Wednesday, July 29, 2015


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~Obesity Overload

Monday, July 27, 2015

Can I Eat What I Want on Vacation and Still Lose Weight?

Isn't it a good question? Haven't you often wondered the same thing? Who wouldn't want to lose weight while still eating what they want on vacation only to lose weight? The truth is that we may have to slightly modify our diets or habits on vacation. I will give you some tips that will help you to eat what you want to while still losing some weight during your summer vacations. Let's get started today!

1. Limit Alcohol
The first tip that I have may only apply to select people, but it is a big trap for a good number of people. When we go on vacation we grab a beer, a shandy, or another mixed drink and we sit by the pool. We drink a drink or two at dinner and with the drinks previously in the day, we find ourselves splurging on calories and sugar. By limiting alcohol to one drink a day, you will save calories!

2. Limit Dessert 
Another calorie hole that we find that sinks us with our daily calories is the desserts that hotels or restaurants indulge us in. Desserts are high in sugar, fat, and calories. This tip applies to more of us because more people take part in a dessert of some kind after a meal or just for the fun of it. If we limit desserts that we eat, we can expect to cut calories and make it easier for our bodies to burn fat!


3. Smaller, Slower Bites
We as people that are overweight tend to eat big bites and we chew really fast. The next thing we know we have eaten a truckload of food, especially when we are on vacation. Vacation is where we don't care as much. By taking smaller, slower bites and making each one deliberate we will find our brains actually seeing what we are eating and it will trick our brains into thinking that we are full.

4. Don't Just Sit There!

I know that vacations are meant to be times where we just sit and relax, but there has to be some time to workout or get up and do some activities. If you can manage a few moderate activities that will burn some fat while you're on vacation it will help you lose weight and keep it off while allowing you to eat what you want. Don't just sit there, get up!


5. Pack Good Snacks
Some of you just gave out a big sigh because you knew that this tip was coming eventually. Packing good snacks that you can eat instead of getting all of the junk food that everyone tries to feed you will be calorie saving and you will be able to lose weight because your not pigging out. Fruits and dried fruit and nuts are great choices for good snacks. Leave the chips and soda behind to lose weight!

6. Plan Activities Within Walking Distance
If you can plan activities to do within walking distance, I would suggest doing that and walking to where you need to go. You will save money on gas, you will burn off calories and weight, and you will feel good during your vacation. I've done this before and its not the most comfortable or relaxing way to vacation, but it will keep you in shape, get you in shape, or give you a good workout.

7. Focus on What You're Doing
Giving greater focus to what you're doing when you eat, what you eat, when you eat, and how and what you do to exercise or workout will give you a psychological edge that not many people have when their on vacation. This really is a common sense tip. Pay attention to what you're doing! Don't be stupid and think, "I'm on vacation, I'm going to do what I want!" Focus and lose weight!


If you implement these 7 tips for eating what you want and losing weight on vacation, you can indeed lose weight while you're on vacation. Not all of these tips are necessarily new. They will certainly help you to lose weight while you are on vacation. I have seen these tips work. I can guarantee that if nothing else you will give yourself a greater chance to lose weight by following these tips.

~Obesity Overload

Friday, July 24, 2015


Imagine for a second that you pick up our e-book, you read it, you implement the concepts and you lose weight! Wouldn't the $4.00 be paid off because you got some killer results? OUR E-BOOK IS FINALLY HERE! I am so proud to announce that our e-book, "Obesity Overload" is out on Amazon!


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You can get a six pack, you can get fit, you can pursue your dreams without the extra weight!


-Jeremy Scharmann
~Obesity Overload

Thursday, July 23, 2015

E-book Releasing Soon! THIS IS IT!

I am so extremely excited that our e-book is about to come out. I have been working long and hard, trying to get an e-book out to you guys and gals that have been reading my blog. Now, it is finally upon us! It will be sold on Amazon and will be $4.00! That is the price of a cup of coffee. You will get a diet plan and a great set of exercises that will boost your weight loss to the stars! It is like getting a whole weight loss program in one, good sized e-book. It is a really good sized e-book for the price. I am so ecstatic that the weight loss community will have an e-book that will revolutionize the way we look at weight loss.

If you have been reading my blog for the past 3+ years, I would like to invite you to buy the e-book when it releases and get a chance to change your life for the good. This e-book has been long awaited and it is right around the corner.


-Jeremy Scharmann

~Obesity Overload

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

10 Weight Loss Uses for Coconut Oil

Have you ever wondered what something like coconut oil is good for? Have you ever wondered what the hype and talk is about? In this blog post we are going to give you uses for coconut oil that will leave you feeling pampered and feeling good.We are going to look at how coconut oil can help you lose weight. There are several uses for how coconut oil will help you look better while losing weight and for losing weight! Let's begin!

1. Cooking
Use coconut oil as a dairy free alternative to butter, whether it be for baking or frying.

2. Drinks
Add coconut oil to drinks for added energy, or add it to water for a low fat and low sugar option.

3. Lotion
You can use coconut oil as a lotion and for getting rid of stretch marks as you lose weight.

4. Fats
Use coconut oil for substituted fats that will help you lose even more weight.

5. Cellulite
Coconut oil can be used to get rid of cellulite after repeated use for quite a while.

6. Body Butter
You can use coconut oil with shea butter in order to give you smooth skin in a body butter.

7. Creamer
Stir in a little bit of coconut oil in your coffee for a sweet and and dairy free creamer option.

8. Butter
Replace your butter with coconut oil and enjoy a lower fat, lower cholesterol option.

9. Digestion
Increase the efficiency of your digestive tract by eating a tablespoon each morning before you eat.

10. Peanut Butter
Mix with crushed peanuts or peanut paste with coconut oil to make your own peanut butter.

I hope that you guys have enjoyed the blog post. Use coconut oil to help you with weight loss and help you get to your healthier body goals. These are some great uses and we hope that you share them with your family and friends.

Our e-book is still being worked on! It's coming really soon and will be totally revolutionary for the weight loss world as we know it! Spread the word!

~Obesity Overload

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Obesity Overload E-book is Almost Here!

OH MY GOSH! I am so happy to announce that we are literally right around the corner of releasing the Obesity Overload E-book! It has been an absolute blast working on this e-book for the past year or so. If you are a beginner in the weight loss industry, a veteran in the weight loss industry, or you are just the average Joe, this book is for you! Anyone that has obesity will be able to buy this e-book for a fraction of the price that I could be charging for a weight loss e-book.

I don't want to get rich from the e-book. I want to use the money to improve the blog and give you guys and gals more tips and tools for helping you lose weight. We are going to blow up the misconceptions of weight loss and we are going to bring the concept of what weight loss is in a fresh light! There are so many people out there that need this e-book. It will have all new concepts, ideas, and content. You don't want to miss out on this e-book. It will transform your body and life into the beach body and healthy life that you have always dreamed of!

I can't wait to release this and am working hard at trying to polish it up and get it to a presentable stage. Share the news like wildfire and tell your friends in your networks. We would appreciate your guys' support and help getting the word out!

I know that you gals and guys will LOVE this e-book and that it will be in the top sellers list immediately! I just need you to read it and implement the concepts to transform and save yourself from obesity! SPREAD THE WORD!!!

-Jeremy Scharmann
~Obesity Overload

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How to Lose Weight: 3 Proven Strategies

Have you ever been stuck in a rut on how to lose weight? Have you ever been lacking in real proven strategies for losing weight? If you are a beginner or answered yes to the above questions, then you are not alone. There is a good number of people in our world that is not educated in how to lose weight. So, in this blog post I really want to give you guys three proven strategies for how to lose weight. At the end of today, you will have a strategy that you can implement in your own life for weight loss!

1. Lighter, Longer, Legitimate!

Targeted Class: Best for older men and women and those with bad joints. 

The first strategy that I want to talk about will take the least amount of effort and is probably the easiest one to execute. This strategy is based on the concept of working out at a low to medium impact effort and eating a third of the normal calories that the average person eats in a day. Because it is a low to medium impact workout effort, we find ourselves losing weight slower, but the slower we lose weight the longer it will stay off. This is a highly legitimate and trustworthy strategy for losing weight.

2. Middle of the Road and Intermediate
Targeted Class: Best for most people and a bit of a one-size-fits-most.

The second strategy is the best for most people. It is a one-size-fits-most type of a strategy. I have laid out a diet, the ETL Diet that goes with this strategy. I find that working out with this strategy entails working out with medium impact to light-heavy impact, and eating with a diet that cuts over half of the calories of an average person. The ETL Diet that we are basing our e-book off of goes well with this strategy because it allows you to lose more weight because you are eating extremely clean and your body will feel great! I have taken part in the majority of my weight loss time in this strategy and I see an average of 3-5 pounds being burned in a week and my body doesn't hurt so bad.

3. Heavy, Athletic, Superhero-esque
Targeted Class: Best for those that are strong willed, spirited, young, athletic and strong. 

The last strategy that I will talk about for today is that of a heavy, athletic, and superhero-like weight loss strategy. I have proven that this one works, but it is one of the hardest, discipline driven, and hearty strategies for losing weight. It is based upon working out with high to very high impact and eating about half of the calories of the average person. If you can do this one, you will burn off huge amounts of fat and will feel very accomplished after conquering it. This strategy is for those that are not grossly obese due to the fact that those that are grossly obese can't workout very hard. Gook luck if you are someone that has a lot of discipline for this heavy strategy!

I would encourage you guys to chose one of these strategies to workout with. The second strategy is the best one and you get a free diet that we have already written out and laid out for you guys. The second one is one that disciplined and committed people can do. A lot of people try to do the first one and they don't get good results. If you try to take the second strategy, you will find it an accomplishment and you will feel good about your new body.

Feel free to share this blog post and comment at the bottom! If you comment, I will answer and help any ways I can!

~Obesity Overload

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weight Loss Supplements...Good or Bad?

How many times have we heard about this new weight loss pill or supplement coming out into our local stores? How many more pills, miracle drugs, or weight loss supplements are they going to come out with before these companies understand what they do to our bodies? We are constantly bombarded with weight loss supplements that promise us certain benefits. The disappointing thing about them is that they don't always accomplish the benefits that they set out to accomplish. So, are weight loss supplements good or are they bad? We will decide whether they are good or bad after I break them down before your very eyes.

1. Broken Promises
Have you ever seen a little kid have a broken heart after a parent has broken a promise that they had promised them? They are literally devastated! How bad would you feel if a weight loss supplement promised to get rid of cellulite, get rid of hip and thigh fat, help you to loose your muffin top, and help you to get a beach body; and then after taking the supplement for the prescribed time and nothing has changed about your body? I would feel like beating up the makers of that supplement and I would feel horrible about myself! Supplements offer broken promises.

2. Great Benefits, Not Enough Progress
This point might tie in with the last one with the difference being that you may get some good effects or progress, but it may not give you a whole lot of the good benefits that the supplement promises. Sometimes you may get good beneficial progress and not enough progress in helping your overall weight loss progress. The point that I'm trying to make is that we can not have our cake and eat it too. You will either get good benefits and no progress, or you will get no benefits and great progress. You will rarely to never get them both at the same time.

3. New Fashioned Supplements Vs. Old Fashioned Weight Loss

New Fashioned Supplements
-Spotty results
-Benefits are outweighed by side effects
-Very costly

Old Fashioned Weight Loss
-Results are sure
-Benefits are shown and known to outweigh side effects
-Simple and cost effective

I think that we can see a pattern in these three points.Weight loss supplements are just not worth messing with. I have tried some weight loss supplements and the side effects plague me every time I use them. I don't get the results and good benefits that the supplement promises. I feel taken advantage of too because the supplement was relatively costly to my wallet! Besides all of the points I made in the above post, there is a factor that we haven't even talked about. The factor is that supplements are bad for your body, even the good ones. They are wrapped in good intentions, but they are all bad for you guys. Stick to the old fashioned weight loss or the ETL Diet that we have given you!


~Obesity Overload

Monday, July 6, 2015

Obesity Overload E-book - Reservation Signup!

You guys are so inspiring to me! I am happy and ecstatic to inform you guys that I am hard at work, working on the e-book. I want to give you guys a way to reserve an email that will be sent to you when our e-book is about to come out and when it does. It is kind of like setting an alert so that you guys don't miss out on this great e-book! It is going to be highly explosive that it will completely boost your weight loss like you have never seen before. It will be somewhere in the realm of under $10 for a diet plan, a workout plan, concepts about weight loss, the science behind it, and it will transform your life in drastic ways that you can't even comprehend right now!


1 (First Way).
All you have to do is click on the link below and subscribe to our Feedburner and you will get an email when we come out with blog posts! We will be coming out with this one-of-a-kind e-book that has never been released to the public very soon. We want to see people subscribing to the Feedburner. CLICK HERE TO GO AND SUBSCRIBE!

2 (Second Way).
You can also get emails for upcoming e-books by subscribing to the blog itself on the right sidebar of our blog!

3 (Third Way).
Follow us on Twitter! Our name is @obesityover
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Why are we doing it this way?!? We are trying to get subscribers to our blog. I don't want to lie to you guys. At the same time, it is a fantastic way to get people to reserve a right to know when the e-book is releasing. You will be emailed when the blog post comes out when we release it, only and only if you are subscribed to either of these ways of reservation. Please don't wait! Subscribe and reserve your chance to change your life for the price of a coffee at Starbucks!

The e-book is coming!

~Obesity Overload

Friday, July 3, 2015

4th of July Edition

Steaks, sausages, beer, ice cold watermelon and explosive fireworks, coupled with overeating during the Independence Day of the United States of America! We eat a lot of great tasting foods during the holidays and the 4th of July is no exception. What are we supposed to do when it comes time for the festivities and your family members come out with candy, cookies, and other high fat and sugar foods? We will discuss what we are supposed to do in this special 4th of July Edition.

1. Moderation
"Everything in moderation," is a phrase that I have always lived by. It means that we are supposed to eat a little bit of candy, not the whole bag. All too many people slam down a whole pack of licorice without another thought as to what it is doing to their body. Cancer cells live off of sugar and it is in everything. I implore you and encourage you to use moderation and to use common sense when it comes to eating this weekend!

2. Evade
Evade sugar as if it were the very thing that you were going to die from. If you follow the ETL Diet that I have outlined, it is based off of having enough discipline to see that sugar and junk food is death or poison. Evasion is done in the fastest and swiftest way possible. Doing so doesn't leave time to look back, it just powers ahead to strive for something better.

3. Eat 
Eat what is good like fruits and vegetables and nuts. Eating what is good will not allow your body to think about eating what is bad. Fill up on as many fruits and vegetables as you can. Eating a lot of barbecue, such as meats and beans and other good foods like that is perfectly fine to eat, but stay away from the fatty garlic breads and white breads. I have found that it is very hard to stay away from junk food, but its easy to not eat it if you think of it as poison.

4. Limit
Limit your alcoholic drinks to one or two a day. If you are normally someone that drinks 4-6 beers in a day I would encourage you to limit it. Beer is extremely sugary and has definite effects of slowing down your metabolism way below where it needs to be. When you drink alcoholic drinks your body craves food to eat and it causes you to overeat even more than you normally would.

5. Drink 
Drink a LOT of water. Drinking 6-8 glasses a day allows your body to feel full, it keeps you from overeating, and your body will be fully hydrated. Water is the best beverage to drink during your 4th of July parties and celebrations. Drinking alcohol can severely dehydrate you, even to the point of dying if you are out in the sun for long amounts of time.

Be careful around fireworks and don't drink and drive! This is a very joyous and busy time. Be safe during your travels and be wise. Use your brain when it comes to eating certain foods and don't eat junk. Garbage in, garbage out! If you put in junk foods, candies, and sugary drinks and foods, you will find that you may gain weight over the celebration weekend. A good many people will eat too much and drink too much, but you can and will lose weight and stay on track!

Happy 4th of July to my American readers!

~Obesity Overload

Thursday, July 2, 2015

7 Habits for Successful Weight Loss

You have heard it said that there are certain things or habits that successful do or implement to be successful, right? This is going to be our version of 7 habits for a successful weight loss! Do you ever feel like there are things that the successful people in weight loss do differently or better than you? I am going to reveal them to you and give you guys a glimpse of some of the type of stuff that will be in the e-book. I have compiled some great insightful content that will help you guys get that beach body that you so deserve. Here we go with 7 habits for successful weight loss!

1. Discipline
The very first habit that anyone that is successful in weight loss does is to create a habitual discipline. They get discipline so pounded into their heads that nothing is worth going against that discipline. What I mean is that, when you hear about all of these people doing weight, they only last for a few days because they have no discipline. Discipline is the foundation for weight loss that so many people skip out on.

2. Strong Will
Strong will is the second habit that people try to apply. Strong will is a little bit different than discipline. It does work hand in hand with discipline, but what sets it apart is the tenacity to accomplish your weight loss. Its the heart to never give up. If you lack a strong will, then you will give into temptations to want to quit because its too hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it!

3. Perspective
Perspective is our third habit. There can be a lot to say about perspective, but the biggest thing is that it is how you look at a situation. If you think about how weight loss is so hard, will be a pain in the butt, will be expensive, etc...then you will never succeed. If you have the perspective and outlook that it is possible to accomplish it, that it is easy, that you can do it one step at a time, it becomes easier to deal with.

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4. Change

You may not have guessed that change would have been one of the habits, but what we mean by change is the willingness to change yourself, who you are, and what you are about in life. Don't do the same thing expecting different results (like paying so much money for weight loss programs that don't work). Instead, change yourself and try something new (like our e-book that is coming out soon). It will be beneficial to you, easy to use, and you will be able to change yourself for the better.

5. Set Goals
Setting goals is one of those, "Duh!" habits that we always think of when we are going to lose weight. The thing that I want you to remember is that New Year's resolutions are a kind of goal that is so limited and unrealistic. Set smaller realistic goals that you can achieve weekly so that you can see the progress and be encouraged that your weight loss is taking effect and that you can do it!

6. Patience
Patience believe it or not is a virtue that completely contradicts what our humanness tells us is the right way to go about weight loss. We want things done today or the weight burned off today. What I'm telling you is that patience is a tool that comes with great responsibility because it can be a make or break deal with your weight loss. If you have enough patience to wait for the results, they will come, but if you don't then you will want to quit. This is a BIG and important habit!

7. Active
There are a lot of people that take part in weight loss programs, but they don't put any effort into being active constantly. The reason that people lose weight and are successful in weight loss is because they are active all of the time! They are thinking of ways to burn more calories, achieve their goals in shorter amounts of time, and they get off of their butt to go and do it. They are active and execute activities to get to their weight loss!

I do hope that you have learned a lot about the habits that successful people have in weight loss. All you have to do to be successful is to implement these habits for successful weight loss. They are fast, fun, and easy habits that you can do to help you get to your goals. Remember that it takes the mind and body 20 times of doing something to become a habit. Have patience and let the system work for you. Our e-book is coming and we can't wait to share our system that will help you lose weight, get that fit body, and kill obesity...once and for all!

~Obesity Overload

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Obesity Overload E-book - IN THE WORKS!


I am proud to announce that I am still working on the Obesity Overload E-book! For those of you that are interested in losing weight, this e-book will completely help you to re-think weight loss and it will make it easier for you to execute your weight loss while still within your budget. The e-book will not cost much. I promise you that I am not wanting to make a fortune off of the people that will buy this e-book. The only thing that I want from this e-book is to help people and get paid for the time that I have poured into this book for you guys and gals. It is still in the works!

~Obesity Overload