Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why do we Eat When we Are Not Hungry?

I was here at home and I was thinking about weight loss and dieting. Last night we didn't have a whole lot of money to go and get some food. The fridge was empty, the cupboards were empty, and we were low on food in the house. I must have checked those places a million times for food. I had downed three bottles of water, but my body felt hungry no matter what I ate. Have you ever wondered why we eat even when we are not hungry? We are going to get into why we eat when we are not hungry.

1. Not Enough Water!
We do not drink enough water in our lives and we are a dehydrated people in the world. We don't drink enough water and our bodies long for water. Your hunger pangs could be your body asking for water. All too often, we pick up a soda or an energy drink and we drink those choices instead of drinking water. Our bodies are made of 70% water, and we have to replenish that quicker than we have to replenish our food.

2. We Are Bored!
All too often, we eat because we are bored or we have nothing to do. Pick up a new hobby, sport, or do something with your friends. We seem to think that we need to eat something because we have nothing to do. If you pick up an athletic hobby, you can lose weight while enjoying a hobby, and you will not be thinking about food. If we give ourselves a chance to preoccupy our minds with something else, then our body will forget about eating and will focus on whatever else you are doing.

3. We Mistake Our Level of Hunger
What I mean by this is that we forget that we aren't hungry, but that we are actually full when we are eating. We don't let our food hit bottom before we begin eating more after our first serving of our meals. Slow down and really let your body feel if you are indeed hungry for more food. A lot of times we will be at a restaurant, and we eat too much food in the restaurant. Rather than getting a box and eating half the food and boxing up the other half, we eat it all. It takes 20 minutes for your body to feel your food hit bottom. Give it time!

4. We Don't See What we are Eating
We don't see what we are eating and what what we want to eat. All we are concerned with is eating what we want to eat, when we want to eat it, and we don't like it when we think about it. I would suggest getting a journal to write down what you are eating, it's calories, and I want you to see what it is that you are eating. Just by doing this, you will realize that you may have eaten a lot of food.

Put these tips into action into your life and don't be afraid to let your stomach go hungry. You may find that drinking a bottle of water instead of eating could be better for you than eating that food that you want. Slow down and realize what you are doing before you do it. Get out of the house and get going to do something else besides thinking about food all of the time!

~Obesity Overload

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What is Obesity Overload?

I wanted to really explain the purpose of this blog and what I hope to accomplish. I need everyone to read this message. It's that important to me and to the wellness of the blog. Obesity Overload is a blog that I started in 2012 when we were really in trouble when it came to obesity. It was an epidemic!

Two years later, we are still in trouble and we are still having an epidemic of obesity because people do not care whether they are obese or whether they have a six pack. I am someone that is obese, but I'm working on losing weight and working out around every turn. I sympathize with you guys. I have been where you are at and I was scared because I have been obese for a quite a while now. What I want for you guys and this blog is to keep giving you guys tips, tricks, and tutorials on diets or exercises to help combat obesity.

When are we talking about? NOW! We need to combat obesity now. We need to crush it and give it up for good. Did you know that the revolution against fat starts with you? It really does! If you really want to see obesity be beaten, then you need to stand up and do something. Help us help you by sharing this blog, get the word out there among your friends, and read these blog posts!

I urge you guys to take the bull by the horns and get up! Get going and use these tips to help us grow even bigger. I'm sick of people making excuses. If you are a real man or woman instead of a little kid, stop making excuses! I'm serious! Share this blog and help us by using the tools that we put out. We want to ban the word obesity from our vocabulary and help all people be fit and without health issues connected to obesity. Don't you guys realize that you guys can chose to be skinny and that it just takes you, wanting it bad enough?

If you were inspired by this comment, like, share, and talk about it! Get the word out please! We are getting to the point where we are looking at what we want to be working on. If you don't get the word out, we will be forced to close this blog. We need enough people taking part and sharing it!

~Obesity Overload

What Will Weight Loss be Like in 10 Years?

Have you ever thought about this question or one that is similar to it? I think that very few of us have ever thought about it. We barely think about what our weight loss will look like today, tomorrow, or maybe even a few days from now. We are a very narrow minded people to only focus on what we will be doing in the next few minutes. I want to think hypothetically and think on the wild side of things. Let's go into our time traveling machine and imagine what weight loss will be like in 10 years!

I think that weight loss in 10 years will be just like everything else we're doing these days, but it will be faster and less likely to make you upset. I'm not saying it will be instantaneous, but I believe that it will be faster than what it is now. Right now, we rely on food and drink and exercise to help us lose weight. It just seems to take so long when it comes to weight loss. I mean, in today's day and age, it takes a week to lose 2-4 pounds if you're lucky.

In ten years we are going to be into nanotechnology even more than we are now. I believe that we will be making patches that we can buy to lose the weight in a quick and painless fashion. Why patches? I believe that it will be patches because I believe that it will take very little medicine on a patch that can enter your blood stream through your skin to lose weight. I think that the technology that we will have in ten years will surpass us and pass us by with a roaring thunder. Check out the short video below. Think about the patches being weight loss and how crazy that would be!

If we can help to stop smoking with patches, we can surely help people lose weight. In addition to the patches, I believe that there will be another method of weight loss, such as laser surgery. I can see the technology of the laser being so advanced that you can shrink fat cells with a laser to lose weight, maybe even permanently. It would be so crazy if we could have a surgery and have the cells shrunken by a laser to the point where they almost didn't come back.

I also think that there could be a possibility of there being a food or drink that we could eat and burn fat like never before. There are super foods that help us burn the fat, but wouldn't it be wild if there was a pro-biotic that burned fat while it was in your stomach? The pro-biotic would be a bit of a good disease that would thrive in the body. If technology advances even more than it is now, we could be looking at methods for weight loss that could be quite the ground breaking event.

We have looked at what weight loss could look like in 10 years. As we come back to earth in the real time of our generation, be encouraged that weight loss could be on its way to some great and glorious things. When it becomes something that is as easy as putting a patch on, or getting a laser surgery, or even eating a pro-biotic, it will be something to behold because it will not take us as long to lose weight. We will be a fitter people and maybe obesity will be no more. Maybe it will be a thing of the past!

~Obesity Overload

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Fat

I was sitting here evaluating the kinds of blog posts that I've written over the years and I have written one on fat, but never got too in depth in it. Today we are going to get into the facts about fat and make a cheat sheet on fat. We will get into how it is formed and how to get rid of it. Have you ever thought, "Man, I wish I had the facts and tools to combat fat, body fat, or just fat in general"? Let's get into this ultimate cheat sheet and get down to the flab of the matter.

1. What is Fat?
Simply defined, fat is the cells that are stored in permanent storages that are being saved as energy for a time when you could be starving. You have a certain amount of fat cells in your body. When we are losing weight, the cells simply shrink to very small sizes.

2. Where does Fat Come From?
Fat comes from sugar that we eat and consume in large amounts in our day from soda, to candy, to other foods that have sugar. We do gain some weight from eating fatty foods like pork, added spreads (mayo, or dressing), or processed foods that are injected with tons of fat to make the food taste better.

3. How Do We Lose Fat?
The million dollar question then is, "How do we lose fat?" If we gain it from all these different sugars that we're eating, it must be hard to lose that fat. It is extremely hard to lose fat when we eat and drink as much sugar as we do as Americans. We drink our 34 oz. soda at lunch at a fast food restaurant and it really does us no good in our weight loss. Cutting just soda or sugary drinks helps you lose a large amount of fat. Eating leaner foods also helps lose that fat.

4. Why Do We Gain Fat So Easily?
A lot of us gain fat so easily, almost as easily as breathing in air. Why is it that we gain fat so easily? We gain fat so easily because we don't make conscious attempts to avoid sugar and fat in our days. We don't drink water when we go to restaurants, we eat candy wherever we can, and then we wonder why we gain fat so easily. These aspects scare scientists and statisticians because we are gaining fat and weight as fast as any other time in history.

5. Fat Burners!
Are there foods that I can eat or is there something I can do to burn large amounts of fat? Oh yes, there are good amounts of fat burners! Iced tea is good for burning fat, as well as, spicy foods, citric foods or drinks, and grains. Exercises that burn fat are cardio, aerobic, body weight, High Intensity Interval Training, and high running sports such as basketball, football, or soccer.

6. Why do we Need to Lose Fat?
This question is often asked by people that don't seem to care about their health or about losing weight. The main reasons that we need to lose fat is that we put ourselves more at risk for heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, and lots of other diseases if you don't lose fat and weight. Your body runs more efficiently when you don't have energy flowing to the fatty spots to keep them sustained.

7. Are Men or Women More Likely to Gain Fat?
A good number of people don't really know if men or women are more likely to gain fat. The truth is that women are more likely to gain fat. The reasons are mainly biological because when women have children their bodies pile on the pounds and those pounds stay on even after pregnancy. Women also have hormones surging through their bodies that cause them to be more vulnerable to gaining fat.

I do hope that you have enjoyed this ultimate cheat sheet on fat. Use this knowledge to help you lose fat and weight in turn. Don't let another day pass when you don't start your diet and weight loss. It is crucial that you lower your fat percentages in your body. Do it for your family, a special someone, and even most importantly...yourself.

~Obesity Overload

Monday, June 23, 2014

MMA Workout...Train Like the Pros!

I don't know if you have ever seen the MMA artists that fight in the UFC and other leagues, but those guys are straight up ripped! Muscle hangs off of their bodies like chunks of chiseled granite, muscles are cut, and their strength to remain unbroken while fighting is unmatched. They attempt to reach fully perfected bodies that have less than 7% body fat. Their hands are heavy with punches, their feet are like bowling balls that they hit people in the head with, and their abs are so explosive that they are able to move at extreme speeds. How would you like to train and do some of the exercises that these guys do? Let's begin the madness!

1. Jog
Jogging for 15 minutes before your workout will ensure that you are burning all fat and that your body has surpassed burning just sugars. Jogging can be a great warm-up for those cold muscles as well as a fat burning furnace boost.

2. 10 Push-ups
Get in a push-up position on hands and feet and go all the way up and all the way down.

3. 40 Punches
Punch 40 times, all the way out and all the way back.

4. 20 Mountain Climbers
Climb those mountains in push-up position thrusting those legs back and forth.

5. 20 Flying Knees
Jump while bringing one knee as high as you can. Alternate legs and do 20 per leg.

6. 12 Leg Raises
Lay on your back and raise those legs up and all the way down, then back up.

7. 30 Second Plank
Hold that push-up position in a plank for 30 seconds.

8. 10 Burpees
Fall to a push-up position, do a push-up, crunch back up to a ball, jump up in the air and repeat.

9. 15 Jumping Jacks
Jump those jacks and get that heart beat going!

10. Running in Place for 1 Minute
Run in place for 1 minute. Get those knees as high as you can. All the way up and all the way down.

11. 20 Shoulder Touches
Push-up position and touch one shoulder, put the arm back down and repeat alternating your arms.

Beginners Repeat exercises 2-11 for 3-5 Sets
Intermediate Repeat exercises 2-11 for 6-7 Sets
Advanced Repeat exercises 2-11 for 8-10 Sets

This workout is built to rip your muscles and to leave you wishing that you hadn't done it. The results in turn are those of an MMA fighter and are WAY worth doing. You will lose fat and be dripping wet from sweat within seconds of starting this workout. Try out this workout 1 set and see how you like it. Take this up and try to get up to 10 sets of this workout to get those chiseled granite muscles that are rock hard and looking good!

~Obesity Overload

Why Should I Lose Weight?

Your sitting there among your friends and several of them appear to be either hungry from dieting and trying to lose weight, or they are exhausted from working out trying to lose weight. I'm going to play devil's advocate today and ask, "Why?" "Why should I lose weight?" I mean, if it's so incredibly hard to diet and lose weight, why should you even do it? If you have never asked yourself this question, now is the time to do do it. Why should you lose weight if you have never done or thought about it before? Let's get into why you should lose weight!

1. You Will Feel Better
You will feel considerably and exceedingly better if you were to lose weight and be at a healthy weight. Millions of overweight people suffer from broken down feet, shin splints, bouncing fat, overhanging fat rolls, high blood pressure, and lots of other things. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from obese related diseases and they just don't feel good. They appear to look like they are living life to the fullest, eating what they want, and doing no exercising, but they don't feel good.

2. People Will Notice You More
For lots of us, we want to recognized more and we want to be more popular, but we find that being overweight causes people to misjudge us. The people that get bullied are the overweight people. The people that are outcast or ignored are the overweight, obese people. If you were to take up the Batman Workout that we talked about in the last post, and you executed it 3-4 days a week, you would lose weight and feel better about yourself. This, in turn, helps others to feel better about you as well!

3. You Accomplish Your New Year's Resolution!
Let's be bluntly honest with ourselves, the large majority of people make a New Years resolution to lose weight or get a ripped body. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands and millions of people that make this New Year's resolution, then you can rest assured that this is a great reason in and of itself for you to lose weight. Check out our post from last year on making New Year's resolutions and accomplishing them!

4. Smaller Clothes
If you lose weight, you will be able to wear smaller clothes! I know that this is a simple concept that we take for granted, but it will literally allow you to wear 2-4 sizes smaller clothes-wise. You may find that smaller clothes instead of those ugly sweats and sweatshirts will be better looking, confidence raising, clothes that are easy to wear. Some of you may have seen the TLC show What Not To Wear. These people get a makeover on their clothes and facial features. While it isn't losing weight for most of them, they still look as though they have a new life after changing just their clothes! I'm urging you to lose the weight, and get better clothes! 

5. More Energy
If you were to lose weight you would have more energy for more activities in your day. You would not believe the amount of energy that you would have if you would lose weight and drink enough water. The energy would be gushing out of you in large amounts. "I don't want any more energy," said no one ever! You will be able to have more energy without having to drink an energy drink, it will be all natural and you will feel better. It may take a bit getting used to!

For all of these very logical and profitable reasons, you should lose weight! It will be highly profitable and will allow you a new lease on life that will free you to begin a new life. People will look at you differently after your weight loss. Accomplishing a New Year's resolution is another excellent reason that stands alone. If you aren't convinced that weight loss is right for you, no one is going to force you to lose weight. Do it if you want to, but you are missing out on a crazy good life of not carrying around extra weight!

~Obesity Overload

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Batman Workout...1 Batty Workout

A lot of us have seen the Batman series and think of him as a hero that has been under rated because he doesn't have a super power. Batman has a great physical body that we all wish we had. We really don't give these super heroes credit for being ripped, strong, and able to save a lot of people. He was Gotham's savior and enemy at the same time. His workout is a very impressively exhausting workout that will leave you healing your strained and worked muscles for days. If you want a good ab workout that will rip your abs, take a look!

1. Muscle Groups Worked
Let's be honest, to lose weight you have to build some serious muscle to burn some fat. The Batman workout utilizes all muscle groups and tends to not leave any out of the mix. It is a leg heavy, ab heavy workout that will leave your legs and abs torched. My shoulders were even feeling like they were extremely sore. Get ready to work out all of your muscle groups and really get some bat-like muscle.

2. Fat Burn
The fat burn aspect of the Batman workout is something to be desired because it is mostly a workout that builds muscle. the exercises are built to build your abs and get the ball rolling towards the fat burn. Don't get me wrong, there is fat being burned here. There is fat burned with any and every workout, but some have more fat burned than others.

3. Variety of Exercises
This workout tends to be on the more interesting side of things because of how many exercises there are. There are 9 exercises altogether to help work your major muscle groups beyond what you thought you would get from a workout. The Batman workout doesn't just focus on crunches and push-ups. There are exercises that utilize the push-up, plank, crunches, and leg raises until absolute failure. Below is picture of the workout to get you guys going on losing that weight and doing the workout! Click on the picture to make it bigger!

So, now that we have analyzed and looked at the Batman workout, get out there and get going to build the muscle that will, in turn burn the fat. I hope that all of your fat loss programs are going well and I wish you all the best. We all want to look like Batman with those layers of muscle that are like body armor that will give you one great, batty body that you can fight crime with! Enjoy this batty workout...The Batman Workout!

~Obesity Overload

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

10 Super Metabolism Boosters

Over the past week or so, we have been talking about fat blasters and misconceptions about weight loss. Today I thought that we would give you 10 super metabolism boosters that are sure-fire foods that will boost your metabolism sky high. Not only will you boost it, but you will feel the boost when you eat. What I mean is that you will not feel like your stomach is full for long. You will feel like you need something else to eat in only a little while. This is your metabolism working overtime to burn as much food, fat, and excess sugars that are sitting in and on your belly. Let us begin!

1. Tea
Tea is a great antioxidant that helps to move sugar cells from your body and into the furnace to be burned as energy. I normally drink a dark tea because they take longer to digest and help to burn more calories in the long run.

2. Chili Pepper 
Chili peppers are jam packed full of a compound called capsaicin that helps curb your appetite and has benefits for your weight loss. Habaneros, chili, cayenne, jalapenos, and eve Tabasco sauce are a few peppers and pepper products that you can incorporate into your diet.

3. Ice Cold Water
Drinking ice cold water lowers the temperature of your body and forces your body to burn calories to warm itself back up after being dropped lower than normal. Water in general boosts your metabolism, but ice cold water makes your body work even harder to burn that fat.

4. Oatmeal
Oatmeal packs a punch in the way of fiber and is a super-food when it comes to giving you lots of energy. That is why so many people eat oatmeal for their breakfast. It then requires more calories and energy to burn off and try to digest the fiber in oatmeal. Your stomach will be shoved into metabolism overdrive with this one!  

5. Lemonade
Really, any sort of citrus drink or adding lemon juice to a meal can and definitely will boost your metabolism. Citrus is high in vitamin C and the acid in its contents helps to kick up the stomach acids to create a more combustible metabolism and stomach that shreds that food apart.

6. Fish
Leaner fish out there are great sources of metabolism boosting omega 3 acids that are essential in muscle building proteins. Some examples are, salmon and tuna. Eat these fish with a sprinkle of lemon juice over the top, and grab a glass of ice cold water for metabolism boost.

7. Papaya
Papayas contain an enzyme called papain which improves digestion and absorption in the stomach and into the body. This exotic fruit could be just the boost that you needed in your metabolism boosting diet to push you into fat burning central.

8. Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate, believe it or not, can boost your metabolism! Dark chocolate contains anti-inflammatory polyphenols that help your belly to destroy that fat without the unwanted and refined sugars of regular candy bars and chocolate. Add a few nibbles of dark chocolate to your diet and boost that metabolism!

9. Apples
Snacking on apples is a very practical way to boost your metabolism because they are low in calories, but they require more calories to burn them off due to the amount of fiber in them. They are chocked full of good vitamins and minerals to balance out your diet and give you more benefits than just raising your metabolism.

10. Celery
Eating celery is like munching on a fiber rich food that has virtually no calories! In fact, in Weight Watchers, they are completely free to eat. Celery is a natural diuretic and helps to get rid of excess water that could be weighing you down. The energy you would need to burn celery outweighs the amount of calories that the celery even contains.

Take these 10 super metabolism boosters and go boost your metabolism sky high. I mean, who wants to just sit on the couch and hope that they will lose weight? I have given you the tools to boost that metabolism. Use these 10 boosters and workout for maximum metabolism boost. You will definitely feel the burn in your stomach as is asks for more food and water in an even short amount of time than you would have expected!

~Obesity Overload

Monday, June 2, 2014

3 Myth-Conceptions About Weight Loss

We all know that we aren't always the best at assessing the situation and experiences that we have. Weight loss is a subject that a lot of people have misconceptions about. In this blog post we are going to look at myth-conceptions (myths that are misunderstandings) that we actually believe as facts about weight loss. We think that we are people that fully understand weight loss and our bodies, but you might be surprised to figure out these myth-conceptions that we often have.

Myth #1: "Snacking is a bad thing"
I often hear people talking about weight loss and snacking as if they go together like water and oil. We often mis-conceptualize our minds and trick them into thinking that weight loss and snacking are bad. We think that eating more will aid in weight gain, not weight loss.

Fact #1: "Snacking aids weight loss"
Snacking is actually an aid in weight loss because we keep our metabolism going and in turn, we lose more weight. This doesn't mean that snacking on pizza, chips, and soda is a good thing. Snacking on wholesome foods such as, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and drinking water are all good snacks that you can eat.

Myth #2: "Weight loss, only for a limited time"
The next myth-conception I want to talk about is the myth that weight loss is only for a couple of weeks or months. We think that weight loss is only for a few days and then we can go back to how we are eating. People that think this normally go back to their atrocious eating habits, and they gain their weight that they just lost, back.

Fact #2: "Weight loss, a way of life"
The analogy I want to use here is the one that we have heard a million times, "garbage in, garbage out." When we eat garbage and take it in (fatty, bad foods), we will feel terrible and get garbage out (fat on our butts, abs, and thighs). When you put good in (good foods during a diet and weight loss), you get good out (weight loss and loss of your fat). Weight loss becomes a way of life after you lose the amount of weight that you need to, for the sheer fact of maintenance of the weight that you have lost.

Myth #3: "Fast food...a thing of the past"
We often think that just because we are doing a diet, working out, and losing weight that we can no longer eat fast food. We think that our juicy Big Mac will never touch our lips again, that we will never eat gold crunchy fries, that we will never eat doughy pizza ever again. We have a misconception that our society has tricked us into thinking. These misconceptions are simply not true!

Fact #3: "Everything in moderation"
My mother's voice rings in my ears when I begin to think that I will never eat fast food again, "everything in moderation, everything in moderation." The fact of the matter is that we ARE and CAN eat fast food again even though we are on a diet! We can get the Big Mac, fries, and pizza, but we have to eat it in moderation. What do I mean by moderation? I mean, instead of pigging out on a ginormous burger with all the fixings, shoving down a truckload of fries, and downing a 32 oz. drink; eating a moderately sized burger, a smaller portion of fries, and a medium soda. Eat smaller portions so that when you are done eating, you're not overly stuffed and feeling sick.

I have had these same myth-conceptions about weight loss and I know that a lot of you guys have too. Read through these, comment below, and share them for the maximum effect of getting the word out about these myth-conceptions. We have all had our times of seeing something for the wrong meaning or the wrong thing. We need to stop adopting and making new myth-conceptions and get out there and share the factual truth about these!

~Obesity Overload