Thursday, January 12, 2017

5 Simple Ways to Tighten Your Core in 7 Days

I was sitting there one day trying to figure out how to tighten your core and how to do it as quick as I could. There are many ways to tighten your core, but I wanted to give you five of the best ones that I have found to work the best for me. We will do it in 7 days, but you have to be committed to eating right and working out every day. Implement these 5 ways to tighten your core for 7 days and you will tighten your core considerably. I have used these 5 ways in my life and have tightened my core immensely.

1. Plank

The single greatest exercise for tightening your core has got to be the plank. I have used this exercise quite a bit. You may think it easy to hold a push-up position for a long amount of time while not letting your lower back sink, but it may prove more difficult than you think. I started at holding the plank for one minute and worked my way up from there. If holding it on your hands is too easy, simply rock down to your elbows. 

2. Drink

This may not be exactly what you were thinking of when first seeing the word, "drink." I have found that drinking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in an 8 ounce glass of water is a hyper boost to your metabolism. Besides boosting the metabolism, the vinegar balances out the PH in your body to make it more alkaline. What does this mean for your weight loss? It means that you can tighten your core even more because your body is rid of the pain causing acid that sticks in your joints. 
3. Breathe

Breathing deeply and practicing your flexing will allow your stomach to get used to being hardened. If you flex in a mirror it will help you to visualize your breathing and flexing. Breathing properly adds another dimension to your core tightening and strengthening. When you breathe in deeply you flex your diaphragm and abs. Really feel the abs flex as you see them when you squeeze. Yoga is phenomenal when it comes to practicing your deep breathing.

4. Kettlebell

Kettle…what? Kettlebells and swinging a chunk of weight that is quite heavy will cause you to flex those abs and tighten that core. Grip that handle, keep your back straight, and swing that kettlebell. A tip that I found that helps is to flex the abs in order to get the bell to swing, don’t physically swing your arm. Its not an arm workout, its an abdomen workout.

5. Stop

Stop eating sugar! Sugar is the biggest fuel for fat and gaining a lot of weight. Once you completely cut the sugar, you cut the gut and tighten your core. Sugar is all bad and doesn’t present any good nutrition for your body. I stopped eating and drinking sugar and my weight began to go down. As I lost the weight my core tightened and my abs were uncovered under the layer of fat.

Please subscribe to our blog and like this blog post on Facebook and your favorite social media sites with the buttons below the post. Share it with your friends as 5 great ways to tighten your core. These have been perfected by myself and I speak from experience. If you do these five things for 7 days in a row you will find yourself with the beginning of a nice set of abs. If you don’t see it in 7 days, repeat until you do! Enjoy your tightening core!

~Obesity Overload

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gorging Green Diet...the Cleanest Diet Yet?

Have you ever been gorging yourself when you should be on a diet, but you never thought that you could gorge yourself on green veggies? Have you ever just wanted a diet that would give you a cleaner and nutritional diet? Are you someone that needs a detoxification of your body by the diet that you're trying to choose? If you're someone that is sick of the conventional diets and you want a diet that is completely new and different, then this diet is for you. This is not your parents' diet and that is a very good and beautiful thing! Let's get into the diet that could sweep the world and take it by storm!

1. Greener is Cleaner
Greener is definitely cleaner and is not just better for the environment. Your body will have a new vibe when you begin to eat greener and cleaner. Spinach, lettuce, celery, Swiss chard, kale, and broccoli are just a few of the great super-foods and veggies that you can eat with this diet. Gorging yourself on green veggies will give you the essential vitamins and minerals that you body needs to run cleaner.


2. Calorie Counting Gone
Can there really be a diet that gets rid of calorie counting? This will be the second diet that we have created that utilizes watching what you eat instead of counting calories. There are also very few calories in fruits and veggies that are green. The reason that we want the calorie counting to be a thing of the past is that we want this diet to be easy enough for anyone to do. This makes fat burn and weight loss all the easier.

3. The Green of the Diet
The green aspect to the diet is what we want to utilize. By eating green fruits and veggies you will lose more weight quicker. I find that salads, soups, and smoothies that are green with veggies are some of the best ways to enjoy the green of the diet. Salads are probably my favorite when it comes to clean eating. The conundrum that we come against is the fact that putting gobs of dressing on your salad kills the purpose of green eating and the diet. Everything in moderation.


4. The Workout
The workout that I want to incorporate in this diet is very simple. I want you to walk. That is the simplest way of burning the most fat. Jogging or running is great, but your body gets into shape too quick and then doesn't burn enough fat to make a difference. Walking allows for the body to burn larger amounts of calories for the same length of workout than a heavy workout.

5. Share It!
The last element to this diet is to share it! Get the word out there that there is a new diet in the world that anyone and everyone can do. You don't have to go broke eating better and you don't have to starve. Challenge your friends and family members for even greater drive. Please comment below as we would love your comments. Share it if you like this blog post and enjoy!



Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Years Weight Loss

Why did I write a New Years weight loss blog post late?

I wanted to embrace my goals, not resolutions, for the New Year.

Weight loss is not a simple task. Losing weight and fat and defeating obesity will be accomplished this this year.

We are starting a New Years Weight Loss Revolution! No longer are we going to be making New Years Years resolutions, but we are making New Years REVOLUTIONS! If you are like me then you really hate New Years resolutions. You pick a resolution, promise to be better, and then you fall flat. We are going to avoid that and take you right to the New Years Weight Loss Revolution. We are excited to give you something that will boost not only your weight loss, but your life too.

1. Stop Making Resolutions
Stop making promises and resolutions that will never come to anything. Stop making them to your family and friends and then dumping on them a day or two later. You don't help yourself at all.

2. Watch What You Eat
Watch what you eat. By watching what you eat, you will gain control over the most overlooked part of weight loss. Eating is something that a lot of people do for the pleasure of eating. We are going to eat, purely to sustain ourselves, and then stop before the weight packs on.

3. Implement the ETL Diet
The ETL Diet is one of the easiest diet, if not THE easiest! Where can you get this diet? Right here! The elements are easy enough for anyone to do and they are healthy and quick.

4. Exercise Like Crazy
We are going to exercise like CRAZY during this revolution. Please understand that you don't lose weight unless you work out and burn more calories than you take in.

5. Get the Results
This revolution that we are starting is sure to get you going and will be a sure fire guarantee to get you to lose that weight. You will see more results in a shorter amount of time by joining us on this revolution.


1. I will not quit.
2. I will not be one to brag about my results and boast about them over my friends and family.
3. I know that this is not for the faint of heart and that I will be losing a LOT of weight over the next few months.


How are we going to execute the revolution?

1. Strive for Weight Loss Perfection
2. Be Okay with How Much weight you lose and how fast you lose it.
3. Encourage Each Other
4. Challenge a Friend

If you want to join us merely comment with your first name and why you want to lose weight.
Weight loss, fat, obesity, and our goals are going to be defeated.
I will be next to you every step of the way.
Together you and I will lose weight and get our six pack or better body.

~Obesity Overload