Wednesday, November 30, 2016

1 Weight Loss Powerfood that will Desimate Your Fat

I know it sounds cliche to say that we have found a powerfood that will crush your fat, obliterate or desimate it. I'm not saying that it will, in and of itself do that, but it will make your body a fat burning furnace. Why? Because it has so many good things in it and it is a power-food that is very plentiful all the time. It tastes great in many forms. It is cheap and it is one of the simplest foods to cook. Let's get into this food!

1. Vitamins and Minerals
There are several vitamins and minerals in this powerfood that will allow your body to burn fat, lose weight, and boost your diet. This powerfood uses vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system and it uses fiber to keep everything regular. Vitamin K and C are in astronomically high amounts in this powerfood and can be a great healing food. It is very low on the glycemic idex and is a measly 55 calories for a cup of this food chopped up.

2. Broccoli
Broccoli is the powerfood that we are talking about. It is really tasty and is one of the healthiest foods on the face of the earth. Green and yellow buds and flowers make clusters on this delicious vegetable. Broccoli is very high in properties and supplements that make for the crushing of cancer cells. Digestive support is increased when broccoli is consumed and can be a vital part of your diet. Broccoli helps your body run more efficiently and burn and obliterate fat for a great weight loss ally.

3. Detoxification
Broccoli takes all of the garbage and junk out of your body in a huge detoxification process as good elements are released and it consumes the nasty to make you feel better. Our bodies take in a lot of garbage and fat. Broccoli helps your body get rid of both.

4. Anti-Inflammatory 
Another way that broccoli helps us lose weight and obliterate fat in our body is that it is an anti-inflammatory. Our bodies take in garbage and that garbage causes our stomachs to feel bloated. When you eat broccoli it causes your body's inflammation to reduce and you feel full from the broccoli being digested.

5. Anti-Oxidant
The last way that this powerfood helps you lose weight and obliterate and desimate your fat is that it is an anti-oxidant. Your body will appreciate the boost of anti-oxidants that are in high amounts in broccoli. Your immune system will be boosted and you will find that you are healthier than you were before you started eating broccoli.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post for this underestimated powerfood. You will find a great taste in broccoli that will make you love it the more you eat it. You can put some butter on it, steam it, eat it raw, or chop it up in a broccoli cheddar soup. If you want a veggie that will be a weight loss weapon that you can eat over and over again without side effects, then this is your food. Broccoli...the weight loss powerfood that will desimate your fat!

~Obesity Overload

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy New Year! A New Way to Look at Resolutions!

Happy New Year! Happy 2017!!! We just got through Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming quickly. Why did I say, Happy New Year? Because I have a new concept for New Years and the resolutions that we make all the time, but never keep. We are going to power pack our New Years' resolutions to ensure that we will reach them and accomplish them. Weight loss will be simple and you will soon be in the clothes that you have always dreamed of wearing and you will have the body that you've always wanted! 

1. New Year's Resolutions

We are going to make our New Years' resolutions now. The reason being is that we need to get the resolution now so that when we get to New Year's we would normally be hitting a plateau in our year. We are going to reset the New Years' resolutions when January 1 rolls around. Car companies live in the year ahead of everyone. In order to get ahead of the weight loss curve and keep your fat loss diet going, we will hit it early and come out with a bomb of a New Years' resolution blog post.

2. Choose 1 Weight Loss Resolution

Choosing 1 weight loss resolution instead of multiple ones gives you more power and energy because you only focus on one resolution at a time. We are going to hit this resolution for all we got now before we get to the New Year and by that time we will be slowing down. Fat and dieting will not stand a chance after we are done.

3. Go Big or Go Home

By going big we will accomplish more from our resolutions. Even if we don't achieve it all, we will be accomplishing the normal resolution that we would be trying to accomplish. We have to give it all we got. For some of us we can't afford to not diet and lose weight. 

4. Realistic

The last part to this is to make it realistic. If we don't make them realistic then we will fail. We do have to accomplish something or else its pointless. Make your resolution three parts; the part to accomplish that is doable, the part that you wish you could accomplish, and a part that is totally off the wall crazy that you want more than anything. Shoot for the stars!   

Lets get those New Year's resolutions! We are going to get our weight loss, dieting and fat loss goals and resolutions. You HAVE to make your resolution now so that we can accomplish next years' goals. Don't live in the in the future! 2017, you are going down!!! 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Do You Have This Disease? This Blog Post COULD Save Your Life!

I have been out of the blogging world for a while now, but I am BACK. Why did I take a break? Well, I got married to the love of my life, have worked for the biggest company in the world, have seen my grandfather go downhill and die, and I've had a health complication myself. I have had my eyes opened to something new that I think you would agree is something that you have never really thought about before. Why? Because its not one of those things that's mentioned all the time, like breast cancer, heart attack, or arthritis.

My question to you, the reader and hopefully the person that wants to improve their health is you know what fatty liver disease is? I didn't know about this until I had one of my friends and his best friend die from the exact same thing. Do YOU know what fatty liver disease is? If you know know, you should DEFINITELY be reading this. I MUST warn you though. This could be VERY shocking news for the majority of people that don't know what it is and for those people that don't know if they have it.

Why do I ask if you have fatty liver disease?
I ask because it is directly conjoined with obesity and the concept of eating WAY too much food! The number of cases for NAFLD, or Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease was 90 million back in 2013, just in America alone. The number has risen considerably over the past three years. If this disease is caught early you can save yourself and your life, but it will be a long battle.

What is fatty liver disease?
Fatty liver disease is the storing of fat by your body after glucose has been made in over abundance and your body can't use it all. The fat is then stored on your body and around your liver. You see, your liver creates fat when fructose is pumped into the liver. Your liver can't get rid of the fat quick enough, so it just stores it. The process of sugars being turned into fat in the liver is called lipogenesis. To put it in simple terms, you eat sugar, your liver creates fat.

How do I know if I have NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease)?Blood tests and an ultrasound are some of the sure-fire ways of telling if you have fatty liver disease. The other way to tell is this; do you eat sugar, fat, carbs, drink soda, eat junk food all day, and have a bit of a belly? You most likely have it if you answered yes to these. If you do have NAFLD then you are at risk for your liver to shut down and your body will shut down as well. You will find that your body will just stop functioning unless you do something. Let's dive into what you can do to save your own life or at least give yourself a fighting chance.

1. Consult Your Doctor
If you answered yes to consuming large amounts of sugar, flour and carbs and you have a belly, then you need to consult your doctor and ask him or her about fatty liver disease. Because NAFLD is in relation to diabetes, you are definitely going to want to get more information as to if you have it and what it is.

2. Eliminate the Sugar
Sugar has absolutely no nutritional value for you. It is just plain bad. Fatty liver disease and cancer is fed by sugar. We eat and drink so much sugar that we should be always be in a hyper and sugar mode. By eliminating the sugar consumption you can work on flushing out the garbage that is stuck in your liver and around it as well.

3. Cut the Carbs
Carbs are also made into sugar that is made into fat and that makes your liver fatty. Cutting the breads and pastas is really helpful when cutting fat and beating fatty liver disease. Carbs are the building blocks and are fuel for your brain in order to operate. The problem is that we over-indulge ourselves and eat WAY too much in the way of carbs.

4. Burn More Fat
Get off of your butt and go and exercise! When your body gets to the point of constant muscle atrophy, you will find that your body will need all of the junk food just to get going. Burn more fat to give yourself a chance to burn the fat off of your liver. You can still save your liver, but it will be hard to do.

I hope that you the reader have found this blog post very eye-opening and informative. You really need to take this seriously and make an effort to change or else you will find yourself in an early grave. Men and women alike eat and drink some of the worst things for your and we are obese. Weight loss and losing that fat will cut down on your chances of having NAFLD Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Go and live! Please share this blog post with family friends and follow our blog as we get going!

~Obesity Overload