Sunday, June 30, 2013

Push-ups, the Long and Short

We have all read articles about weight loss and we often get bored of the same thing.
I am writing this blog post as an education of a weight loss exercise that will empower you to burn that stomach fat. So often we don't know how to work our stomach out. 
Obesity has plagued our nation as a whole, which has in turn led to health complications.
I really want you guys to read this and share it as it has been a mind blowing revelation that I've learned about.

In starting a workout regiment with a group of friends of mine, we started off by doing 40 push-ups in one sitting (one workout without rest) for 6 days a week. For a lot of people this would be hard and out of the question. We have since moved on to more repetitions and have moved to alternatives. The short of push-ups is that they are a good and short workout to do while not using much time or energy. Let's look at some methods and see what muscle groups they work.

1. Regular Push-ups
Regular push-ups are fantastic for working out your upper to mid chest, your shoulders, your abs, and your mid to lower back. Your shoulders will be the first muscle group that you will feel the burn in. You may not feel it in your abs until you get into the days of repetition. 

2. Decline Push-ups
By putting your feet higher than your arms, you put more pressure on your upper chest and shoulders. Push-ups burn more fat on your upper abs and chest. 

3. Incline Push-ups
Incline push-ups put more pressure on your lower part of your chest. If you want a chiseled out chest, then this one is the way to go. I have been doing push-ups with my group of friends and am seeing my chest chisel out after 10 weeks! 10 Short weeks and you can already begin to see the fat rip off and see some definition.

The regiment I would suggest is to do 15 repetitions of each of the three exercises above, in one sitting, 6 days a week. I have done this and my abs have been getting better defined as well and I have been gaining muscle while losing weight. 

***Extra Exercise
The Plank: The plank is the same position as the push-up, with the exception of holding it in the up position instead of pushing up and down. So, holding this plank for 1 minute at a time and doing 3 sets of these minute long sets at least once a week will boost your weight loss.

By doing these push-ups, you will soon find that you are losing weight, along with a balanced diet, or weight loss diet. Keep up the weight loss guys! Enjoy this blog post from Obesity Overload. Please share this post with your friends!

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