly, then just add some spicy salsa.

2. Eggs
This fat burning food is probably the most overlooked one of them all, mainly because we often think of eggs being full of fat. The truth is that you don't get fat from eating fat. You get fat from eating foods that have sugars that convert into fat. Eggs are full of protein that will give you better muscle. This will add up and will help those muscles burn fat at a greater pace because you will be building more muscle. Have some eggs for breakfast to start the fat burning wagon on a trail-blaze!

3. Lean Meats
This golden fat burning food is the most considered of them all. It is easy to eat meat in this world because it tastes so good. Meat is easy to cook and you can cook it in many different ways and flavors. Lean meats like turkey, chicken, and lean beef can burn fat by adding to your muscles. Meat contains a lot of protein and this protein can help burn a good amount of fat. You can incorporate a meal or two in the week to start. It's that simple.

4. Peanut Butter
There are a lot of myths about nuts being fatty. The thing is that everyone needs to eat a little bit of fat. Everything in moderation is better than ridding yourself of it altogether. Peanuts and peanut butter has a large amount of fat burning protein because this too can help you build more muscle. It is essential to have muscle to burn fat. If you don't have muscle, then you will not burn fat. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a great way to start. Slather a good amount of peanut butter on your sandwich.

5. Green Tea
You may be reading this fat burning food shaking your head wondering how green tea could burn fat. Green tea uses natural caffeine to boost your body's production of muscle and energy levels. Your metabolism boosts as well, and we have found that green tea or black tea will give you even greater fat burn. All you have to do is have one cup of tea a day. Make a tea time like the people in England, and enjoy the benefits of burning more fat.

6. Citrus
Citrus is a great source of vitamin C and vitamin C is great for helping the body pass the cold or flu better.Citrus is also known for boosting your fat burning furnace by causing metabolism combustion in your body at rapid rates, causing your body to burning more fat because of greater efficiency. Add fresh lemons to a fish for dinner, or a lime to your tacos, or maybe some lemonade to your meal. The acid will cause your fat burners to explode.

7. Apples
Apples may be the last thing you think of when you think of golden fat burning foods, but they play a very important role in helping you burn fat. Apples allow your body to feel full for longer amounts of time. Your body has to have the energy from the apple to burn fat. The sweetness  can also act like something sweet to curb your sweet tooth cravings. There are also great amounts of vitamins and essential minerals in apples. Add one to your day for a snack to boost your fat burners!

I hope that you guys have enjoyed this post about 7 golden fat burning foods. Please share these foods with your family and friends to help them lose weight as well. Save a life by promoting these blog posts. You can save somebody's life by pointing them in the right direction for weight loss. Please consider adding these foods to your diet to help your fat burners kick into overdrive. You will not be sorry, I promise!

~Obesity Overload