Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Do We Gain Weight Even Though We Work Hard?

Why do we gain weight despite our efforts? I sometimes feel like I tread water when my weight loss slows down. Have you ever been in this place? A lot of people have. You may not know where to start. Even when we feel like we are getting no where, we need to realize what we are doing wrong and get back to what is going to help us lose weight.

1. Back to Basics
When you don't know where you start go back to the basics. Go to the weight loss formula.
Eat Less Calories + Burn More Calories than You Take In = FAT AND WEIGHT LOSS!!!

2. Plateau
The plateau is a point in time when you haven't lost weight for a good amount of time. We all come to that time. Get back to why you are trying to lose weight and keep doing the right things. In accordance with this tip, stay fundamental and focus on what you are doing.

3. Cut Out the Sugary Drinks
Sugar adds extra fat to your diet. Cut them out to get even more from your weight loss. We don't realize the simple fact that sugar causes us to gain weight. Eating fat doesn't make us fat, eating and drinking sugar does.

4. Beer is Fattening
If you consume beer and alcohol on a regular basis you could be adding a beer belly on top of the abs that you could be gaining. This is another big reason we gain weight even though we work hard.

Implement and observe these tips in your life to get past the hard times. Obesity is plaguing our society in America. Take your stand against obesity. Don't let your efforts be lost. If worse comes to worse, start over in your weight loss, make new goals, and get started again!

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