Saturday, February 28, 2015

7 Foods that Fire Up Your Body for Fat Burn!

I know that I've given you guys a lot of criticisms over my time of writing for you guys. Today I want to give you 7 foods that will fire up your body and prepare it for fat burn. The way you burn fat is not as essential as what you are eating to get to the point where you can burn the fat. How we eat affects our diet and how we burn fat. Also, WHAT we eat affects it as well. We will focus on the what to eat as we look at 7 foods that will fire up that metabolism and help your body burn that fat!

1. Apples or Pears
Apples and pears have been proven to be effective in raising your metabolism and fat burn in your body by raising the fiber in your stomach and intestines and keeping your body feeling full for a longer time. They are semi high in sugar though, so overeating them could have reverse effects.

2. Whole Eggs
Eating whole eggs is often thought to be a great increase in cholesterol due to the fat that is found in the egg yolk. Recent studies have shown this to be untrue and a false assumption. They are high in protein and high in vitamins. Eat a couple with breakfast to give your fat burn a boost.

3. Leafy Greens
Leafy greens such as kale, lettuce, Swiss chard, and collard greens have many important factors in raising that fat burn level in your body. They have fiber that keeps your body feeling full, as well as being low in calories and carbohydrates. Grab a salad for lunch and fire up that fat burning machine!

4. Dark Chocolate
I have a feeling that you guys and girls will like this one! I'm telling you that the antioxidant rich, low sugar, low processed, fiber filled, crunchy chocolate made by cocoa beans will be a great food that will fire up that body for burning fat for several hours. All you have to do is eat a few pieces and then watch the fat burn away!

5. Beans
Beans are an excellent source of protein, they are inexpensive, and they take a long time to digest. The fiber richness of the food allows for longer digesting time, which means it will take more calories to burn the beans off. I eat my beans with ham hocks or by themselves with hot dogs. Burn some fat by firing up your body with beans.

6. Soup
Soup can be a really good food to fire up your body and help it burn that fat for a long time. Most of the time soups are a weighty and heavy food that utilizes fiber, vitamins and minerals, and protein. They can be heavy on the sodium which isn't the best thing, but there are soups like Progresso that are good in sodium and fat.

7. Olive Oil
If you're someone that has been on the Mediterranean diet, you are all too familiar with olive oil. A fact about olive oil is that the Greeks used to drink a cup of it in the morning for breakfast to jump-start their body's digestive system and keep things regular. You don't have to drink it straight, but sprinkle it over a salad, in some whole grain pasta, or have it on some break with a vinaigrette. Olive oil has properties of good fats and minerals that will give you a fat burn.

I hope that your weight loss programs are going well, that you are healthy and on your way to your weight loss goals, and that you can use these foods to boost that fat burn as you fire up your body for the long run. These are great choices that you can use in your own lives. I have used them for quite a long time and they have worked for be. They have good vitamins, minerals, fats, protein, and lots of other good qualities to push you along in your fat burn and weight loss!


~Obesity Overload

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stuck in a Rut? Blast Through Your Plateau!

Are you one of those people that is stuck in a rut? You work out, try to do everything right, but you still can't lose weight? I am here to tell you that there are a few things that you can do, starting today, that will help you blast through your plateau and get to the point of burning fat again. You may have lost a good bit of weight and then it slowed down or stopped. This is what we call a plateau. It happens when what you're doing for weight loss, your diet, workout, and other things that you're doing become insufficient and too easy for your body to handle. Let's look at a few things that can help!

1. Cut Out Sugar
If you already haven't cut out sugar, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you can help blast through your plateau if you merely cut out sugar. Sugar is what diseases and cancer feeds on. There is little to no good bodily benefits to sugar besides the fact that it gives you a little bit of energy. If you cut out sugar, you are on your way to blasting that plateau.

2. Get Motivated!
One reason why you may be plateauing in your weight loss is because of a lack of motivation. I have found that in my own weight loss, if I wasn't fully committed to doing it, making it work, really cooking good things, and keeping my motivation, I would fall behind and gain weight in my plateau. You need to stay motivated to blast through the plateau! Here is a video to help you guys with motivation!

3. Cut the Calories
Something that I figured out a long time ago when I was working on my weight loss was that you really have to watch how many calories you cut and make sure that you are really cutting calories. You may think that you're cutting calories in one area of the weight loss, but you forget that you are still consuming them by the truckload in other areas of weight loss. Cut those calories.

4. Change Your Workout
Another revelation that I had when I was younger and studying about weight loss was the fact that the body, when you give it enough time, will make itself strong enough to become efficient enough to get through your workout with ease. It was mind blowing! Change your workout and make it harder or get a different kind of workout that utilizes your weaker muscle groups. Blast through that plateau!

5. Visualize
A lot of the time that I spent in weight loss was time that I didn't visualize what I was doing. I thought that I was still fat, still overweight, still obese, and it was a driving force for that huge plateau that weighed me down. Visualize success and visualize a skinnier and more slim and sleek you that you can be proud of. Don't get weighed down on where you are now, visualize where you want to be.

If you guys remember, I incorporated keeping journal into our weight loss steps at the founding of this blog. Writing down everything that you eat, lick, or taste can be a great way to see exactly what you are eating. It helps us know what we are eating, how much of it, when we eat it, and it allows us to adjust our weight loss program and how we do things accordingly.

7. Eat More Fiber
This is a rut that I found myself in when I looked at my weight loss. I wasn't eating enough fiber and I had a lot of food just sitting in my stomach that was seeming to rot. I wasn't passing my food quick enough because I wasn't eating enough fiber, and this was allowing my body to consume and put on more of the fat and weight from my food. Eating more fiber allows your body to get rid of impurities.

8. Overeating
A lot of the time, when we go to restaurants, they give us gigantic amounts of food. We think that we have to eat all of this food, when in fact, we don't! Put half of your meal into a box or doggy bag and save it for later. Overeating can happen at home as well. When you are at home all the time, you're around food, and your body feels like it wants to eat all of the time. Get out of this rut and blast through that plateau.

You guys can and will conquer your plateau. I believe that you guys can get out of this rut and blast through your plateau. I would suggest implementing these tips on how to get out of your plateau. When you let your plateau go to long, it becomes harder to get out of it later on. The longer you wait on getting out the worse off you are. Weight loss is a hard venture that takes strength and energy to get through. You can do it!

~Obesity Overload

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kettlebells, Put Your Abs on the Stove

How many of us would just love it if our fat melted off without very little effort? What would you say if I told you that I have one piece of equipment that could do that? Would you be skeptical, or would you be willing to try it? What if I told you that you could feel results as soon as the VERY NEXT DAY?!? This piece of equipment needs no introduction. It may not be the most popular, but it is a fantastic piece of inexpensive equipment. It takes little to no space to work out.

Kettlebells are some of the best workout pieces of equipment that you can invest in for your body to get in the best shape of its life. It's basically a cannonball with a handle. It gives you the best workout on the planet in order to burn fat. It's like cutting out your abs, putting them on an extremely hot grill, and searing them until the fat just burns off on that stove. You will be surprised at how easy it will be to burn fat off. It's like High Intensity Interval Training combined with bodybuilding and cardio all rolled into one big workout that takes less than 30 minutes depending on how intense your workout is. Kettlebells take movements that are somewhat irregular, and then it incorporates those movements into a killer fat burn. Let's break it down!

1. Quick Results as Soon as The Next Day?
I'm very happy to say that you will be extremely sore the next day. If you work out with kettlebells, you will find them to be so effective that they will make you very sore. The thing is, the more sore you are, the more they will work. You get quick results because the kettlebells utilize muscles that you don't normally use. They range from a few pounds for women up to about a hundred pounds for kettlebell weight lifters. I found myself trying to get out of bed today and it was hard to stand up. I did a workout with a lot of deadlifts because I have more fat to burn on my glutes and thighs than most guys. If you are someone that needs results quick, there is no piece of equipment that is quicker at giving you results than kettlebells!

2. A Different Kind of Weight Loss?
Kettlebells give you a different kind of weight loss that is so new for some people that it will be mind blowing and unbelievable! The workouts that many a great athlete has used are so intense that the fat burning off is a lot like the process of making fried pig skins. Kettlebells cause you to do hip and ab thrusts in order to get the kettlebell to do what you want it to do. I felt my abs stretch and burn when I was working out. It not only builds the abdomen muscles underneath your fat, but it burns your fat as well. The reason that I have found that the weight loss with kettlebells is different is because it builds muscle first and then burns fat. Most of the time when you participate in a weight loss program, you are weak and your body suffers from not eating so much. With kettlebells, you feel your workout working, and you don't have to starve yourself in order to lose weight. The bigger the muscles are, the more fat you burn.

3. Are Kettlebells Dangerous?
At first glance of the picture above, you may be asking yourself, "Aren't kettlebells dangerous?" The thing is, is that a lot of workout equipment is dangerous, even a small one pound dumbbell. Even a yoga mat can be dangerous. I would suggest working out with a kettlebell with shoes on as opposed to going barefoot. If you drop it on your foot, it could bruise your foot and add problems to your workout. I feel like a lot of people don't utilize these great pieces of equipment more because they are scared that they are going to get hurt from the kettlebell. The only way you're going to get hurt is if you misuse the kettlebell. I will have a kettlebell workout video at the bottom for you guys to follow. Men and women can both take part in making their bodies as lean as you want with this piece of equipment.

4. What Kind of Body Will Kettlebells Give Me?
I've kind of given you guys a glimpse of what kind of body you can get with kettlebells, but I want to elaborate a bit more. These kettlebells will give you a lot of lean and shredded muscle. Abs will become more visible as you shred and rip that fat off of your body. I find that I start to get more defined muscle than just the bulky, cookie cutter, muscle from machines. If you want to shed more fat off of your glutes and thighs like I do, then do more deadlifts. If you want to have better ab definition, then you can do twists. Whatever kind of body you want, you can tweak your workout in order to get to that body the quickest way possible. Kettlebells will also work on your legs, so you will be working out the rest of your body and doing leg day at the same time! Missing leg day is a thing of the past!

If I sound like I'm a believer in kettlebells and the many benefits of what they embody, I am! I believe that you can tone your body, cut those muscles, rip and shred that fat, and get to that lean body that you so want with a kettlebell that should cost you no more than about a dollar for each pound that you buy. If your kettlebell is 20 LB., then you should be paying around $20. There are some that are a combination of plates that you can remove to make your kettlebell lighter or heavier, these are more advanced. I would suggest that women start with 10 pounds and guys start with 15 pounds. This fine piece of weight burning equipment is probably the best piece of equipment I've ever found when it comes to weight loss. I think that everyone should participate in kettlebell exercises. If you want to get strong, lose weight, define muscle, get a body builders body, or get a body for MMA, I would suggest that you get a kettlebell, follow a video and get going. There is no time to lose! GO!

This workout is for beginners. I would suggest that you start with this unless you have a history of having done a workout or have been in sports before. This is not for the faint of heart. Women and men can do this. I would encourage you all to consider kettlebells. It will change your life!

~Obesity Overload

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Is Peanut Butter Good for You? This is Nutty!

Peanut butter, the sticky substance that we love to put on our dog's faces and watch them lick it for a long time, it makes fantastic cookies, and is prime for making protein shakes some of the tastiest shakes ever! The problem is that we face the great debate on whether peanut butter is good for your weight loss or not. I have done quite a bit of research on different foods and which foods are good and which ones are bad. Peanut butter has been praised for being a super food, and it has been criticized for being a food that makes you gain weight too easily. Which one do you say peanut butter is? It is a super food that is good? Or is it a bad food that just causes fat? Let's take a look!

1. Potassium
Peanuts and peanut butter has an excellent source of potassium. Potassium gives your body a lot of energy and lowers your sodium levels to normal levels in your body. Potassium helps your body's muscles come back very easily and helps your body to heal bruises quicker. It also lowers blood pressure and is great for weight loss.

2. Fiber Rich
Peanut butter is very rich in fiber that helps to keep your body's digestive system normal. It's great for cleansing your colon and purifying your body of impurities. Weight loss thrives when your body is rid of the junk and garbage. Fiber acts like a filter or sifter that sifts out the junk and pushes it through your body in order to receive the better foods in your body.

3. Healthy Fat
Mono and polyunsaturated fats that are in peanut butter are, essentially, olive oils that have hardened in the peanut butter. Remember, eating fat in your diet doesn't cause you to gain weight. Eating sugar breaks down and converts to fat. These healthy fats are excellent for energy and are great for converting other fats into energy.

4. Lower Carbohydrates
There are lower amounts of carbohydrates that are good carbs in peanut butter. Different foods are broken down into glucose, fructose, and other blood sugars. When you eat processed foods, the blood sugars are not good. There are peanut butter brands that are naturally processed and the peanut butter vitamins and minerals are preserved.

In conclusion, we can conclude that peanut butter is great for weight loss! I didn't believe that peanut butter was good for weight loss when I first read this great news. This nutty food is so good for you that you will find it quite tasty and that it has several benefits. Obviously you have to eat everything in moderation. Peanut butter wouldn't be a good food if you ate a lot of it, but if you incorporated it into your diet, you would find that its a great source of protein and other delightful vitamins and minerals! Share this blog post with your friends or family. Tell the world that peanut butter is great for weight loss!

~Obesity Overload

Friday, February 20, 2015

Too Comfortable in Our Obesity?

Have ever felt like you just wanted to give up on your weight loss? Have you ever felt like getting used to being lighter is a lot of hard and difficult work that you don't want to do? I think that we are too comfortable in our fat and state of obesity that we don't realize that we are actually miserable and that we are dying at a more rapid pace. With every cookie, piece of pizza, piece of cake, scoop of ice cream, bowl of chips, and glass of soda, we are making it easier for our body to break down and wear sooner than we normally would.

1. Used to Our Clothes
We find that we are extremely comfortable in our big, over-sized, balloon-like t-shirts, pants, and sweats. We are used to being comfortable in hiding our fat with too much material. I find that we are either wearing WAY too big clothes that don't fit us, or we wear clothes that are WAY too small to the point where our fat is hanging out in different places. We need to strive to better ourselves by losing weight, and at the same time, we need to wear clothes that fit us just right. We need to get used to smaller clothes that aren't too tight and aren't too loose, but that are perfect fitting.

2. Used to Eating Junk
Another way that we are too comfortable in our obesity and fat is that we are used to eating junk. We get used to eating off of the value menus at restaurant, eating cheap food, and eating things that are generally junky and bad food. I feel like we need to have a different mindset in how we eat and how we think about food. We need to stop eating junk and killing ourselves. Our minds must be reformed and we must get used to eating better if we are going to succeed in our weight loss and fat loss.

3. Used to Feeling Bad
I think that we as people that are overweight and obese get into a mindset that we feel bad and we feel bad all the time. We feel bad because our fat is uncomfortable, our clothes are uncomfortable, we eat bad food, our view of ourselves is bad, and we don't focus on really trying to feel good. Who could possibly be comfortable in all of the situations that I mentioned? We feel bad and we feel that because its too much work, we would rather go back to the way that it was.

We need to stop being so comfortable in our fat and obesity. I feel like our world would be a better place if we all worked towards bettering ourselves. Our clothes are too big, we eat junk food, and we feel so bad while doing it. Why do we torture ourselves with being so comfortable in uncomfortable in where we are at? I think that we need to take on new mindsets and really change our weight loss to really mean something.

~Obesity Overload

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vaccinations, the Shot of Health

Okay, so your question right now is, "What does vaccines have to do with obesity or weight loss?" Or, "How is immunization going to help me lose weight and or help me on my diet?" Vaccines can be as helpful as saving your life from a horrific disease, or as helpful as keeping you healthy through cold and flu season. As somebody that has had a chance to get a free flu shot, I am saddened to say that I skipped on the shot and I have had the worst strain of the flu I've ever experienced in my life. I was set back a whole month with being sick from my weight loss goals. Take advantage of this inexpensive resource and lower your chances of getting sick.

1. Vaccines Save Lives
I would like to write for a moment for the skeptic in us all. I know a lot of people are thinking, "you get the disease that you're trying to prevent when you get a shot." I would like to say that there is a slight possibility of getting the disease. There is also a slight possibility that you die while driving in your car to or from wherever you're going. There is a greater possibility of preventing a disease and eradicating it than there is of catching something from a shot. It's illogical to think that you're going to die from getting a flu shot. Granted, there are some people on the rarest of occasions that have died, but a really high percentage keep people from getting sick, and they save lives!

2. Safe
There is not enough of the mercury that is in the contents to make a difference. On top of that the germs that are being put into your body is not enough to make you sick. Most vaccinations are done in steps and your body is monitored to see how your body reacts to the vaccine. By getting a flu shot, you lower the percentages that the immediate people around you will get diseases as well. It is safe for your body and the people around you as well. By keeping your body (computer) safe from viruses or diseases, you keep your body (the computer) running smoothly and it allows you to continue your weight loss, dieting, and fat loss. Vaccinations build your body's immunity against the disease for future times.

3. Saves Money
This might be one of those heartless points that we are going to go over. The straight and blunt truth is that, when you are healthy, you save money from not having to go to the doctor for being sick. You may have great medical benefits and you may not have to pay that much money, but for a good many people, you can save a pretty penny from just getting the vaccination. Money may not be a struggle for some people, but for the middle class, a vaccine could mean saving hundreds of dollars.

4. Major Diseases Eradicated
There were major diseases that was taking our world by storm. The main ones were smallpox and polio. Smallpox was a virus that was extremely contagious and the disease left permanent scars on your body, and was deadly for most of the people that caught it. There was no turning back once you got it. It was like getting the Ebola virus. Polio is an infectious viral disease that attacks your nervous system and causes temporary and permanent paralysis. The Polio virus is preventable if you get a vaccine shot at a young age. The Polio virus was not fully eradicated, but it is very nearly eradicated. Several diabolical diseases have been eradicated because individual people got vaccinated.

5. Vaccines, the Shot of Health
Vaccines could be the one thing that keeps your body healthy enough to work out and lose weight. I wasted a whole month being sick from the cold and the flu. I implore you to get your vaccination shots, if not for your own health, for the health of those people around you. The measles have been going around this year among children. This can be an epidemic that can not be contained, or you can get your child vaccinated and stop the epidemic. Weight loss, dieting, and fat loss to destroy obesity relies on your nervous system and body being healthy. We come to a crossroads and we try to weigh out the PROS and CONS for vaccination. The PROS are vastly more numerous than the CONS. Get your shot of health, get your vaccination!

Vaccination and being immunized is a huge debate that is going on in our world. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about this subject in the comment box below. I think that vaccinations are harmless and can do so much good, but people stress too much on the smallest numbers. We see the numbers of the rarest cases that get the disease and we say, "Well, what's to stop me from getting that too?" The problem with this question is that medical technology has come along so far in monitoring your body that there is almost no chance of you getting sick from vaccines. Vaccination and immunization is power. Get your shot of health! Vaccines...your weight loss boost!

~Obesity Overload

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Weight Loss Pills that Shred Fat Fast

Have you ever been in the store and you look at all of the different weight loss pills, but you just don't know which one to try? Weight loss pills are some of the hardest supplements to choose between. Having as many choices as there are out there doesn't help either. There are hundreds and thousands of choices. We want to give you 4 of the best weight loss pills that shred fat fast. We will give you our choices along with some benefits. Let's get started!

 1. MusclePharm Shred Matrix
The first one that we chose was the MusclePharm Shred Matrix. Yes, Pharm is how its spelled! There is 8 stages to their revolutionary fat loss system. They promise visible changes in two weeks of using the supplement. This system gives you clean energy without jitters and is good for both men and women alike. The kicker is that your mood stays balanced and you get some major fat shred.

2. Phytodren 
The second one that we chose was Phytodren and we chose this one because it gives you an energy boost to tackle those hard workouts with ease. Chromium is included in this supplement and is good for warding off hunger pangs and heavy appetites. Phytodren uses the Thermogenic process to shred fat fast as well as green and regular coffee beans. It stops your stress hormones from making fat.

3. EPIQ Shred Non-Stimulant 
We chose EPIQ as the third selection because it is a non-stimulant for those people that are sensitive to energy stimulants such as caffeine or taurine. It raises your metabolism and uses green coffee beans and raspberry ketones that are essential for fat shredding. This supplement utilizes L-carnitine and vitamin B. There are no artificial flavors or dyes and it is ultra clean for the purist in you.

4. Mutant Stimutant 
The last selection that we have selected for our weight loss pills that shred fat fast list is the Mutant Stimutant. It is powerful and stimulates fat shredding, ignites hellfire focus and intensity, and gives you the boost of energy and tenacity that you need to get shredded to the bone. This potent stimulant and fat shredding supplement should not be taken lightly and it is not for the faint of heart!

Now that we have looked at weight loss pills that shred fat fast, I hope that you guys can utilize and use these great choices to help boost your weight loss and fat shred beyond your dreams. You really do deserve the six pack and athlete's body that has single digit percentages of fat. These supplements are reasonably priced and can be found online or in your local supplement store or pharmacy. Get going on your weight loss!

~Obesity Overload

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We Are in All Out War!

I believe wholeheartedly that we are in an all out war. We find ourselves on the precipice of a war that will be on the grand scale. It is a world wide, full scale war that we are in. The Battle of the Bulge (Obesity) is a war that we have been fighting for centuries and it has taken many casualties. We all have fat and or are obese. Join us in fighting in this all out war and help us take up arms against the forces of junk food, obesity, fat, and gluttony! Check out these ways in which we can help ourselves and fight in this all out war for our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and for the world to come!

1. Realize that You have a Problem!A lot of us have excessive amounts of fat and weight and we are obese. We need to accept that we are overweight, obese, and that we have too much fat. The first step in beating addiction is to admit you have a problem. In our case, we are going to beat the addiction of eating and of food. This is the first step in our all out war.

2. Break the Habit
The second step is to break the habit. We have bad habits that need to be broken. It is like the opposing forces have planted bombs (bad habits) inside of our bodies through psychological warfare. The junk food and fast food industry has infiltrated our lines and have instilled bad habits. It takes 20 times of doing something to create a good habit.

3. Don't Settle for Garbage
The third step is to stop settling for garbage. What I mean by this is to stop thinking that there is no food in the house. The apple in the drawer or banana in the cabinet is perfect for you to eat. So often we skip over the good foods and go for the garbage. Stop settling for fast food because its fast, stop settling for junk food because its cheap, and stop eating foods that poison you.

4. GET UP!
When a soldier is called to duty, he doesn't just sit there, he gets up, he trains, and then he conquers! Get up off of your rear end and get going on your exercising to change your body and lose weight. Become the soldier in the Battle of Obesity that you were intended to become ever since you started making bad choices. Go out and do good!

5. Use Common Sense
Use common sense in your dieting, weight loss, how you eat, what you eat, and when you eat it. Stop being stupid and pitiful. Eat good things, be smart, and use some common sense. In an all out war, we find ourselves all taking part. If you don't do your part, then you will give your children and their children nothing but death by obesity to look forward to.

I'm sorry to say this, but we find ourselves close to the fire. The war is in our homes, in our cabinets, in our fridges, in our pantries, in our freezers, it is in our hearts, and is casting shadows off of our bodies like a miniature mountain. Join me in this huge battle and war. We have gone over a huge variety of topics in our blog posts over the years, so you guys can take a look at them for tips and ways to help you with this war. If there is a weight loss topic that you think needs to be addressed, put it in the comment box below. Help us fight by commenting and give us your ways that you are fighting the war against obesity and fat. We can all do our part! Will you do your's?

~Obesity Overload

Saturday, February 14, 2015

4 Benefits Why You Should be Losing Weight

You may be asking yourself, "Why should I lose weight? or, I have read a lot of blog posts, what are the benefits of losing weight?" I feel like we have taken a lot of time on what to do and what not to do, but we haven't looked at the benefits of losing weight or why you should even bother. A lot of us don't even think about why we want to lose weight or we ask what the benefits are or what we can get out of losing weight. Let's look at some wonderful benefits for weight loss and killing obesity!

1. Lower Blood Pressure
The first benefit of losing weight is that you get lower blood pressure, and that in turn lowers your risk of disease that coincides with high blood pressure. You will also lower your bad cholesterol and this will help you to feel better.

2. Cutting Medications
When you lose weight, you are able to cut medications from your list. You medication list will be cut down so much that you will feel so much better and you may be surprised at how much better you feel. Cutting medications will help your body to feel like you are a human again, instead of feeling like you are on lots of chemicals.

3. Dressing to Impress
Another benefit to losing weight is that you can wear better looking and smaller clothes that will help you feel confident about your body. You will be able to dress to impress the world and cause other people to want to improve themselves as well. You can change the world by losing weight!

4. Lower Inflammation and Bloating
The last benefit to losing weight is that you will be able to lower your inflammation in your body and the bloating will decrease. Your body has a lot of inflammation that you gain when you are overweight. Your socks are tight, your underwear doesn't fit, and you you get inflammation in your shins and shin splints. Inflammation and bloating will go away with weight loss.

Now that we have looked at 4 benefits for why you should lose weight, I feel like we have gained a new appreciation for weight loss. Your benefits for losing weight will be worth it. Make today your defining moment and help yourself make the change and take the plunge. You can lose weight! Share these tips and enjoy your weight loss and dieting! Happy weight loss and get started burning those extra calories!

~Obesity Overload

Thursday, February 12, 2015

5 Reasons We Failed to Lose Weight in 2014

Have you ever thought that, "in order to fix a problem, you need to admit that you have a problem?" I think that neglect and condescending thoughts can kill your weight loss and dieting. We keep expecting results and we keep doing the same things that brought us no results the year before. I feel like we need to evaluate 5 reasons we failed to lose weight in 2014, and then I will go over how we can fix these 5 things in the next blog post. A lot of us create the equation of insanity, or, "doing the same thing and expecting different results." Let's break down these 5 reasons and get started!

1. We Didn't Eating Appropriately
The first reason that we didn't lose weight is because we didn't appropriately to our weight loss program or diet. We ate whatever we wanted and we sit there and say, "I didn't lose weight!" When you eat white breads instead of wheat, you pack on weight whether you eat less or not. These are the facts. We didn't eat properly.

2. We Retained Too Much Water
I think that we normally think of weight that we lose as muffin top, jiggling, and bulging fat. This is not the only form of weight that we lose. Drinking water is essential for weight loss and dieting, but when we eat overly salty foods, it makes our body retain water all the easier. Water weighs a good bit. We eat TV dinners, drink a ton of water, and then it sticks.

3. We Ate Mindlessly
We ate too much food when we were mindless. What do I mean? I mean that we ate when we were bored, not when we were hungry. This is what happens when we stay close to the house after work or school. We get home from school and we immediately sit down and pig out. We don't eat because we're hungry. Mindless eating is empty eating!

4. We Ate Too Much Due to Stress
This is one that we can all relate too. We worry about tests at school or at work, worry about our family or kids, we worry about stuff in our world, the list goes on and on. When we sit down after work and we eat a whole pint of ice cream and then regret it later on, we put ourselves into weight gain overdrive. Stress is the #1 reason that people gain weight instead of losing it.

5. We Didn't Work Out Correctly
There is a right and wrong way to work out? There certainly is! Our last reason that we didn't lose weight in 2014 is that we didn't work out correctly. We either didn't work out enough or we didn't do the right exercises for burn fat and weight. All too often I hear people saying that they are playing sports, but they don't do any cardio.

Altogether, I think that we will be able to fix these 5 reasons that we didn't lose weight in 2014 and we will give you some tips and tools on how to fix these mistakes. Let's not have a repeat year because we were negligent. Let's fix these problems, gain a new mindset, and boost our weight loss this year, and conquer those weight loss goals. I believe that you guys can do this! Share these reasons with family and friends. Feel free to comment at the bottom and share your opinion!

~Obesity Overload

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Diet Soda, is it Really Worse than Regular?

I was sitting here looking at a can of Diet Dr. Pepper that one of my family members had bought. There has been a long debate and it still rages on as to which is worse, diet or regular? I would like to keep the debate going and really give you guys a post to read, and then I would like for you to decide which is worse. You be astounded on which is worse. You may have a hard time figuring out which is worse. Let's look at the facts and see if we can decipher which is worse!

1. Diet Soda...Cancerous
It is true that diet soda is filled with chemicals that are cancerous for your body, but what would you say if I told you that sugar is the fuel by which cancer existed? You would tell me I was crazy! I speak the truth! Sugar weakens the immune system in the body and gives cancer a fuel and foothold, by which it chokes you and kills you.

2. High Fructose Corn Syrup...Killer
You may not have noticed this, but high fructose corn syrup kills many people everyday. HFCS's cause your body to crave those drinks and foods that contain them and you are forced into addiction. HFCS's kill your immune system and liver, cause your insulin to skyrocket, and sometimes contain mercury. Guess which sodas have it...BOTH diet and regular!

3. Sweeteners Trigger Fat Storage
It really doesn't matter which one you drink, both sugar and artificial sweeteners trigger your insulin in your bloodstream and cause your body to go into fat storage mode. If you couple this with the HFCS that is something that makes your body hungry, you get the ultimate fat machine, your body! Both sugar and artificial sweeteners do this.

4. Increased Risk of Diabetes
Diabetes may not sound like its all that bad, but you can ask anyone that has it and they would gladly trade soda to get rid of it. Diet soda has been linked to giving a person upwards of 30% greater risk of getting diabetes. Regular soda is right there with sugar to help you get there the same way, just in case you're interested.

5. No Nutritional Value
Have you ever noticed that soda has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever? Some sodas have natural fruit juice, but it consists of 5% of the soda or less. This is not enough to even mention. Soda is so ridden with sugar or artificial sweeteners and sodium that we find no nutritional value in it.

6. Sodium
You may not have noticed, but there is sodium or salt in your soda, whether you drink regular or diet. Sodium is something that our body needs some of, but we find it in excess amounts in our body that causes everything to be thrown off kilter. Salt is linked to high blood pressure and is known for overworking kidneys.

7. Alternatives?
There is only one alternative that I would suggest drinking that would be worth your time and your money. That alternative is water, just plain old water. You can get it from the tap or you can get it in an assortment of minerals or not in bottles. Iced tea and lemonade that is all natural is something else you can try. Both are better than soda.

Which one is better for you? Diet? Regular? Neither? I hope that I have provoked a lot of thought processes in your mind and hopefully you can appreciate the situation that we face everyday. If you can't answer which is better or if either of them have any good value, then it might behoove you to stop drinking them. Please, go to the comment box below and give your reasons that you drink diet or regular soda and tell us which one is better. Share these tips with family and friends! Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your day!

~Obesity Overload

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Skinny About Naked Drinks

I have often asked myself the important question, "How can I get my daily vegetable and fruit intake in one painless go?" We all know the hindrance that eating fruits and vegetables can give, especially when we are busy and can't prepare fresh fruit or vegetables. We are going to go over four things that you need to know about Naked drinks and the benefits of these great drinks. Let's get started on these 4 things and break it down!

1. Get Daily Fruits and Veggies
You can get your daily fill of fruits and veggies from these Naked drinks! I have often enjoyed a strawberry banana flavored Naked drink. They use math and a mallet to get way more fruits and veggies into that small bottle.

2. No Added Sugar
There is no added sugar to these Naked drinks. All of the sugar that composes these tasty drinks is natural from fruits and veggies. It's best to limit how many of these drinks you drink. They are so incredibly good for you, but beware of the higher sugar content.

3. Not All Natural
In an attempt to educate you on these drinks I would like to say that there was a lawsuit filed against Naked in 2012 and carried out in 2013 because the materials in the drink were not all natural. These drinks are mostly natural, but they can not claim to be all natural. Nevertheless, these drinks are phenomenally good for you!

4. Antioxidants  
These drinks are full of antioxidants and they taste really good. The antioxidants are great for boosting your body's immune system or help reboot your body's immune system if you're sick. These drinks may not be as good for your weight loss and diet because they are higher in sugar, but they are very high in good energy!

I hope that you guys have a better education about Naked drinks and that you will consider drinking these drinks and using them for energy. There are so many PROS to these Naked drinks and are some of the best, "pick-me-ups" out on the planet. We propose that you drink these great Naked drinks, but please, for the love of everything that is good, keep your clothes on!

~Obesity Overload

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Gain Immunity and Lose Weight with These 7 Tips

How many of you guys have been sick with a cold or flu and your diet and weight loss seems to grind to a halt? Do you struggle with remaining healthy? If you're like me, then you are someone that finds it hard to be sick and lose weight at the same time. Today I wanted to write a blog post about how important it is to remain healthy in order to lose weight. We will give you some tips on how to remain healthy in order to lose weight in this cold and flu season. It's very depressing to me because I was getting back to my weight loss and then I got sick again. I've been struggling with being sick for about a month. It really hinders your weight loss. Let's beat it!

1. Wash Your Hands
This tip may be an oxi-moron and is one of the oldest tips in the book, but its effective! By washing your hands for more than 30 seconds, with hot water and soap, you destroy and eliminate most of the germs on your hands.

2. Stop Chewing Your Nails
If you are someone that chews on your nails, you are someone that is very vulnerable for getting sick, even above those people that don't wash their hands as much. Your fingernails are crevices that are filled with bacteria and flu and cold germs.

3. Drink Vitamin C
By drinking vitamin C or taking vitamins as a supplement in your diet, you can boost your immunity and keep your body from getting the cold and flu. Vitamins can be found in fruits, vegetables, supplements, and the antibodies in yogurt and iced tea are great for giving your body a fighting chance.

4. Stop Touching Your Face
I couldn't believe how important this tip was in my own life. I didn't think that I touched my face that much, but I do. When you touch your nose, mouth, and even your eyes with dirty hands, you will find yourself getting sick or starting to feel bad.

5. Stay Away From Sugar
Sugar is a fuel for bacteria and germs because sugar lowers your immune system and makes it weaker. The reason is because your heartbeat works harder when you eat sugar and your body tires out quicker.

6. Go to Bed
Your body burns a candle when you are up and about. When you wake up early and go to bed late, you force your body to work and stay up on low fuel. You body utilizes all strength and energy to staying awake instead of giving some of it to your immune system. I would suggest getting 8-12 hours of sleep per night in order to get adequate rest.

7. Drink Water
By drinking water, you allow your body to run more efficiently. Water is like a fuel source for your body that becomes a harder to come by because we drink less during the winter and spring time because we don't sweat much. Drinking water purges the body of impurities and helps you to utilize more energy.

Implement these tips to remain healthy and lose weight. The cold and flu season is fully underway and we need to help our bodies combat colds and flus. Dieting and weight loss is really hard during the winter and spring months, but tips make it easier to stay healthy and remain strong during your weight loss and dieting. Comment and share your tips! Please share these tips with your family and friends! Thanks!

~Obesity Overload

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rethink Dieting...Smaller not Bigger!

I was listening to an inspirational speaker last night and he said something that really rung true in my heart and my head. Here is what he said, "Weight loss and dieting is not about big decisions, its about the smaller ones that feed off of one another that gives you success!" What does this mean for dieting and weight loss? How does making smaller choices get anywhere when I have so much weight to lose? We are going to rethink the way we look at dieting and weight loss. We are going to gain a new appreciation for the smaller things instead of the bigger things and get off on a great foot when it comes to weight loss and dieting!

1. Why Think Smaller? 
The first question that I want to answer is the one of, "Why think smaller?" We think that because we have so much weight to lose that we need to do dramatic things and make huge decisions in order to accomplish greater and quicker weight loss. The reason behind thinking smaller is that your brain will see that it is accomplishing those smaller goals and decisions and you will feel inspired to keep going. Our diet should depend on the little decisions that we make by eating one meal better a day and then building off of that. There is a reason why we fail when we make big decisions. It is because we set ourselves up for failure. Think smaller and get greater results. Instead of going cold turkey, work yourself into your weight loss and diet.

2. The Problem with Thinking BigThe problem with thinking big was kind of touched on in the last point, but I want to expand on what I was saying. We think big because be want big weight loss gains, we want to lose the weight in three days, we think that taking a pill or starving ourselves will do us good. In the end, you end up going to your bad diet before you started your weight loss and you find that you gain weight like crazy. It's harder to accomplish big changes like cutting your diet by 2000 calories, or going and running for 5 miles in one workout without starting small, or starving your body. It just doesn't work.

3. How Do We Rethink Dieting and Weight Loss?
The first thing that we need to do is re-evaluate our New Year's resolutions. If your resolution is too big, then redo your resolution. How do you tell if it's too big? If you want to lose 20+ pounds in two weeks, then you guys need to rethink it. In order to lose 20 pounds, you need 2+ months that will give you time to lose that weight healthily. Choose a better and more reachable resolution or goal. Choose something like losing two pounds a week, or 5 pounds a month, or small like these.

This is our post on rethinking dieting and weight loss. I implore you to implement these tips into your dieting and weight loss to really get started and give it a boost. The great thing about under shooting your goals and resolutions is that you will have a greater percentage of accomplishing them. If you guys can share these tips with your family and friends and comment or like our post, we would be greatly appreciative. Have a great day guys!

~Obesity Overload

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Summer Slimming Now!

Has anyone ever felt like you wanted to have a really nice looking body? Maybe you have felt like you wanted to look like your favorite athlete or celebrity. If you want a body that you would be proud to show off during the summer time, take a look at these tips to prepare your body for enjoying the summer sun without fear of someone looking at you with judging eyes. Slimming your body for the summer can be hard, but you guys can accomplish it and get a good looking beach body that you have always dreamed of having.

1. Compound Exercises By choosing to use compound exercises you allow your body to burn more calories than just the normal exercises. If you do things like running or sports and you train hard, then you can burn extra calories than just a few here and there. Bodybuilding or weight lifting require you to do compound exercises, as well as aerobic exercises.

2. Volleyball TrainingIf you use volleyball training, then you can burn more calories by running through the sand. You can dribble a soccer ball through the sand and zigzag. By running through the sand, your legs burn a lot of calories because they are squeezing and are just trying to keep you from falling over. Volleyball players have chiseled granite for muscles because it takes every muscle in your body to play. Find a local beach volleyball team and train or get some friends together!

3. Exert YourselfExertion while you are working out is essential when you are working on slimming for summer. you have to give something to get something. All you have to do is put some energy and work into your working out until you're sweating a good sweat and then you know you are working out well enough. A lot of people don't exert or overexert themselves at all when working out and then they question why they are not slimming. Put some elbow grease into it!

I hope that you guys enjoy these tips and that you guys can share them with your friends! Implement these three tips to slimming down for the summer and getting the six pack that you have been wanting.

~Obesity Overload

I'm Going to Be Real!

In this blog post I was going to try and gain a little bit of credibility with you guys and with new readers that may be thinking about reading the blog. I want to sit here and type a blog post that will give you guys a little bit of history about me and why I am writing Obesity Overload. It's important to me because I feel that in order for this blog to be up there with some of the other weight loss gurus and blogs, I need to share about myself and be real with you guys. I am a real person and you guys deserve to know who I am, why I'm writing this blog, and why I care about each and every reader that reads this blog. Let's get going!

My HistorySo, I will start with a little bit of history about myself. My name is Jeremy Scharmann. I am a man in my 20's and I really like working out, even if I'm limited on the amount of time I have to work out. I live in one of the sunniest states in the United States. I am currently overweight myself, but I am, like you, trying to lose weight and better myself. I didn't want to write blog posts and you guys think that I can't relate to you guys. I CAN and I DO relate to you guys constantly. I have the fat that jiggles when I run, I used to get shin splints as if tomorrow were never going to come, I have done and tried multiple diets, I wear extra large clothes, but I am attempting with all that I have to get to my healthy weight.

Why Do I Write Obesity Overload?This is a pretty simple and straightforward question and you, the reader deserves to know why I write this blog. The simple and honest truth is that I feel bad for the obese people in this world, the overweight, and those people that find it hard to live because they are drowning in their own fat. Trust me, I know what it's like to be the fat kid! I was never really small as a child, and having big bones doesn't really help. I write Obesity Overload because I believe that our world, the international countries, the United States, and the universe itself is overweight, fat, and that we have an obesity overload on our hands. Our pants keep getting bigger in order to keep from tearing them when we bend over, and we get bigger shirts because we don't want our blubber to hang out of the bottom of the shirt.

Why Do I Give a Rip About My Readers?
Again, this is a simple question as to why I should give a rip or a care about people that I have never met before in my life. And again, I will give you a straightforward answer. I give a rip because I feel like there is a Rocky Balboa, and a Patrick Willis, and a Bruce Lee, and a Tom Brady, and a Mia Hamm, and a Jillian Michaels out there that is overweight and is waiting to be unleashed from their fatty demise. I give a rip because I know that people can change, drastically, in order to get their life back on track and become something great. I give a rip because I want to release the greatness in every single one of my readers!

I do hope that me being real with you folks gives you guys a better respect for me and for the blog. I know that there are better blogs out there, I will admit that, but I want you guys to read these blog posts that number 150+ and give us a shot to make you guys great. I want to help you guys like a best friend would help you guys. I am talking to you like your girlfriend that you chat it up with at the gym or like your buddy that is sitting down and having a beer with you. I want you guys to succeed and I wish all of my readers the best!

~Obesity Overload

Fresh Tips 4 Weight Loss!

How many days do you let go by as losses because you just don't know where to get started? We go through our days and we do whatever we want to do and whenever we want to. I think that if we had a few fresh tips for weight loss, then we would have a base for getting started in our weight loss journey. If you have had trouble and your halfway through your weight loss journey and you're stuck, get reading. Whether you are starting, you're in the middle, or you are at the end, this blog post is for any and everyone that needs to lose weight. We are going to give you 4 fresh tips for weight loss and dieting.

1. Drink More Water!Water is the single greatest energy and fuel for your weight loss. Water lubricates your joints, your body, and helps your body to run as efficiently as possible. Water is the single greatest thing that can happen to your weight loss, your diet, and your lifestyle. By drinking water instead of sugary drinks, you can save hundreds of calories per day. You can lose so much more weight by cutting the sugar and drinking water. Don't drink too much though, too much water is detrimental.

2. Put the Electronics AwayIf you guys would put the electronics away, then you can work out and burn more calories. You have to GO OUT and GET YOUR NEW BODY! If you will get up off of your butt and you would choose something that you enjoy doing while working out you will find that you will accelerate your weight loss. Fat would melt off of your body!

3. Wait Until Your Stomach GrowlsIf you wait until your stomach growls before you eat, you will find that you are only eating what is essential. Eat when your hungry, not when you are bored. By eating when you're hungry, you alleviate the problem of your stomach storing the food that you're eating on top of the food that's in your stomach from being fat that stores in your stomach.

4. Throw Away Your Over-sized Clothes
Throw away your over-sized clothes to start to rethink and visualize your weight loss. When you wear over-sized clothes, your mind doesn't think that it can lose weight. You are already defeated because you're already thinking that you are fat and you have room in your clothes after all! Rethink your weight loss, losing fat, losing weight, and go out and buy some new clothes. Buy clothes that fit you comfortably.

I hope that you guys have enjoyed this blog post about 4 fresh tips for weight loss. Implement these tips to help you guys get started, push through the middle of your weight loss, or finish your weight loss journey. You guys can do this and you can get the body that you guys want. Get ready for spring and summer, they are coming quickly! Comment and like this post and please share this great blog post with family and friends!

~Obesity Overload

Monday, February 2, 2015

Obesity Overload E-Book UPDATE #2!

Hello, my great readers! This is the 2nd update about the e-book. I am hard at work with working on the e-book for you guys! I am happy to report that we have written over half of the book and we need to finish a few chapters to give you guys the best weight loss e-book on the market. I hope that you guys are getting excited and am sharing this great and fantastic news with your family and friends. You guys will not be disappointed and will love this book and it will help you guys beat obesity and help you get to your weight loss! Beat the fat with this e-book and diet!

~Obesity Overload