Monday, July 1, 2013

Obesity Overload - About Our Blog

Hello readers, it has been good to write Obesity Overload for you! I wanted to discuss what our blog was about and the elements that embody our blog. It may seem at times that we aren't covering what we first said we were going to. There are many different aspects and areas of our lives that obesity seeks to destroy. If we cover all of these, even though they may not be closely related, then maybe we may be able to chip away at obesity and help some of the millions of Americans that are affected by obesity.

1. Tools
I am here to give you guys the tools to combat obesity.
If you want to be able to combat obesity properly, then you need to have the right tools.
There are good and bad tools.
I am here to give you the best tools.

2. Facts and Figures
I have often given you the facts and figures of obesity.
We seem to be plunging into obesity more and more.
I am here to give you the facts and figures about obesity.

3. Fresh Look
I have often given you facts in different and fresh new views.
Sometimes the fact of the matter gets really redundant and needs to be explained in a different light.
This is another thing that I strive to offer you guys.

All in all I think that I have done a really great job in my past blog posts to help you with the three topics above. We all struggle with obesity. I am no stranger to that. I have seen success in my journey and the things I share are the things that have helped me. Obesity Overload was created to help people squish obesity and give you guys freedom in your lives. Weight loss seems hard enough to accomplish without the trouble of obesity as well. I do hope that you guys love my blog.

~Obesity Overload

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