Saturday, December 28, 2013

Take the Bull...New Years Resolutions...NOT TOO LATE!!!

We have all had our good and bad years. 2013 feels like it has been a bad one for me. I am a college student that is in a computer program. I don't always get out of the house to work out and work on my weight loss. I was playing Ultimate Frisbee and I got dumped on my head when I jumped for a pass. My shoulder and neck have been relatively disabled for about a week. Before I got hurt I was doing 100 push-ups a day in one sitting and I was doing 100 kettlebell swings. 2013 has just been yucky. I am proposing that we put all of these bad things that have happened in 2013 behind us, and that we take the bull by the horns! Let's do this!

1. Make New Years Resolutions that are Attainable
Make New Years resolutions that are attainable. The worst thing that we do when we make New Years resolutions is making resolutions that are not attainable. Make small goals and resolutions. We call these micro-resolutions. Make a bunch of micro-resolutions that are attainable and you will see more of your goals being met and accomplished.

2. Stop Making Excuses
We are going to stop making excuses in 2014. Successful people do not make excuses, successful people get past the excuses and get results. Make results, not excuses!

3. Tomorrow is NOT the best day to start a diet!
This tip coincides with the second one. Tomorrow is not the best day to start a diet. If we keep thinking that tomorrow is the best day to start a diet, we will never start our diet! Choose to start your diet and trudge through and make the best of it. Yeah, diets stink! I know that you want to eat your favorite foods and splurge, but we can't do this with our New Years Resolutions.

4. Start Off Slow
If you are someone that can't stop doing something cold turkey and begin something immediately, then you can start slow and work your way up. Most people have to start off slow. If we start off slow, then it will give us room to grow and expand. I am someone that can quit cold turkey and am someone that is all or nothing. If I start something, I START something! I encourage you to go hard or go home!

5. Take the Bull By the Horns!
Stop running from the bull that is staring you in your face. The bull may be chocolate, your workout machine, or any other crutch. Choose a crutch (something that gives you pleasure that you rely on and can't live without) and give it up for six months. By then you should be in full weight loss gear and you will not miss it much. By taking that bull by the horns you inspire and empower yourself to follow through with your weight loss. Take it from someone that knows!

I encourage you to take pictures of what you look like before the New Years resolutions and have a picture of a famous actor and actress that is your goal of what you want to look at! Shoot for those small goals and grab 2014 by the horns! I inspire you...conquer your weight loss and obesity TODAY!

~Obesity Overload



  1. It's nice seeing good advice out there for getting started. I wrote my first blog post earlier today on the misconception that all you have to do is start exercising to achieve your weight loss.

    But just like you mentioned, what we eat, setting smart, attainable goals, oh and actually STARTING are critical components to success - that it's much more than just 'go to the gym' or 'just do better'. Gotta have a plan!

    Hope your recovery continues well and your 2014 ends much better than your 2013.



    1. Exercising is important, but the starting is the hard part. Having a plan is very critical. If you don't have a plan, then it is impossible to succeed.