Thursday, November 14, 2013

Explosive Afterburn Workout

Hey guys. So this morning I figured that I would share another video with you guys on another workout to inspire you guys. I hope that you guys adopt these videos and use them. Mike Chang is a Personal Trainer that has laid out his wisdom and knowledge about losing weight in many many videos. The first video describes what the "Afterburn Effect" is. It is really in depth and I will let him explain it to you. :-)

The second video is the main one that I want you guys to focus on. It is a workout that requires no equipment and you can do it at home. The best part is that Mike Chang will do it with you. He uses the concept of the Afterburn Effect to burn fat and help you lose weight.

I have used many of the videos that he has made. I would like to bring up that he has offered an apology that says that he has cheated and he wanted to apologize to those people that support him. He has come clean and I still would say that his videos are still applicable. I agree with using supplements if they help you build muscle. I agree with using protein powder or drinking protein shakes. Stick to that supplement only if you must consume one. I have lost a lot of weight and have gained considerable muscle through it all. I urge you to give him a second chance and watch these great videos!

"From the home gym, the underground training facilities, and the octagon,"
~Obesity Overload

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