Sunday, June 30, 2013

Off to the Races?

So often we think, "I don't want to run.'s too hot outside!"
I want to encourage you guys to take up running for your workout.
Running is essential for weight loss in this day and age.
Running is one of the best advocates for fighting obesity.
We have to get off of our butt, off of the couch, turn the tv off and get running!
Let's look at the benefits of running.

1. Burning Quick Fat
Running is really good for burning quick fat. It doesn't take long to get a good burn going.
Use your sweat as a gauge to tell if you are running long or hard enough.
If you are not sweating and you are jogging, then kick up afterburners and run your heart out.

2. Low Cost Workout
Running doesn't cost much to do.
All you need is a good pair of shoes and a good place to run.
I bought a pair of shoes for about twenty bucks and I run around my town.
If you are uncomfortable running around people, then run in a gym, or run on a road that is not busy in a neighborhood.

3. Runner's High
People say that you can workout all you want, but it's those that are strong enough mentally that will prevail.
This is very true in the sense of running.
When you are running and you get to the point where you think you are done, keep running and really feel those legs kick in. You will begin to feel good, as if you are on a, "high".
It is almost like in drugs or alcohol, with the exception that runner's high doesn't have side effects.
You will find that your body will keep going and will kick into gear.

4. Endorphin
Endorphin is a chemical in the body that is released when you are working out.
Endorphin gives you a good feeling in your body and puts you in a happier mood.
That is why when you work out hard, you will often find that you feel really good instead of bad.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water and be wise about running in excessive heat.
As we near the 4th of July keep in mind that those beers, that candy, and the really good food you are going to eat can pack on the pounds. Try to stay away from the excess sugar and fat in the foods you eat. I urge you to eat well and go with some healthy choices. Have a great week guys! We are...Off to the Races!

~Obesity Overload.

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