Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Be Lean, Be Healthy?

I thought that you said that eating fat doesn't make you fat. It really doesn't make you fat. It does contribute, sure, but it is not the main reason that we gain weight from fat. Leaner meats, such as fish, lean beef, turkey, and chicken are all great sources of protein that is used for building muscle. If leaner meats are that beneficial why do I still eat fatty pork or fatty beef? I have been asking this same question for years. America seems to gravitate to the beef and the pork. The holidays are an exception because the majority of Americans eat turkey instead of ham or chicken. Let's look at the benefits of eating leaner meats.

1. Metabolism Boosting B Vitamins
Leaner meats are packed with more metabolism boosting B vitamins. These vitamins get your stomach going and your food passes through your body quicker, making it prime for burning the fat instead of storing it.

2. Zinc...Immunity?
Zinc is an essential mineral that is found in leaner meats. Zinc helps your immune system to stay healthy and strong. This in turn allows you to push toward your weight loss goals even harder.

3. Heart Healthy?
Are you saying that leaner meats is more heart healthy? Yes, I am! Leaner meats contain less fat that can get clogged in your heart valves. The fat that we eat converts and some of it goes to our hearts. This is one major cause for heart attacks.

4. Lower Carbs
Lean meats are lower in carbs than most other meats. Why is that? It is due to the fact that they contain less fat and more good and wholesome contents. The fat is what causes cholesterol and is a great and devious resource of carbs.

Now that we have looked at the benefits of lean meats, go out and eat a chicken salad. Incorporate at least one meal of lean meat into your diet for a greater weight loss gain. You will than me now rather than later!

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