Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Treadmill Trounce

It has been a while since we last had a blog post.
I have been hard at work in college and studying.
Let's talk about the treadmill today.
There is a lot of speculation on how fast to run or jog, whether to walk, run, or jog, how to lose weight and so forth.

1. Walk, Jog, or Run
This is a tricky subject because there are a lot of factors to figure in.
I mean, if you are 100-200 pounds overweight, chances are, you aren't going to be running.
I would walk if you are someone that has a weaker build and then move up to jogging and running.
If you have a medium to large build start with jogging and move up to the running.
If you are obese and really want to burn the pounds, then I would suggest higher inclines and faster running.

The other factor to consider here is, "How many calories do you want to burn?"
The more calories burnt the more weight you lose.
Walking isn't going to help you lose weight.
Jogging would be a good start, but in the long run faster running and inclines are going to help you.

2. The Trick About Inclines
There is a happy medium about inclines that is something that you don't need to cross.
Your heart rate will jump the second you begin to jog or run on inclines.
Monitor your heart rate and make sure that it isn't too high.
I work out at running 5 m.p.h. and 5-6% incline.
This burns fat like crazy without my heart rate going to high.

3. Treadmill Trounce
Trounce on that treadmill when you workout.
So many people go to the gym just to mess around with the opposite sex.
Get up on that treadmill, plug the earbuds in, and RUN!
Quit playing games if you want that beach body, get up off your rear end, and get going.

4. Extra
Jogging or running with weights in your hands gives you an extra fat burn and builds your upper body.
Make sure you have a great pair of shoes before you run.
Don't forget to do your stretches, both before and after your run.

Enjoy working out and losing that weight on the treadmill!
Go from treadmill to dreadmill.
That is how winners are made, by doing work!

DISCLAIMER: Check with your doctor before beginning your workout on the treadmill.

~Obesity Overload

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Remember Your Goals!

It has progressed in the year to that time when it is extremely easy to side track your new goals and resolutions for the new year and your new weight loss program.
With the Super Bowl coming up, I thought that I would encourage you guys to keep going in your weight loss and to stay away from fatty snacks and sugary drinks.

Those resolutions or goals should have been made, for better or worse, kind of like wedding vows.
If they aren't taken that seriously, then you may not have the strength to get through them.
This does not mean that you divorce your spouse for weight loss, NOT BY A LONG SHOT!!!

If you are somebody that hasn't been sticking to the program, goals, or resolutions like you would have hoped, then there is still hope for you!
Get back on track today with these five tips.

1. Redefine Your Goals and Resolutions
Sometimes we overlook the goals and resolutions that we set over champagne on New Years.
Take some time to redefine the goals and resolutions that you want to accomplish.
This, in turn will allow your mind to be reset and to be back on track.

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2. Forgive Yourself!
We all know how crucial our weight and fat loss is.
Sometimes we could die if we don't lose the weight.
Learn to forgive yourself when you mess up and go off the program.
This is essential for moving on from the mess up, and moving on in the program.

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3. Get Rid of the Junk Food
If you are someone that is a junk-food junkie, then you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say, get rid of the junk food! Get rid of it!
Having the temptation in the house, on the premises, or within walking distance from your location just makes it harder to lose that weight.
Do yourself a favor, get rid of it, and get back to going for that beach body!

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4. Buy Good but Tasty Foods
You don't have to suffer by eating terrible tasting foods while you are on a diet.
There are a lot of fruits out there that taste really good.
Vegetables probably don't taste as good for some people.
Broccoli, squash, a salad with your favorite dressing; all of these are good for you and are tasty.

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5. Put Action into the Goals and Resolutions
Putting action into the goals and resolutions that you have now redefined is the only way to accomplish them.
Saying that you are going to do the goals is one thing, but actually putting them into action is another.
It is pointless to say that you are going to lose the weight and then go and pig out within minutes of redefining those goals and resolutions.
Write it on a sticky note and put it on your fridge or cabinet door (whichever holds your largest amount of food) and have it as a reminder of your goals.

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I hope that you guys have enjoyed this edition of Obesity Overload.
Put these tips into action and watch your weight loss explode!

~Obesity Overload

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ultimate Health and How to Achieve It

In my health class in college we were talking about health and what it meant to us.
There is 145 people in the class, so we went on for about 5 minutes talking about what health meant.
What does health mean to you?
The balance between mind and body to be the best that you can?
Being physically in shape?

Most of us think that it means to be in top physical shape, like beach body and bulging muscles.
Health is a whole lot more than that.
Health is psychological, and emotional as well as physical.
We will look at the effects that each area has on the body.
We are going to talk about five areas that cover the health spectrum and how to achieve ultimate health!

1. Emotional Health
In trying to achieve this area of health we have to appreciate our emotions, and learn to take them as good signs as opposed to an inconvenience.
How you view yourself is big. If you have a good view of yourself, then you will feel better about your emotional health.
How others see you and how you respond is also something to consider.
Work on building up yourself through self affirmation, and learn to let negative talk go.

2. Social Health
Social health is kind of intertwined in the last area of health, that of emotional health.
Social health deals more with the relationships that you have with the people around you.
If you are struggling in your relationships with family, boyfriend, girlfriend, then you put extra stress on your body, and you put on weight because your body has to cope.
Instead of putting the bad relationships on hold, embrace them and try to fix them.
If you have to cope with a bad relationship, try working out instead of drinking, smoking, or overeating.

3. Mental Health
Mental health is something that most people don't consider has being in the health realm.
If you are a couch potato that does nothing but sit on the couch playing video games and watching TV, then you will find that your brain has hit the hibernation button.
Your brain needs to be, "worked out" every day.
Read a good book, do a crossword, or do everything in your day with the opposite of what you normally do it with. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand, or write with the opposite hand.

4. Spiritual Health
It is important to note that this area of health is not fully essential, but it does help in the overall spectrum of things. Believing in something higher than you can help you in your life and give you some hope.
We are going through hard and uncertain times.
Having something that you believe in that is higher would be good for moral and overall health.

5. Physical Health
Physical health is something that we haven't talked about already, but is the biggest area of health.
The physical aspect of things is the first thing people see and is the first thing that you think of when in relation to health. Get that body moving and be in the best shape you can.
This will give you confidence in yourself and will get people to see you in a new light.

You can see that these five aspects of health are all essential to achieving the best health possible.
Take these to heart and apply it to your lives as you strive for the ultimate health.
Have a fantastic day guys!

~Obesity Overload

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Obesity Overload: FREE Obesity Overload Weight Loss Ebook!

Obesity Overload: FREE Obesity Overload Weight Loss Ebook!: We are proud to tell you our loyal readers that we are going to put a FREE ebook together that will cover our whole Obesity Overload weight ...

Snackin' For Weight Loss

Snacking can be a real weight loss killer for most people.
Fast food, chips, soda, candy, and greasy food are terrible choices.
It seems like everyone is moving more towards obesity with ever bite they take.
Here are some great foods for snackin' on.

1. Nuts
Nuts are a good choice for snacking as they are high in protein.
Stay away from peanuts as they can be fatty.

2. Wheat Crackers
Wheat crackers are another great option.
Find crackers that don't have enriched flour.
Wheat crackers are better for you because they are normally not enriched.
Enriched flour has man made vitamins instead of natural.

3. Yogurt
Fruity yogurt is also good because it has live enzymes to help you fight against germs.
They are low in fat and low in calories.

4. Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are amazingly good in vitamins and essential minerals.
They are the extreme weight loss snack.

5. Plain Cheerios
Plain dry Cheerios are always good to snack on because they are low in cholesterol, calories, and fat.
Eat them dry or with milk, either way is healthy.

Enjoy these healthy weight loss foods to snack on.

~Obesity Overload

Thursday, January 10, 2013

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I hope you all use these weight loss blog posts to learn about weight loss and what makes up the whole picture!
Feel free to share them as well.
~Obesity Overload

Back to the Weight Loss Grind!

It has been a while since I have posted.
I have been busy as well as the rest of the world.
I wanted to take some time to talk about getting back to the weight loss grind.
So many people think that weight loss is magical.

The real fact of the matter is that it is simple math and physics.
Here is the equation:

Working out more + Eating less = Weight Loss!

So, Obesity Overload, what you are saying is that it is that simple to lose weight?
That's EXACTLY what I'm saying!
Here are the factors for weight loss, as we will be reviewing them for the new year.

1. Eating Less Calories
Eating less calories is essential for weight loss.
You can't eat Snickers bars, Doritos, and drink Coke and expect to lose weight.
Eating the fruits, vegetables, and protein shakes is crucial for weight loss!
The average man should be eating 3,500 calories a day.
To lose weight aim for 2,000-2,500 cal. a day.
The average woman should be eating 2,400-2,900 calories a day.
To lose weight aim for 2,000-2,500 calories a day.

2. Working Out More
Working out more, coupled with eating less will ensure for greater fat loss totals.
You have to burn 3,500 calories to burn 1 pound of fat.
If you consume 2,500 calories a day, then it should take you a couple of days to burn a pound of fat.

3. Treat Yourself Occasionally
Treating yourself occasionally to a nice treat once or twice every two weeks is good to encourage yourself to lose more weight. Don't go overboard and splurge though!
We all have tendencies to overeat sometimes.

Let's get back on our weight loss!
I am with you guys and am back on my weight loss.
The muscle is coming quick and fat is burning.
Have a great day!

~Obesity Overload

Friday, January 4, 2013

Losing Weight - Office Edition

So, we here at Obesity Overload have talked about weight loss and what that means.
We have left out those people that are in cubicles and are typing all day.
What is a person supposed to do?
Why can't I lose weight, even being in an office?
We will go through some ways to lose some weight and get you on track to losing weight.

1. Less Sugar
Putting less sugar in that coffee that you drink every morning will give you a better chance on burning some fat. Consequently, thousands of pounds of sugar is consumed in just morning coffee alone.
If you drink three teaspoons per cup, change that to one per cup.

2. Walk
You can take a walk on your breaks, that should be somewhat frequent when typing.
Take a walk around the office or outside the office on your break to burn some calories.

3. Exercises in Your Cubicle
Yes, you can exercise even in your cubicle!
Jumping jacks are good, as well as pushups, and even running in place.
I would suggest asking your boss before you go running in place in your office. ;-)

4. Stretch
Stretching occasionally will help to loosen up those tight muscles and burn some calories too.

5. Stay Away From Junk
Staying away from junk food such as chips, soda, sugary stuff, cookies, ect...will allow you to get more fat burned away. Eating fruits and vegetables instead of the junk food is terrific for losing weight.

6. Get Enough Sleep
Getting 6-8 a day is essential in burning fat because your body needs the fuel to function and then burn the fat on top of the functional energy.

7. Stop Vending Machine Habits
Eating out of the vending machine isn't healthy at all!
Most of the time all it is, is junk.
Bring wholesome foods from home to snack and dine on.

8. Cut the Carbs
Cutting the carbs will significantly reduce the fat intake and give you a fat burn boost.

Savor these tips you office workers, and burn that fat.
I hope your week has been great!
Enjoy your weekend!
~Obesity Overload

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Feel the Burn!

It is that time of year when we are consuming sugar in all of our celebrations.
The new year brings so many things, and some of those things are detrimental to our weight loss.
It can be hard to feel the burn when you are working out in the winter. 
So, what are we to do? 
Here are three fat burning tips to really burn in the winter time.

1. Lay Off the Soda 

Stick with water or low calorie lemonade. Soda is packed full of sugar and calories. All that sugar lays right on your belly, especially when you aren't as active in winter. Supplementing lemonade will boost your metabolism with the citric acid, and water is calorie free.

2. Take A Run or Jog 

Running or jogging is very good in the winter time because your body doesn't break down as quick. You are going to break down eventually, but you can isolate your abs by running longer distances. If you are in a very rainy place consider a gym membership for a treadmill or use one of your own.

3. Take Up Strength Training

Muscle burns up to four times as many calories as fat does! When you build those muscles it requires more calories to upkeep them. Incorporate strength training 2-3 days a week. Eat a 500 less calories and begin building for max results on loosing weight. 

Have a great day and a Happy New Year!

~Obesity Overload

Happy New Year! Break Out The Biggest New Year's Resolution Known to Man!

You have probably already kissed your love of your life, played some games, eaten some food and a myriad of other things for the New Year!
I wish you all a very Happy New Year!
For a lot of us, we have also neglected our stomachs and have eaten too much.

I am here to give you encouragement to set those New Year's resolutions high and toast to doing better. 
There are a lot of ultra critical people out there so I wish to not be one.

Remember to crack out those journals and jogging shoes tomorrow.
Keeping track of what you eat and remembering to work out is important.

Why is weight loss the biggest New Year's resolution know to man?

There has been many a debate on the subject, but I think that it is the feeling of a fresh year that people seem to want to start over.
I encourage you to begin that weight loss to better yourself and get that beach body you have always wanted!

I tip my weight loss drink of ginger ale to you all and wish you a Happy New Year!

***~Obesity Overload~***