Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fast Food...Why is it so bad?

We all from time to time crave a big, fat, juicy burger. I mean, with the grease, oozing cheese, tomatoey ketchup, crunchy onions and lettuce, all packed on a grilled bun. Sounds good, doesn't it? Golden, fluffy, crunchy fries are a good side, or those onion rings, or maybe even mozzarella sticks. All of the things that I've mentioned are extremely unhealthy for you, especially while trying to lose weight. Let's dive into why fast food is so bad for you.

1. Ginormous Amounts of Calories
All fast food meals and items are put together to be made quickly and easily.
Along with the quickly and easily comes ginormous amounts of calories.
These calories pack right on your stomach or butt to add to the obesity that you are already in.
Some foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are high in calories, but they are good for you and don't pack on in the form of fat. These calories are fuel for your body.

2. Preservative Myriad
There is a ton of preservatives in the fast food that we eat every day.
I once saw a study and pictures of a Happy Meal that was left out for months at a time; in the weather and sunshine and all, and it wasn't changed much at all. Why is that?
It is because there is are so many preservatives in fast food.
The preservatives, in turn, give way to artificial freshness when put under heat lamps.
These preservatives weigh heavy on your stomach and body.

3. Salt and Fat
Salt and fat are the most prevalent ingredients in fast food.
The salt content that is inserted into fast food is to make the food taste better, and it is also used to preserve the food. The fat content is what makes the food taste good as well and comes in the form of dripping grease and gobs of solid fat. Sodium (or salt) can clog your arteries that run from your heart to your body.
Fat can be detrimental to your weight loss and really contributes to obesity in a big way.

4. Drinks
I hadn't mentioned drinks in the intro above because I wanted to address it separately.
Drinks such as soda, milkshakes, and frapps are dangerously high in sugar and fat.
Sugar in the body is converted to fat that adds to weight gain.
Not only is there sugar in soda, but there are toxic chemicals in soda.
My dad was telling me that cola sodas and other sodas have been used to clean oil off of concrete and to clean linoleum in a store worked in.
If there are chemicals in soda that clean oil spots and linoleum then just think of what it does to your body.

In conclusion, we can see that fast food is terrible for you.
I urge you guys to find alternatives to fast food.
Some of them are buying fresh food from a grocery and making your own food, fruit, and vegetables.
Not only is fast food bad for you and your obesity, but it is also bad for your wallet as it normally costs way more than food from a grocery store.
I have given you tips on fast food and saved you money! You're welcome!
~Obesity Overload

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