Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why do we Gain Weight Despite our Hard Work?

Why do we gain weight despite our hard work?
I have written a blog post on a question like this a while back, but I thought about a couple more.
I was researching about diets and then I saw something about how we burn food off.
There was two ways we burn food and calories.

1. The first one is that we burn off sugary and fatty calories.
What I mean when I say that is that when you eat candy and pizza and junk food, it normally has high contents of sugar and fat.
That makes it extremely hard to burn fat.
It is hard because your body has to burn the sugar and fatty foods before it processes and burns the excess fat on you abs.

2. The second way you burn fat is through burning moderately to no sugary and fatty calories.
This is done by eating fruits and vegetables, as well as, fish and foods with high protein.
When your body consumes GOOD calories and carbs, (the non fat and low sugar ones) then it burns it quick and then moves on to the fat around your stomach.
Guess which one of the two I'm going to agree more with!
Don't be the person that burns the junk food and then the fat.
Be the person that burns the good calories and then the fat.

3. Another thing I thought of was how much we sit in our day.
If you are like me, then you know that sitting in college classes all day, or sitting in the office all day is detrimental to weight loss; because you have no way to burn the fat!
I would suggest setting aside some time, maybe at lunch, to take a brisk walk or jog.
If you have time and energy after school or work to work out, then do so!

4. The last reason I would say is that we don't work out properly.
What I mean is that we seem to see a workout on T.V. and then we go and do it.
This may not be the most effective weight loss workout/program for our body types.
Certain exercises burn fat better than others.
High Intensity Interval Training is a combination of body weight and aerobic exercises and is a great choice!
Also, working out your legs, the biggest muscles in your body, can give you the edge on burning that fat and getting somewhere with your weight loss program.

I hope that this blog post enlightens you to how to improve your weight loss journey.
Share these and comment below if you have other reasons that I missed.

~Obesity Overload

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