Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MMA Edition!

For many of the professional MMA or Mixed Martial Arts fighters it is a man eat man world!
You step into that ring for three five minute rounds of blood, sweat, tears, and a glimpse of hell.
The fighters like it like that and are some of the fittest and most cut people on the planet.
Anything below that would be a low blow, those are illegal!

MMA, that sport that many would call barbaric just for the sheer fact that you get two guys in a cage and they fight it out, man on man.
It is simply not true.
The Greeks fought and wrestled to see who was the most fit and strongest among them.
So, too when a Champion gets in the ring to defend his belt, his greatness is put on the line!

What does it mean to be an MMA fighter?
What training does it take to be able to survive the first round?
Let's break it down together in this MMA Edition as we take mere glimpse at the bigger picture as we highlight some of the training that goes on!

Typically, an MMA fighter trains 6 hours a day for 6 days a week.
Exercises differentiate between abs, speed, agility, endurance, strength, footwork and lots of other aspects.
You basically rip your body apart, build it back up and rip it apart for six days at a time.
It takes a LOT of time to get cut and built as much as these guys are.
They go beyond what they think that their body can go to achieve bodily perfection.
These fighters spend countless hours crafting their martial arts to reach that mastery.
Mastery of anything is considered 10,000 hours of practicing!

Focus falls on jabs, cross-jabs, wrestling, grappling, striking, take-downs, physical conditioning, kicks, energy efficiency, knees, holds, grips, locking of joints, throws, dives, sweeps, take-down defense, cage control, and peak muscle performance and maintenance!
We have only scratched the surface when it comes to MMA and their regiment.
Perfect diet is something that we can't talk about, but it is crucially essential.

Women are stepping onto the MMA scene in the pay-per-view match February 23, 2013 as Rousey goes head to head against Carmouche. These women, like the men are some of the fittest humans on the planet, both physically and mentally. UFC 157 will prove to be history, embodied in yet another event that women can take part in as well as men!

I hope that you have enjoyed this post as we have a glimpse of what MMA fighters go through!
Next time you see MMA fights, keep in mind what it takes to step into that cage!

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