Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Burn the Buns, Build the Guns!

How many of us have too much fat on our buns and thighs and we just want to lose it? What I'm wanting to do in this blog post is to educate you guys on how you can burn the fat on your buns and then to build some great muscles on those leg guns. Would you burn your cellulite or fat off of your buns if you knew how to do it? Of course you would! I am going to give you guys some exercises that you can do at home and without spending any money. I have built considerable muscle on my guns and have enjoyed being leaner on my buns and thighs!

1. Squats
Squats were the very first thing that I did when I wanted to burn fat off of my butt or buns. Squats utilize the buttock muscles, hamstrings, and even the quads. This is a compound exercise that works more than one body part at a time. Because we use so many different parts of our body we burn more fat and calories than other exercises that don't utilize all of your body parts.

2. Run
This one is kind of an oxymoron because running uses so many body parts, but it also uses core muscles that help burn fat. Running might be painful if you are heavily overweight or obese, but it is something that you can do, or you can even jog if you want to. Get out there and get the buns that you want!

3. Sit
Wall sits are another great exercise that you can do. Wall sits allow you to really squeeze your buttock muscles and feel the burn in the buns. This exercise will help you to build those muscles that you will really enjoy. The wall sits were one of my favorite exercises to do because you can do it against a wall and it doesn't cost any money.

You guys and gals will be well on your way to building the guns and burning the buns with these three great exercises! These three are some of the most basic exercises that you can do, but if you do them until failure, for four days a week, you will be surely on your way to great buns. If you want a burning in your buttocks that will indicate that the exercises are working, you can be sure that these three exercises will do it for you. Go and burn off that fat!

~Obesity Overload

Friday, June 26, 2015

Garcinia Cambogia, Scam or Boost?

No supplement can really help you lose weight right? I mean, most of the time the benefits are outweighed by the side effects right? If you are skeptical about the weight loss phenomenon, garcinia cambogia, then this blog post is for you. The green coffee energy booster, helps with weight loss, and helps to cleanse the body of dead bowel weight and gas. If you are not sure whether garcinia cambogia is good for you, check out these facts to decide for yourself whether its a scam or a boost for your weight loss.

1. GasThe first problem that I faced when I took a trial of garcinia was the fact that there was an unreal amount of gas. If you have ever had gas pains you know that it makes you extremely uncomfortable. When we eat fast food it just adds onto the amount of gas that builds in our bodies. I found that I was faced with a LOT of gas.

2. Weight LossI actually did have weight losses when I took the garcinia cambogia. I felt lighter and like I was loosing weight. This was big for me because I wanted the garcinia to do what the company was claiming that it did. The weight loss is real and it isn't just water weight. If you think that its not real weight loss, think again.

3. Diarrhea 
I did not deal with diarrhea myself, but there are evidences of people that have taken garcinia of having diarrhea. The reason for the diarrhea is that cambogia acts like a bit of a colon cleanse. The problem with this is the discomfort of being out and about and having to go urgently. Diarrhea is a bacterial problem that occurs in the body.

4. Energy
I found that I had increased energy when I took the garcinia cambogia. I had more energy than I had before I took it. When it comes to energy in this day and age, we find ourselves low and in lacking. We don't get enough sleep and we expend our energy way too quickly. If you want an energy boost on top of the weight loss, garcinia cambogia is great for it.

5. Scam? or Boost?
So, is garcinia cambogia a scam or a weight loss boost? I wouldn't personally use garcinia for more than a few weeks because there are adverse effects that can be and are quite annoying.There are good effects that it has on the body for real weight loss. For the amount of money that it would cost for buying it I would suggest using it for a short term. Garcinia cambogia is NOT a scam, but you will have to deal with some of the adverse effects in order to receive the benefits!

I know that a lot of people still may be skeptical of garcinia cambogia, but if you can handle looser stools and a little bit of gas, then this can be the boost that you have been looking for. You definitely don't need to spend an arm and a leg for it, but you can get some decent garcinia for around $10 or so, it just depends where you look. If you want, you can buy a trial sample and journal how your body is affected by it. This is a great weight loss and fat burning booster!

~Obesity Overload

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Obesity Overload Ebook

So, I know that there are a lot of people out there that would benefit from an e-book like this for weight loss that doesn't require giving your soul to the program. I am working on it still and am hoping to have it finished within the upcoming months. Spread the word as it will not cost all that much, but will be power packed with lots of good weight loss tips, tricks, and a diet that you can follow!
We are rethinking weight loss for you guys!

~Obesity Overload