Sunday, June 12, 2016

3 Foods that Slow Down Weight Loss!

If you are like me, you realize that there are some things that just aren't worth eating for your weight loss, even if they are good. We will discuss those foods and I will teach you all how to choose which foods are foods that you are not going to want to eat if you want to lose weight. These foods are foods that are going to want to be avoided. They will slow down your weight loss and may cripple you. Let's dive into these foods that will slow down your weight loss and gain some great information to help you explode into your weight loss!

1. Fruits
Sugary fruits can prove to be even more detrimental to weight loss than beneficial. Fruits are packed with sugar that is what we would call glucose. The glucose is then put into the bloodstream and is converted into fat. Stick with eating fruits like apples, bananas, and other lower sugar fruits. Fruit juice is a weight loss killer that will slow it down and will bring it to a halt. Fruit juice is just as bad as soda. Stick with your vegetables and good fruits and good old-fashioned water.

2. Cereal
There are a lot of different point-of-views that people have about cereal and whole grains. The way I see it is, eating fat doesn't make you fat. If whole grains are fattier grains than crushed grains or processed grains, it would prove to be healthier for your body. That's not the problem with cereal that we will discuss. The problem is that there is so much sugar in cereal nowadays that you have to eat cereal that is like dried cardboard in order to get any nutritional value. I would suggest eating a granola bar that has sugar and tastes sweet, but find one that has honey so that the sugar is more natural.

3. Processed
Processed foods are always going to be bad for you and are always going to slow down your weight loss. Processed foods are WAY too salty and have WAY too much sugar in them. Anything that is made in a tube and that is processed needs to be avoided. Processed foods are classified as foods that are the cheapest food in any grocery store, mainly because they have the least nutritional value for your body and weight loss.

There is a definite takeaway that I want men and women to understand. Not all foods are created equal! A bowl of cherries is not as good for you as an apple, candy-like cereal is not as good for you as toasted oats, and processed food is not as good for you as organic or non-processed food. This is a great tool to use if you want your weight loss to take off. If the food that you're trying to eat has the same calories, sugar, fat and salt as bad foods, then don't eat it! Bad food is poison! You can't put poison in your body. Give us your questions or comments below, we encourage interaction!

Go and kill that obesity and boost your weight loss with avoiding these three foods!

~Obesity Overload


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