Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1 Video that Will Boost Your Weight Loss During the Holidays!

Welcome fellow readers to my humble home gym that is my abode! I was just thinking that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years is coming and we all need help. I have been working out hard and have been losing weight, but I really found a gem in this video. My stomach is getting smaller and smaller and there is more and more muscle. The weather is nice outside the home gym and it is fun to get out and run or do something outside. Now is the time to build that beach body. Then when summer comes you will be ready for volleyball on the beach!

Mike Chang from Six Pack Shortcuts is a genius and is somebody that has really given people on a smaller budget something to work with. I have always been someone that has had a bit of trouble with dedicating money to my own weight loss. Mike Chang has done a video that shows that repeating four exercises over and over can accomplish a lot of weight loss. He really knows what he is doing. Without further torture and ado, here is the one video that will boost your weight loss during the holidays!

Mike Chang is the brains behind Six Pack Shortcuts. There is another YouTube workout prodigy that has shared his wisdom with calisthenics with the world. Fortress is a guy that uses nothing but a pull-up bar to get ripped. Here is an extra video that he uses to introduce people to the muscle building world. Technology from my home gym has shown me that just about anyone can lose weight if they can put their mind and body to it. Check out this EXTRA video to help you guys during the holidays!

I wish you guys the best as you guys prepare for your holidays and you plan on how to lose weight during the holidays. Worry no more! Put these videos into practice and enjoy!

"From the home gym, the underground training facilities, and the octagon,"
~Obesity Overload  

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