Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy New Year! A New Way to Look at Resolutions!

Happy New Year! Happy 2017!!! We just got through Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming quickly. Why did I say, Happy New Year? Because I have a new concept for New Years and the resolutions that we make all the time, but never keep. We are going to power pack our New Years' resolutions to ensure that we will reach them and accomplish them. Weight loss will be simple and you will soon be in the clothes that you have always dreamed of wearing and you will have the body that you've always wanted! 

1. New Year's Resolutions

We are going to make our New Years' resolutions now. The reason being is that we need to get the resolution now so that when we get to New Year's we would normally be hitting a plateau in our year. We are going to reset the New Years' resolutions when January 1 rolls around. Car companies live in the year ahead of everyone. In order to get ahead of the weight loss curve and keep your fat loss diet going, we will hit it early and come out with a bomb of a New Years' resolution blog post.

2. Choose 1 Weight Loss Resolution

Choosing 1 weight loss resolution instead of multiple ones gives you more power and energy because you only focus on one resolution at a time. We are going to hit this resolution for all we got now before we get to the New Year and by that time we will be slowing down. Fat and dieting will not stand a chance after we are done.

3. Go Big or Go Home

By going big we will accomplish more from our resolutions. Even if we don't achieve it all, we will be accomplishing the normal resolution that we would be trying to accomplish. We have to give it all we got. For some of us we can't afford to not diet and lose weight. 

4. Realistic

The last part to this is to make it realistic. If we don't make them realistic then we will fail. We do have to accomplish something or else its pointless. Make your resolution three parts; the part to accomplish that is doable, the part that you wish you could accomplish, and a part that is totally off the wall crazy that you want more than anything. Shoot for the stars!   

Lets get those New Year's resolutions! We are going to get our weight loss, dieting and fat loss goals and resolutions. You HAVE to make your resolution now so that we can accomplish next years' goals. Don't live in the in the future! 2017, you are going down!!! 

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