Friday, December 28, 2012

Why Do So Many Weight Loss New Year's Resolutions Fail?

Why do so many weight loss New Year's resolutions fail?
I was browsing through the weight loss news today when I came upon this article about weight loss.
It shed some light as to why so many weight loss new year's resolutions fail.

"The dismal success rate of these New Year's diet resolutions is discouraging but it isn't particularly surprising, since 80% of all dieters fail to lose weight, and one-third even gain additional weight. But the upside to these depressing statistics is that they have given researchers the impetus to find out why losing weight is so difficult. So in hopes of keeping those resolutions alive, let's take a look at why so many well-intentioned weight loss efforts fail every January.
Perhaps one of the most important reasons why the failed New Year's diet has become such a cliché is that willpower is often no match for all the variables that influence eating habits. According to a 2009 study published in the journal Appetitefor example, the sheer complexity of most diet schemes, Weight Watchers in this case, may be enough to discourage many people from maintaining their weight loss efforts. The researchers found that the 390 study participants were more likely to give up their diets prematurely if they were “... not able to recall or process all required information for deciding what to eat.” Higher “self-efficacy,” the belief that they could lose weight, did encourage the participants to stay on their diets, but simplicity of the diet was still a better predictor of success. The researchers also noted that environmental factors, like keeping junk food around, could subdue willpower as well."
(Cameron English, Policymic) Original Manuscript Below
Willpower seems to be something that we all struggle with.
I know that we struggle with willpower, so here are a couple of tips for you guys.
1. Say No To Junk Food
Saying no to junk food is great for keeping willpower.
2. Keep a Journal
Keeping a journal will allow you to really see what you are doing in your weight loss.
What do you guys think about this in relation to New Year's weight loss resolutions?
~Obesity Overload~ 

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Bodybuilder's Diet - What Does It Entail?

I'm sure that many of you, like myself, would like to have that bodybuilder's body.
I was unclear on what it entailed until I did my research.

So, today I want to share with you, my more ambitious crowd, and even those people that want the washboard abs!

What does the bodybuilder's diet entail?

1. More Protein
You may have heard about the large amounts of protein that a bodybuilder needs for lifting weights and gaining muscle, right? We are going to take that down a notch.

While it is good to eat protein, we suggest you take it slow for the first couple of weeks.
Beginner bodybuilder protein that I would suggest is 50-80 grams of protein a day.

Protein is the building blocks for building more muscle that will in turn burn more fat.
You can eat chicken or eggs and drink milk and protein shakes for boosts of protein.

2. Eating Better
You have to eat more obviously if you intend to build the muscle, but you have to eat right.
It's like this; you eat more calories (good calories), that feeds the body, that builds the muscle.

I would suggest eating a lot of eggs, chicken, fish, milk, peanut butter, and fruits and vegetables.
The good calories come from fruits and vegetables and those low fat meats and milk.
Eating pizza, burgers, fries, and other fast food will not help you achieve this diet's goal.

In saying what I did above, I must warn you that you will gain weight because muscle weighs more than fat.
If you are concerned with looking bigger for a few weeks while you build the muscle to burn the fat, then you should consider a different diet.

I can tell you right now that I have gained a lot of muscle, and am currently burning fat, but I feel bigger than I was. All that to say that I'm feeling stronger and buffer than I was before the diet.

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3. Working Out
Working out is crucial to any diet, but is the main aspect of the bodybuilder's diet.
In order to burn the calories you have to have the right exercises.

I would suggest running, maybe on a tread mill if you have one.
Running and doing leg workouts on a weight lifting machine will build the largest muscles on the body, giving you the ultimate fat burners.

Lifting weights is good as well because it builds the muscle to burn the fat.
Dead lifts, bench presses, pull ups, push ups, and exercises like that are good.

To switch things up you can even do High Intensity Interval Training to burn the MOST fat while still building some muscle.

4. Rest
You may not have guessed that rest was part of the bodybuilder's diet. 
It is indeed essential because your muscles actually grow during rest.
Your body will take the protein that you are consuming and turn it into pure muscle.

I would suggest working out 3-4 times a week and rest the rest of the week.

We have looked at the bodybuilder's diet.
Take action now to get that bodybuilder's body!
I hope that you have enjoyed this post.

Please share this post with your friends and family!

~Obesity Overload~ 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weight Loss, One Pound at a Time?

We have often talked about needing to lose weight, but we want it lost quickly or all at once.
The truth is that no one man or woman can lose fat, in a healthy way that fast.
Your body can handle losing 2-3 pounds a week, for stronger people maybe 4.

Here's the thing, when your body loses weight 2-3 pounds at a time, you are normally eating enough and correctly. When you try to lose it too quickly, then you can subject yourself to gaining it right back.

When you don't eat for a few days to try and lose weight, the very second you go to eat after that will make you overeat.

So, "How are you supposed to lose weight then?" you may be asking.

Weight loss, is supposed to be one pound at a time!
Yes, you saw that correctly!
If you focus on losing 2-3 pounds a week instead of the whole thing, then you will make greater leaps.
How do you do this?

1. Weigh Once a Week
Weighing once a week will allow you to focus on weight loss without focusing on your weight fluctuation.

2. Focus On Your Diet
Focus on your diet, how you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat it.
Focusing on your diet will allow you to take your focus off of your weight and put it on losing it.

3. Stop Thinking About Where You Want to Be
What I mean is that, if you keep looking at the model that you want your body to look like, you will soon realize that your body is not like theirs, and its not really moving towards it.
Not that its not good to keep a perspective or goal, but you may be disappointed if your body isn't beginning to look like that model.

4. Lower Your Expectations
This tip goes hand in hand with tip 3.
Stop expecting certain things, like looking a certain way, expecting yourself to lose all the weight at once, or expecting to be the next top model.

In all these tips we can see that if you focus on losing one pound at a time, then you can lose it easier, quicker, and will keep it off.
I hope this post has helped you.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Back On Track - Plans Before New Years

If you were like me yesterday, you may have over eaten a little bit.
That's okay, we can get back on track on our weight loss together!

It's one of those things that we often contemplate right before New Years.
With all of the New Years resolutions there is ONE thing that we want to get straight, OUR PLAN.
We are always thinking about what plan we want to have, as well as a course of action.
There are a lot of people that think about making their resolution to lose more weight.

So, how do we make a plan and course of action that we are going to keep?

It is ridiculously easy!

We will go through some steps to help you take action!

1. Pen and Paper
Grab a pen and paper and write down your plan.
I mean, write down every detail.
Having it all in front of you will be a great way to stay true to that plan.
Next write down the course of action that you want to take in accordance with that plan.

2. Accountability Partner
This may sound weird, but I would suggest having an accountability partner for that plan and course of action. Share it with that person, whether it be a spouse, friend, or maybe your mom!
That person will help keep you accountable and will keep you from straying.

3. Weight Loss Group
Find a weight loss group that is additional help to help you really grasp the concept of your plan and course of action. This group could be a, "Meet in person" sort of group, or, it could be a, "Meet in an online forum" sort of group. Either way is good!

4. Forgiveness
Be willing to forgive yourself if you do stray from the plan and course of action you have chosen.
This is a key to weight loss.
At some time in the plan, you will stray and splurge, it happens!
You need to forgive yourself and pick yourself back up to keep losing weight.

5. Get Back On Track
If you have started your weight loss before the holidays and have splurged, then you need to get back on track and remind yourself of what's important.
If you really care about your health, then you will be willing to move on from the splurge, give up your depression, and get back on track!

I hope that this has been insightful as you try to get back on track before the New Year's parties and before the new year!

Share these with your friends!

I promise you that it is that simple!

I leave you with these crazy easy steps.

~Obesity Overload~

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Weight Loss Programs, Are They Good?

I have had time to sit down and write a blog post, so I figured I would post it.
There is a great controversy on which program is better.
Unfortunately, our society fights to be the best, and its pretty much whoever has the most money.
The Insanity Challenge, Weight Watchers, Zumba, P90x, and GSP Rushfit are just a few out of thousands.

It depends on what kind of weight loss program you want.
Weight Watchers can be customized according to body type. 
The Insanity Challenge is absolutely insane, burning huge amounts of calories within minutes.

To say that weight loss programs are not good is like saying that Jon Jones, MMA Champion, can't fight.
Jon Jones can fight and could be the best pound for pound MMA fighter in the world.

Weight loss programs are something that needs to be researched.
Some tell you to take a pill, or to omit something completely from your diet.
Those diets are not worth going on, they are detrimental to your livelihood.

Obviously, you are going to have to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle to lose weight.
I'm just suggesting that you do your homework and really see if it will benefit you.
If it will, then have it. If it won't, then run then other way!
Take it from someone that has done a ton of weight loss programs.

So, would it be better to go with Obesity Overload's weight loss program?
If you find our articles profitable to you, then join us!
I don't want to push our weight loss program off on anyone.
Know right now that I am here for your profit

Obesity Overload likes to focus on those parts of weight loss that other programs push to the side.

What will you decide?
Are weight loss programs good?
What is your opinion? 
Are weight loss programs scams? 

~Obesity Overload~
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Disclaimer: All rights go to Insanity, Weight Watchers, Zumba, P90x, and GSP Rushfit, and Jon Jones. I do not own any of the rights! I do not claim to own any. It is just my opinion on weight loss programs.        

Obesity Overload Blog V-log! Intro

We have broken the Youtube barrier!
If you guys have been wondering about when in the world we were going to get one, it is here!
Below is the link for our V-log and first video.

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Check it out guys and have a great day!
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Mini Blog Post - Enjoy The Holidays

I thought that I would put out a quick mini blog post.
I wanted to say that in light of what we have been talking about that you can still enjoy the holidays by eating your favorite foods.
Just keep in mind to eat everything in moderation.
Everything we eat isn't detrimental to your diet or weight loss, but excess amounts are fatal to weight loss.
I guess what I'm saying is to enjoy yourself, but don't pig out.
Gifts, family time by the fire, Christmas carols, hot coco, hot cider, and lots of other goodness.
For the next couple of days enjoy your time with family.
If you have time, then take a nice walk.

Have a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
*+~Obesity Overload~+*

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Indoor Winter Exercises

Winter has been raging all around us in full force.
What is a person supposed to do for exercise when it is just too wet outside?
We are going to talk about some stuff you can do inside that will still profit you and your weight loss.
This will be the last blog post until after Christmas and then we will have a special one for New Years and more after Christmas!
So, let's get down to the facts.

1. Treadmill
If you have a treadmill or a gym membership then you can utilize having a treadmill.
Get on that running machine and run until you drop.
Running burns a lot of fat.

2. Weight Lifting Machine
This is kind of like the first one, if you have a weight lifting machine or a gym membership then you can lift some weights for some good fat burn.
It doesn't burn as much as the treadmill, but it still has a good burn.

3. Dumbbells
Dumbbells are one of those things that can be supplemented by heavy objects like a good sized boulder.
Lifting dumbbells can have a pretty good burn, but not nearly as much as the first two.

4. Yoga
Yoga isn't so much for fat burn but can be profitable for exercising with a mat as your only exercise equipment. I haven't personally done yoga, but I have heard that its good to do.

Keep in mind that you can hurt yourself by using these different exercise methods.
Lift with good posture and to your own discretion.
Lose some weight before Christmas and impress your friends and family by the weight you have lost!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, 
~Obesity Overload

Friday, December 21, 2012

Weight Loss Plateau, How to Rise Above!

...that time when you can't seem to lose any more weight!
Isn't it freakishly annoying?
Everyone that has been a serious diet has had a weight loss plateau.
The closer you get to your target goal the closer you get to your weight loss plateau.
Today we are going to talk about what occurs during the weight loss plateau and how to rise above to lose that weight that you need to reach your goal weight.

What Happens During a Plateau?
1. Quick Weight Loss Slows
If you are a big loser, meaning that, if you lose weight quickly, then you can expect to slow during a plateau.
Your body gets used to consuming a certain amount of calories, so you should change it up a little bit.

2. Stress Levels
You may have hit a stress level that leaves you subconsciously eating more than you think.

3. Junk Food
Eating more junk food that has the same calories as good food is still going to be fattier for you and worse for your body. Just because it has the same calories does not mean that it is equal in nutrition.

What to Do About It?

1. Reevaluate Your Caloric Intake
If you have put down the pencil and paper on monitoring your calories, then you need to pick them back up and begin monitoring them again.
It may be that you have begun to slowly revert back to old eating habits, especially during the holidays.

2. Relax
Take a few moments a day to relax. Sit down and take a deep breath.
If you are into yoga, then take up yoga; if you are into meditation, then take up meditation.
If you are into neither, then sit down with a nice cup of coffee and thoroughly enjoy it.

3. Cut Out the Junk
Yes, you heard it right! I know that this may sound harsh.
I like candy and soda as much as the next person, but it is terrible for weight loss.
Take into account how much junk you have been eating lately.

4. Watch Overeating at Restaurants
You could be overeating at restaurants and not even know it.
This is a common mistake with people trying to lose weight.
Just because it looks better for you doesn't mean that it is, really make sure its better for you.

5. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
If you are someone that has been a light consumer of fruits and vegetables, it may be time to really focus on eating more for your benefit.
The last thing a person on a diet wants to hear is what I'm telling you, but if you want to push past the plateau and get that great body that you have wanted for a long time.

6. Wear a Pedometer
If you wear a pedometer, then you can monitor how far you walk in a day and figure in a few more steps to boost your fat loss.

Push past that weight loss plateau, rise above!
I hope that you have a good holiday season!
Remember to enjoy yourself with your family, but don't overly splurge.
Your weight loss coach,
~Obesity Overload  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obesity News Headlines

Check out these news headlines for obesity!

1. We Have an Obesity Problem in This Country.

2. Is the Obesity Epidemic Caused by too Much Sugar? 

3. The World's Obesity Crisis is, After the Moon Landings, Humanity's Greatest Achievement. 

4. New York City Sees Decline in Obesity Rate For Kids 

5. Is Obesity Caused by Bacterial Infection?

Have a great day and happy weight loss!
~Obesity Overload

11 Weight Loss Tips

I thought we would go through some simple tips to weight loss.
Everyone needs some help sooner or later.
Get going and take a look at these tips.
Even if you have heard of these before, take them with a grain of salt, and apply them to your life.
Let's begin!

1. Keep Small Goals
Keep your goals small and in sight so you can see the progress and lose weight.

2. Switch to Wheat Bread
Switch to wheat bread instead of eating white bread. White bread is very fatty and is processed.

3. Stop Drinking Liquid Calories
Stop drinking soda and other drinks that are high in sugar and calories.

4. Reward Yourself
Reward yourself for your hard work. Buy something that you have wanted for a long time.

5. Great Workout Music
Get some great workout music. Get something that will get you moving.

6. Smaller Dinnerware
Eat on smaller plates. Eating on smaller plates will allow for easier portion control.

7. Stock Your Kitchen
Stock your kitchen with fruits and vegetables. Having something good to eat around will ensure better decisions. 

8. Cut the Weight Loss Pills
Listen, weight loss pills are not the way to lose weight. They are dangerous and you will not be able to keep the weight off.

9. Cut the Fast Food
Cut the fatty, calorie loaded, and cholesterol packed fast food. Most fast food is terrible for you.

10. Get a Workout Partner
Workout partners will keep you motivated and will help you to stay on track with your weight loss.

11. Stop Eating Processed Foods
Processed foods are fatty, have more calories and is food from a tube. Eat wholesome foods from the earth that haven't been tampered with.

I hope that these tips for weight loss have helped you!
Keep on going on the weight loss and get to that body that you are dreaming of.
~Obesity Overload

Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Goodies and Keeping the Weight Off

Hey guys, so I have been really busy, getting gifts for Christmas and doing holiday stuff.
I thought I would cut down on posts and give you really good blog posts as opposed to a bunch of smaller, not so good posts.
So we are going to talk about keeping the weight off during the holiday season.
We all love egg nog, different pies, cakes, figgy puddings, and hams, but are all of these holiday goodies things that we need to eat?
Let's take a look!

1. Moderation
Eating everything in moderation means eating a little bit until comfortably full.
So much of the time we eat everything in chaos as if we can eat all of it and it won't have an effect on our bodies. Eat a little bit of a Christmas treat, then move on.
Try to keep the sweets to a low and eat to be comfortably full as opposed to overly stuffed.

2. Sweets
Keep the sweets to a low roar.
They are normally hyped up with sugar and fat that your body does not need more of.
Also, with there being more colds and the flu going around, your body should not be compromised by sugar.
Sweets are very fattening.

3. Water
Staying hydrated during the holidays will allow you to eat less because your stomach will be partially filled with water. In saying this, do not over drink and be waterlogged to the point of not being able to enjoy the holidays.
What I'm saying is, trick your body into eating less than you normally would by drinking a glass of water before a meal.

4. Breads, Cakes, Pies
Breads, cakes, and pies are something that we eat more of during the holidays.
They are normally filled with a lot of sugar and fat.
Eating very little of these will give you some satisfaction and you can avoid a lot of extra weight.

5. Take a Run
Taking a run even if it is short once a day will cut on the fat that your body stores.
Even if it is a jog or a walk, it is better than sitting on your rear end for hours and days at a time.
Get up and get going!

Mainly, stay away from sugars, eat in moderation, and get going.
Follow these tips and you can't go wrong!
I hope that you guys have enjoyed this post and have a great holiday season!
~Obesity Overload

Friday, December 14, 2012

Energy Drinks, A Tasty Dose of Death?

Okay, okay, so your concerned about energy drinks with all this talk of people dying from them. I too would want to know what in the world was happening with them. In this blog post I am going to go over some aspects to energy drinks including how much it takes for toxicity.
So, let's get started as we explore energy drinks.

1. Caffeine
Energy drinks contain huge amounts of caffeine within the walls of that can or bottle.
Caffeine was originally used in sports to enhance endurance when running hard short distances.
One cup of coffee has 18-48mg of caffeine, and energy drinks sometimes have the caffeine of three or four cups of coffee.
While it would take an astronomical amount of caffeine to die, it has been suggested that caffeine contributes to toxicity as well as other factors we will discuss.

2. Ginseng and Taurine
Ginseng is used in energy drinks to decrease stress levels and increase energy levels.
This is one of those contributing factors that helps with toxicity with caffeine.
Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that occurs in the body.
It is used to regulate heartbeats and muscle contractions.
It too has been suggested that taurine coupled with caffeine can make for a high that can be toxic at high dosages.

3. Guarana Seed Extract
Guarana seed extract is also a stimulant that is present in energy drinks.
It contains high levels of caffeine that boost caffeine levels to even higher rates!
It is also an appetite suppressant.

4. Alcohol
Alcohol is mixed in energy drinks by some people.
Alcohol is very toxic when consumed at huge amounts.
Mixing alcohol and energy drinks can and is deadly.

5. Dose of Death?
Some energy drinks have deadly amounts of minerals in them, but you would have to drink so much of it that it would take so many to kill you. Nonetheless, there are too many people with high blood pressure, heart problems and other body malfunctions that drink energy drinks when they should not be drinking them. I mean, would you rather be groggy from not drinking the drink, or would your rather drink it and be subconsciously killing yourself.

So, we can see that energy drinks have had a bad rap. I would suggest in my opinion to stay away from energy drinks. Energy drinks are deadly, especially for smaller body types and children. This is just my opinion. These amounts of caffeine and taurine put together with ginseng and guarana seed extract make for a deadly combination. Energy drinks were not made for children, they were made for consenting adults. If you are an adult, drink responsibly and be wise!

*DISCLAIMER* I am not saying that people should drink them to overdose and die. Furthermore, I do not take any responsibility for anyone dying or getting hurt.

~Obesity Overload

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Weight Loss Program - What We Have So Far!

I thought I might be a good idea to give you guys a chance to see all of the steps for our weight loss that we have so far, together collectively.
I will list them below and you can see how they all go together!
Share them with your friends.
EVERYONE needs to hear and read these blog posts.

Step 1: Work Out Smarter

Step 2: Simple Eating

Step 3: Keep a Journal and Plan 

Step 4: Winning the Mental Game

Step 5: Curb Those Cravings

Now that you are caught up on the whole weight loss program, go out and lose that weight!

~Obesity Overload

10 Reasons You Still Gain Weight Despite Your Weight Loss Atempts

Maybe you have been reading every one of our blog posts, and you just can't seem to lose any weight.
Does this sound familiar?
There may be reasons that are unknown to you, on why you gain weight despite your attempts to lose it.
I mean, who wants to try their hardest to lose weight, only to have it thrown back in their face?
I have had it happen to me all too often.
So, how do you deal with it?
You can get down and out, or you can read on and try to fix these problems to boost your weight loss!

Reasons Why You Have Weight Gain:
1. Medications
Medication side effects have suggested that you can gain weight without trying.
This is due to the effects that the medications have on your body.
Talk to your doctor about the weight gain and see if you can have it adjusted to a different medication.
2. Lack of Sleep
This one was a shocker to me when I first found out about it.
When you don't get enough sleep, your body is forced to overeat to compensate for the energy it has lost in the process of not getting sufficient sleep.
Try to sleep for an hour or two longer than you normally do, then work your way up to adding 2-3 hours.
3. Quitting Smoking
For those of you that may be quitting smoking, it can be difficult because your body craves nicotine.
Your body in turn, trades the nicotine that it used to consume for food and you end up gaining a bunch of weight. Try to catch yourself before you splurge.
4. Stress
When you are stressed out, whether it be at work, school, or other related places, your body will try to find comfort. It will turn to comfort foods and you will end up gaining a wholesome smack of weight.
Try to remain conscious on your eating habits, especially during stressful times. (Finals, deadlines, etc.)
5. Junk Food
Eating candy bars, chips, soda, ice cream, pizza and the plethora of other junk foods out there will not help you lose weight. My doctor told me to look at junk food as being a poison that will kill me.
The truth is that junk food will kill you if you eat enough of it, keep this in mind when you reach for it next time!
6. Physical Inactivity
This is kind of an oxymoron, but most people don't realize how immobile they are until they begin to gain weight like a hippopotamus.
Get going on that bike, running, basketball, swimming, soccer, lift weights, or throwing some fist to a punching bag!
7. Lifting Weights
If you are someone that has decided to lift weights to get the exercise bus moving, then you may have noticed weight gain.
This is a good thing, if you are on a good diet. (Balanced, without junk food, with fruits and vegetables)
Muscle weighs more than fat, so take heart, your muscle will make you gain more weight.
8. Eating and Going to Sleep
Eating and then immediately going to sleep can cause a hike in your weight gain.
The weight gain is caused by your food being left in your stomach for a long period of time.
The food sits and is not consumed, so your body puts it in fat cells.
Leave at least two hours after your last meal before you go to sleep.
9. Your Friends are Gaining Weight
Chances are that when you hang around your friends that are pigging out that you will begin pigging out as well. So, what do you do?
I'm not saying that you need to stop being friends, but stop pigging out with them.
Choose something healthy when you guys go out to eat!
10. Slow Metabolism
Having a slow metabolism can cause you to gain a truckload of weight.
In order to speed up your metabolism you can eat something spicy with your meal, drink something citric, and stay active in exercising.

Now that we have looked at these reasons for weight gain despite your attempts to lose it, fix these problems and give yourself a chance to defeat obesity, once and for all!
Have a good day, my friends!
~Obesity Overload

Weight Loss Step 5 - Curb Those Cravings

So, today I wanted to present to you, the reader step 5 of our weight loss program.
I have been a little under the weather and have been slacking a bit on the diet. (Guilty)
We are going to be talking about cravings and how you can put those cravings aside to help your body lose even more weight than you thought you could!
Let's begin!

Come on, you have had those cravings, the ones that have you up at night worried about what to eat next, right?

What causes a craving anyway?
There are a lot of causes for cravings. Your cause could be different than mine, but let's look at a few of them and then we will give you some coping tactics!

1. Lack of Nutrients
Your body could be craving something because you are lacking in nutrients.
Eating fruits and vegetables can be sufficient enough for you to curb this cause of cravings.
2. Low Energy
Having low energy can cause your body to want to crave carbohydrates in the form of junk food.
Getting enough sleep will fix that problem.
3. Your Body is Your Craving Trigger
What I mean by saying that is the fact that when you walk past a carnival that may be happening and you smell the carnival food, your body immediately craves something juicy and greasy.
Avoid shops, fairs, carnivals, and such places and you can avoid this cause of cravings.
4. Stress and Tension
Thousands and hundreds of thousands of people crave food because of stress.
They crave to eat something that will take their mind off of their problem.
Try to find a way to relax.
5. Depression or Feeling Down
Some of us crave food to drown our sorrows.
Eating our cravings can be a way of escaping our problems.
Talk to your doctor about a therapist.

Ways to Cope: 
1. Drink a 10 oz. glass of water and wait 10 minutes before splurging. 
Sometimes your body just craves water and your body says something else.
2. Cut Back on the processed foods.
Cutting back on the processed foods will train your body to not depend on them (sugar, salt, and fat) for your satisfaction. 
3. Exercise for 30-60 minutes a day.
Exercising releases a hormone called endorphins that increase blood flow and have a positive effect on your mood. Exercising is a workout suppressant as well.
4. Eat smaller meals in a day.
Eating smaller meals will allow your body's sugar table to be steady so that it will not crave something of the sugary nature.
5. Savor a favorite food!
Savoring one of your favorite foods once a week or every other week will allow your body to enjoy something it does like and will be good for moving forward in the weight loss program.
Don't get carried away and splurge!

I hope that all of you are losing weight and keeping it off as the holidays draw near.
Share these ideas and ways to cope with your friends.
Take care fellow weight loss friends!
~Obesity Overload 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Obesity Overload Twitter Page!

We wanted to remind you all that we have a Twitter page!
If you want even more ideas on weight loss or read Twitter more than reading stuff on the internet, then you can get our blog feed right to your Twitter!
Check it out by CLICKING HERE!
We thank you in advance.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Iced Tea, Weight Loss Advocate?

There has been speculation as to the question, "Is Iced Tea a Weight Loss Advocate?"
Iced tea has a lot of great aspects to it.
How does iced tea stack up to the other beverages?
Let's take a look at some facts and see if iced tea is a weight loss advocate.

1. Iced Tea Natural Appetite Suppressant
Iced tea has caffeine in it which is a natural appetite suppressant.
Black tea is great for caffeine, but too much can be detrimental.
2. Iced Tea Raises Metabolism
Iced tea has been known to raise metabolism.
Get that metabolism running to get more fat burn.
3. Lower Sugar Than Soda
You can brew tea and use an alternative sweetener to sugar.
It is lower calories and is less sugar.

Iced tea is better for you than soda.
Iced tea is a fantastic weight loss advocate.
You should drink as much water as you do iced tea because caffeine depletes your body of water.
Enjoy a great low calorie drink!
~Obesity Overload


Hey guys, so I have heard about a blog carnival and thought that we should hold one!
Here is how it works:

1. You send me your blog post about obesity. (Something that is appropriate for all ages)

2. I evaluate them and choose some that I will use for the carnival.

3. You post my blog post up on your blog.

4. We both profit from my blog carnival! :-)

5. Send your blog post to:

I will be accepting them for 3 hours.

The submissions will be closed at 10:00PM EST, 9:00PM Central Time, and 7:00PM PST.

~Obesity Overload

Fat Blasters for Guys!

So, you are that guy that wants the abs that everyone stares at, right?
Are you trying to get that beach body?
I mean, we all do!
So let's take a look at some fat blasters to give your fat burners a boost.

1. Shooting Some Hoops
Shooting some hoops with the guys is a good aerobic exercise.
Hoops with your buddies is great for helping them lose weight too.
2. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training):
High Intensity Interval Training is a set of exercises that takes aerobics to the next level.
Jumping rope, mountain climbers and burpees are great HIIT exercises to get that fat melting off of you!
3. Skating or Skateboarding
Skating and skateboarding can burn a good amount of fat.
Pump those legs to get speed and burn even more.
4. Running
Running can burn a great amount of fat and blast it quickly.
Guys, you will have no problem with burning fat with running because it works on your stomach.
5. Run On the Beach
Running on the beach will give you even more fat burning incentive as it is extremely good for burning fat.
It really helps with burning your abs.
6. Squats
Working out your legs is working out the biggest muscles in your body.
Burn more fat by burning the fat on your legs and burns it all over your body.
7. Adding Protein
Adding protein to your diet will grow muscles easier and will help you bounce back quicker.
Protein is essential for building muscle that will burn fat.

Men, take advantage of these fat blasters and burn that fat!
~Obesity Overload

10 Ways Stay at Home Moms Can Burn Calories

If you are a stay at home mom and need ideas for burning some calories, then this is the blog post for you.
This post can also be for the person that is a couch potato and can't seem to get up off the couch.
Admit it, you are a mom that stays home with the kids, or your husband works and you are busy like crazy, trying to get the kids everywhere, or going grocery shopping, fill in the blank.
We are all busy and need some ways to burn calories that are quick and easy.

1. Park Further Away
Park further away when you go shopping during the holiday season.
If you can stand to park further and walk around the mall, you can burn some good calories.
2. Do Some Chores
Doing chores can be hard on the body making it burn more calories.
Mopping, mowing lawns, raking leaves, gardening or even vacuuming can have their fat burning moments.
3. Walk Around the Block
Walking around the block can get the juices flowing.
Walking around a couple of blocks is even better, and depending on how much time you can do more.
4. Play Beach Volleyball
Playing beach volleyball can and will burn a TON of calories.
If you are in an area of the country where you can play some beach volleyball, I would suggest spiking a few.
5. Take the Stairs
If you go to a store or an office that has stairs or an elevator, take the stairs, you will be glad you did!
6. Increase Your Water Intake
Drinking water raises your metabolism, which means that your body will  be burning more calories than it was before.
It is a cheaper and more efficient way to burn calories.
7. Go To the Park With the Kids
Going to the park with your kids can be beneficial for burning calories because you can walk around the park while they play.
You could even play with them, if you are feeling up to it.
8. Go Shopping
You are going to have to do this anyway for grocery shopping, or going shopping for Christmas.
Going shopping can be bonkers this time of year, but is great for burning calories.
9. Buy a Treadmill
Running on the treadmill can be boring at times, but is great because you don't have to leave your house to run around town or go to the gym.
You can also monitor your calories burnt on most treadmills.
10. Get Boxing Gloves and a Punching Bag
If you are a more athletic woman that would enjoy punching a punching bag then you can burn a ridiculous amount of calories, just from punching a punching bag.

Extra: If you have a few extra bucks you can get a bike and go biking.
It burns off a good amount of calories and will boost metabolism.

These are all terrific ways to burn calories.
Have a great day!
~Obesity Overload

Monday, December 10, 2012

Top 5 Weekly Posts! December 4 - December 10, 2012

So, we are going to go back over the top 5 blog posts from last week that we hope you have relished in.
If you haven't read them, then please take a peek at them!

1. The Secret of Diet Soda
We took a look at the secrets of diet soda and how it is just as bad as regular soda.
2. Weight Loss Step 4 - Winning the Mental Game
I took you guys through how to stay mentally tough while losing weight and what happens when you don't!
3. The Fruit On Juice - Is It Good?
In this post we compared how good fruit juice was for your body.
4. Weight Loss Progress
I shared my success in weight loss with you in this post and gave you a glimpse of how you can lose weight.
5. What Everybody Ought to Know About Obesity
In this blog post I give you reasons that obesity is bad for you and facts and figures about obesity.

I hope that you have a great week!

~Obesity Overload

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weight Loss Step 4 - Winning the Mental Game

We have been rolling through the weight loss program that embodies Obesity Overload.
Hopefully you are on your way to that body that you've always dreamed of.
I was going to write about another tip for weight loss and then Step 4 hit me like a truck.

I was thinking about a time when I had an apple in my hand, ready to eat something good.
All of the sudden an overwhelming feeling of needing to eat my deliciously looking candy bar in my cabinet and it was calling my name.
I put the apple back in the fridge and unwrapped the candy bar.
My mind was beaten, and I knew it!
Sound familiar?

We have all been there at one time in our life.
People that are trying to lose weight are more vulnerable because you don't want to eat a healthy apple after a long day at the office or at school.
You have to be mentally strong when trying to lose weight.

So, how do you stay mentally strong?
1. Don't Buy Junk Food
Don't even give your mind something junk-food-ish to think about.
Don't buy soda if you love soda.
Just don't do it!
2. Get Out of the House
Something I have figured out over the years is that when I stay home for long periods of time if I have time off from work, is that, if you are a couch potato, chances are that you will be in the kitchen eating way more than you should.
Get out and do something athletic; lose that weight!
3. Think of Junk Food as Poison
If you value your body and you realize what is in the junk food you will soon realize that you won't want to eat it.
It really is just poison for your body.

I hope you have enjoyed this Weight Loss Step 4 blog post!
Win that mental game and loose that weight!
~OBesITY oVERload

Weight Loss Progress

Hey guys, I have been really busy with musical programs and all sorts of stuff. 
I was wanting to reflect back on the past couple of weeks and the first steps to weight loss. 
I would like you guys to comment and tell us how much weight you have lost with following our steps and tips.

I have been working on losing weight and have lost 6.5 pounds!
I have been following the weight loss progress with you guys.
You are not alone in your weight loss.
I have dropped a pant size and am at size 38 in men's. 

I will share a weight loss tip with you that has been something that I have really been striving for.
My weight loss tip is: "Leave Three Hours After Your Last Meal Before You Go To Bed."
By eating an earlier dinner you digest easier and fully.
Then the calories and fat don't stay in your stomach the whole night.

Post your weight loss story with us in the comment box below!
We want to hear from you!

~ObESiTy OveRLoAd

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Fishy Situation

We are going to go into some power foods for your weight loss situation.
There are a lot of fatty foods out there, even ones that weight loss programs tell you are good.
For example, not all meats are equal. Pork is especially fatty as well as beef.
We will look into how fish will be a great alternative to meats.

1. Fish Less Fat
Fish is leaner than most meats and is high in protein.
Fat is a step backward from your weight loss.
Fish is a great and lean alternative.
2. Omega-3 Fat
Fish is mostly lean, but there are some types of fish that are fatty.
These fats are good for the body.
Omega-3 fatty acids help rid the body of free radicals.
3. Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamins and minerals can be found in fish as well.
They are high in iron.
Some of the smaller fish's bones can be eaten and are high in calcium.
(Check with your doctor about which fish have bones that can be eaten.)
4. Fish Easy to Digest
Fish are very easy to digest.
They don't stay in your system long and are easier on the stomach.

Do not eat fish if you are allergic to fish.
Talk with your doctor about what fish to eat.
Fish is a power food because it is a great alternative to fatty meats.
Fish are also great for bodybuilders because they are low in fat and high in protein.
Enjoy this fantastic option for meals!
~Obesity Overload~

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Secret of Diet Soda!

For years you drank diet soda thinking that you were doing yourself a favor, when in fact, it is thought that diet soda is just as bad as regular soda.
We are going to go through some facts about diet soda and we will see if diet soda will remain the better of the two.
The controversy stops here!

1. Bad For Diabetics
The natural sweetener aspartame worsens the effects that diabetes has on the body.
It causes insulin control problems and therefore causes the diabetic to want to eat more and gain weight.
2. Both Diet and Regular Sodas Deprive Bone Density
Both diet and regular sodas deprive the body of it's bone density because of the acid in each of the sodas. So, no matter if you drink diet or non-diet soda, it doesn't matter.
3. Caffeine The Same
Caffeine is the same in both diet and regular soda the majority of the time.
Again, it doesn't matter whether you drink diet or not, the side effects are still the same.
4. Diet, Less Sugar Less Calories
Diet soda has less sugar and less calories overall. This is a good thing, but doesn't do much in the way of it being better for you. Sure, you do consume less calories allowing you to drink more and eat more calories, but is it worth it?
5. Diet Soda = Dehydration
Diet soda in a diuretic. Which means that the sweeteners cause the person consuming it to have to go to the restroom more frequently. That, along with the caffeine deprive your body from the water it needs.
6. Diet Causes Cell Damage
The consumer opens themselves up to having an increase in chances for disease. The sodium benzoate, a preservative, works together with vitamin c to produce a carcinogenic called benzene. Studies have shown that the sodium benzoate may damage the mitochondria found in your DNA cells causing your cells to sometimes malfunction, giving you risk for Parkinson's, cirrhosis of the liver, or neuro-degenerative diseases.

Now that we have looked at the effects of diet soda on the body, we can come to the conclusion that it, along with regular soda is bad for the body!
So, what do I drink then?
There are natural fruit juices that are tasty, or if you want that fizzy bubbly taste, you can drink sparkling water.
Steer clear from both types of soda!
You and your diet will be better for it.
~Obesity Overload

Weight Loss Step 3 - Keep a Journal and Plan

It may not seem like a very good weight loss step, but it is crucial to the weight loss process!
Keeping a journal is one of the only ways that you will be accountable to do well.
Planning is something that is great too.
We will talk a little bit about the two of these elements to weight loss step 3.

1. Keeping a Journal
This is something that will take a few more minutes to do in your day.
Write down EVERYTHING you eat, including calories.
Men should be eating 2,400-2,800 calories a day, and women should be eating 1,500-1,800 calories a day to be able to lose weight in a good time.
Keeping a journal will give you accountability, and will allow you to really see how much you eat in a day!
You can also plan out your biggest meals like lunch and dinner and save more calories for them and cut back on a snack or two.

2. Planning Ahead
Planning ahead is something that most people don't do on a diet.
They don't think about how they are going to get to point A and point B.
Plan ahead, the calories to be eaten, the calories being burned, all by estimate. (There are calorie burning calculators online)
As a note on keeping a journal and planning ahead, if you cheat, you are only hurting yourself and your weight loss. You aren't hurting me!
Planning ahead will also keep you from being stagnant in your weight loss program, allowing you to adequately see what is happening in your diet.

Looking at these two elements to weight loss step 3 has been excellent for weight loss.
It is the turning point in your weight loss journey.
This is when you really begin to see the results.
You should be well on your way to reaching your 3-5 pounds lost in your first couple of weeks.
NOTE: You should always consult a doctor before beginning a diet. This is just my opinion on a diet and is what I did to lose 30+ pounds! Disclaimer: You are responsible for the results that you get from this diet.

I have done hundreds of hours of researching facts and figures that have been proven hundreds and thousands of times online.
I take those facts and figures to give you a diet where you don't starve and a new way to diet!
Hope you have enjoyed step 3!
*!~Obesity Overload~!*

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What Everybody Ought to Know About Obesity!

You've seen that commercial that shows a bunch of obese people falling and breaking things, right?
I thought that we should go into some of the facts and figures of obesity.
There are a lot of important facts that most people do not know.
Let's dive into some of the shocking facts about obesity!

1. Obesity is a Disease
Yes, obesity is a disease! It impairs your bodily functions as they pertain to movement and to functioning in certain parts of your body.
It doesn't however completely shut down your body like some diseases do.
It seems though that it is in your mind.
It is in your mind that you may never lose weight or will get that six pack.
2. Obesity is a Personal Issue
Obesity is a dietary problem and is something that can be fixed by changing your diet!
The fact that it can be changed by a diet and exercise is something that most people don't realize.
I mean, who would have ever thought it could be that easy.
Granted, it is not as easy as that, because you have to have the discipline to stick with it, but it can be easier than you think!
3. Extreme Obesity Cuts Life by 10 Years
Extreme cases of obesity can cut 10 years off of your life!
When your body consumes sugar, salt, and fat, it all eventually gets stuck onto your body.
Then, some of it may get stuck in your arteries which are vital to you sustaining life.
Obesity CAN and WILL kill you!
4. Obesity Defined 
Obesity is defined as "a condition that is characterized by excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body and that in an adult is typically indicated by a body mass index of 30 or greater" by the Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary online (accessed Dec. 15, 2009).
5. 72.5 Million Americans Obese
72.5 million Americans are obese!
This is partially due to the fact that the American dream has left us to our own destruction.
Not that I don't love the American dream, I do, but most of us abuse the rights and liberties we have to indulge and splurge.
6. Obesity Leads to Diabetes
Obesity does indeed lead to diabetes.
I think that most people in the world that are obese don't even realize that they are heavily at risk for diabetes, heart and brain strokes, and lots of other diseases.
Diabetes type 1 is defined as the body not producing insulin, which causes your body to not be able to regulate glucose in your blood.
Diabetes type 2 is defined as your body not reacting to the insulin that your pancreas makes.
7. Obesity High Risk for Cancer
Obesity raises your risk for cancer considerably.
Excessive amounts of sugar, salt, and fat can and do cause cancers.

Out of all of these facts we can see the detrimental effects that obesity has on our existence.
Help us help you on your journey to beating obesity!
Together, we can do it!
Check out these links below to some of our best blog posts to see how you can reverse and break down your obesity.
Weight Loss Step 1 - Workout Smarter
Weight Loss Step 2 - Simple Eating
Candy, Tasty or Fattening?
Gym Membership - The Skinny or the Fat?

Have a great day! Thank you for reading!
_-~Obesity Overload~-_

The Fruit on Juice - Is It Good?

Hello readers! We have been going through foods and drinks that are good for your body and those that aren't good for your body. We will be getting on to Step 3 of weight loss in our Weight Loss series tomorrow. So, let's get started with taking a glimpse into the world of fruit juice!

1. Natural or Not?
Natural fruit juices have little to no extra sugar added to it's juice.
The juices that are not natural fruit juice are processed and have loads of caloric sugar added.
2. Vitamins
Juices, whether they are natural or not have vitamins and minerals in them that are fantastic for the body.
While the one's that aren't natural taste good, the vitamins and minerals that are in them are man made the majority of the time. 
3. Phytonutrients
Phytonutrients are naturally occurring nutrients that are essential for fighting against diseases and have disease fighting qualities. Their role is to act as antioxidants and fight against cells in your body that are harmful.
4. Sugar and Calories
Fruit juices can have a lot of sugar and calories that in turn into fat, and make you have what appears to be a little bit of what some people may think of as love handles. 
5. Carbs
Yes, fruit juices do have more carbs in them than soda does. It is a sad fact, but it is true.
6. Water
Water is a great alternative to fruit juices, minus the vitamins and minerals.

It has been proven that there are more upsides to fruit juices than there are downsides. 
I would suggest, in my opinion, that fruit juices are good for you, especially 100% natural.
I would also like to point out that you should drink a little bit in moderation with the rest of your diet. (Not too much. Too much can be a bad thing.)
So, all in all, fruit juices are sweet!
~Obesity Overload

Monday, December 3, 2012

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Top 5 Weekly Posts! November 26 - December 3, 2012

We have been talking a lot about different topics on our blog over the past week.
We thought that you, the reader, would enjoy looking back over the past week to review what we have learned!
Check out these top 5 posts!

1. Is Coffee Good For You? How the Beans Stack Up!

2. Candy, Tasty of Fattening? 

3. Gym Membership - The Skinny or Fat?

4. Dairy and Your Diet - Just "Skim" It

5. Nuts, are They Good for a Diet? This is Just Nutty!

I hope you enjoy re-reading these posts, or maybe read them for the first time!

~Obesity Overload

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Dairy and Your Diet - Just "Skim" It

The question of whether dairy is good for your diet or not has been rolling around the internet for quite a while. Some people are vehemently against milk and any sort of dairy foods in your diet. While others are for dairy being in your diet and think that they are essential. We will take a look at some facts and see if dairy is something you need to have in your diet.

1. Milk and Dairy High in Calories and Fat
It is a fact that there are more calories and fat in dairy foods than in other food groups. The calories and fat come from the hormones from the animal that the dairy food was made from.
2. Dairy is Potassium Rich
Is is factual that dairy is indeed rich in potassium. Potassium is great for helping to lower blood pressure. Athletes need more potassium than the average person because potassium helps regulate the amount of water in your body. Without it you may be suffering from lack of water.
3. Dairy Contains Lactose
Lactose is a natural milk sugar that occurs in milk and then in dairy products. Lactase is a naturally-occurring enzyme that helps your body to digest the lactose. Production of Lactase decreases as you age, so it is upsetting to some people's stomach to consume dairy products.
4. Vitamin, Calcium, and Protein Loaded
Milk and dairy foods are loaded with vitamins, calcium, and protein. Calcium is used to build strong teeth and bones. Vitamins are used to keep the body functioning properly, and protein is for building big muscles.

All in all, we can see that dairy foods probably aren't the worst for you.
They certainly are not the best for you either.
I would suggest keeping the milk and dairy to a low if you are obese and trying to lose weight.
In fact, if you are trying to lose weight you need to cut dairy by a large margin.
If you are bodybuilding, milk and dairy are great for getting the protein you need to build muscle!

-Obesity Overload

Nuts, Are They Good for a Diet? This is Just Nutty!

I hope you guys had a great weekend!
Almost everyone loves some sort of nut, whether its almonds, peanuts, or sunflower seeds.
Some of us are allergic to them, so in that case it would be best not to consume nuts.
We are going to dissect nuts and see how they fit in with our diet and if they are good for our diet.

1. Not Easily Perishable
Nuts, unlike fruits and vegetables do not perish as easy. They can stay on the shelf or in your cabinet for a long time.
2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Yes, these fatty acids are good for the body! Omega-3 acids are an anti-inflammatory, and can lower the risk of heart strokes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, breast, colon, and prostate cancers.
3. Antioxidants
Nuts also contain antioxidants that fight against many forms of cancers.
4. Vitamin E
A handful of nuts is 85% of your daily value of vitamin e. Vitamin E maintains mucous membranes, and skin, by protecting your body from harmful oxygen-free radicals.
5. Protein
For those that are doing bodybuilding, you can get a good amount of protein from nuts.

1. Fatty
Nuts are great for all of the reasons above, but they are fatty. Nuts should be eaten with caution and should be consumed by about half a cup to a cup a day. Keep the nuts to a low roar.
2. Unnatural Covered Nuts
Come on, you knew I would bring this up! Eating chocolate covered peanuts, cream covered nuts, and honey roasted nuts are not eating the right nuts for your diet. Stay AWAY from these kinds of nuts. You can and will gain a ton of weight by eating these nuts.

In my opinion, nuts are good for your diet! Nuts have more pros than cons and they are full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for your body.
In saying that they are good for your body, if you eat too many nuts they are detrimental to your body.
You have heard the quote, "Too much of a good thing is a bad thing" by Cato right?
The same thing applies to nuts!
Snag a few today for your health.
~Obesity Overload  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Is Coffee Good for You? How the Beans Stack Up!

In this blog post, we are going to go over some facts about coffee, give you our honest opinion on if it's good or not, and give you some evidence to support our final opinion.
Let's get started!
Fact #1: New Yorkers drink 7 times more coffee than other cities in the United States.
Fact #2: Coffee beans, as you may not know, are in fact the pits in berries and are a fruit!
Fact #3: Coffee is psychoactive and can make you see things that aren't there if consume in higher quantities. I can also kill you.
Fact #4: Contrary to popular opinion, you can not sober up from drinking alcohol with caffeine.
Fact #5: The most expensive drink at Starbucks is $23.50 for 16 shots of espresso (1400 mg of caffeine)!

Coffee is said to help ward off depression, helps to lose weight, can reduce the risk of skin cancer, and can in fact get you through your day.
In our honest opinion of coffee, we came to the conclusion that a little bit of coffee in moderation with a daily diet isn't bad, but it can be addictive due to the caffeine content.
So, in other words, keep coffee to a low roar. Drink a cup once every two days.

While the above facts are great things, there are a few detrimental things to coffee that we need to discuss.
1. Coffee Stains Teeth.
Coffee can and will stain your teeth if you consume large amounts of it.
2. Sugar High
Coffee is a sugar high waiting to happen.
Most people put a ton of sugar in their coffee to sweeten it up.
3. Caffeine Addiction
Caffeine is as dangerous a chemical to get addicted to than any other drug on the black market.
Caffeine has properties to make people irritable, their kidneys not to function properly, and can cause heart attacks in older people or people with high blood pressure.

I think that in the long run, it would be good if you kept the coffee drinking to a low.
If you look at the detrimental effects that it has on your body, you can agree that there are better beverages out there than coffee.
Grab that cup of tea instead of coffee, you will be glad that you did!

~Obesity Overload