Saturday, September 24, 2016

How Do You Break the Soda Addiction?

Have you ever just had a huge drink of fizzy, sugary, syrupy soda and it burns the back of your throat...and then you feel it in your stomach  that is hanging over your pants? Have you ever been in that predicament? If you have, you definitely know what it feels like to feel uncomfortably bloated, have your stomach churning and sloshing, have a big soda gut hanging over your pants, and just feel bad. If you are like me, you have felt some of these things. I had to do something. If I didn't I knew I would have a soda gut for a long time to come. I was in deep trouble. If you are too, then join me to break your soda addiction as I have broken mine!

1. Perspective
You have to look at soda as poison. Change your perspective. Did you know that sodas have several different chemicals in them that are used for cleaning, de-oxidizing, that there is enough syrup to choke a horse, sugar enough to send your body into shock, and enough acid to acid wash your favorite pair of jeans? Soda is just a poison that is putting so many toxins into your body.

2. Alternatives
Drink alternatives like there is no tomorrow! The only two alternatives that I have found for soda is iced tea lemonade and water. Drinking these two instead of soda will cut your gut and send your body into weight loss overdrive. These alternatives are life savers when it comes to craving soda and something sugary. If you learn to drink water you will find that it really is quite delicious and is phenomenal for you!

3. 19 Days
It takes someone 19 times of not doing it to break a habit. If you can last 19 days with me, I will promise you that you will break your soda habit and your body will detoxify itself to be able to function at a higher level. Your weight loss will be boosted and your body will feel completely different than it did when you were drinking soda. This one is probably the hardest to execute, but its the most rewarding!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. All you have to do to break the habit of drinking soda like water is to follow this really simple guideline. Your body will be rejoicing because you have stopped drinking soda. Believe me when I say that it was no easy task to stop drinking soda. It is literally everywhere and it is pretty inescapable. Sugar is in everything, including soda.

Try an experiment with me. Pour a glass of soda that you have sitting at home, or buy a cup of soda from McDonald's for a dollar. Next put that cup or glass of soda outside in the heat for a few days. Cover it up or leave the lid on it. After a few days go back to the undisturbed cup or glass of soda and it will virtually be a cup of syrup or really close to it. That is what you're putting in your body! It will be easy to cut soda now!

~Obesity Overload

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