Friday, January 3, 2014

Is the ETL Diet the Best Diet? You Decide!

So, I was sitting down and thinking one day. I was thinking about what all the diets have in common. All of the diets have one thing in common, it is that diets are normally keeping track of calories or keeping track of stuff. It is a pain to keep track of stuff and I was sick of it. I have come up with a diet that only keeps track of what you eat, not the calories, not the fat, just the substance of what you eat. There is no writing down anything, just thinking and a little bit of common sense. Let's get started!

ETL Diet
The ETL Diet stands for the Easier Than Life Diet. This diet is easier than life, quite literally! The thing that makes it easy is that anyone can do it and it is going to revolutionize the diet and weight loss industry. The thing that the weight loss industry doesn't want you to know is that you actually have a good chance of GAINING weight on their diet program rather than LOSING weight. Why is that? It is for the sheer fact that people don't want to keep track of EVERYTHING they eat. They don't want to do the point trackers, journals, shakes, and other malarkey tricks and shenanigans to try to lose weight. It is very expensive and time consuming to lose weight. Not on the ETL diet!

1. What Goes in Must Come Out
What goes in must come out. When you eat junk food, you are going to find that you don't feel good. Why do you think you feel bad when you eat McDonalds or other fast foods? It is because you eat GMO foods and straight hormones and chemicals. When you eat what is good for you, then you will feel better and feel good. Your body will naturally feel better when you begin to eat better. When you eat fruits and vegatables, your body consumes what we would like to call, "healthy fuels." These healthy fuels convert to feeling better.

2. Watch What You Eat
All you have to watch with the ETL Diet is what you eat. As with the first point, all you have to do is eat better. If what you are planning on eating is not good for you, then you don't eat it. There is no keeping track of calories, carbs, or little meaningless things like that. All you have to do is make common sense decisions on eating good food, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and stay away from sugar, candy, and soda. It is that easy!
Good food (fruits and vegetables) + Common Sense (thinking about what is good for you) = something you should eat

3. Exercise 
Exercising with the ETL Diet is this easy. All you have to do is exercise for 5 days a week at an 1 hour a day. With this diet you do cardio exercises, aerobics, weight lifting, martial arts, or bodybuilding. You may choose from these choices. Running falls under aerobics and is considered the best by most beginning dieters. Running at 4+ MPH is the best to start with. 5 days of exercise a week for 1 hour a day is easy. You get two days off and it makes it Easier Than Life. If you want to exercise for more hours on one of the days to compensate for other days in the week, you can do that too.

4. Share It With Friends
We are trying to go viral and we may write a book laying out our diet if we can get enough people to get on board. I have lost weight in doing this. I went from 225 LB. to 180 LB. in a few short months. It was that easy. There was no hassles of starving, no keeping track of stuff, no nothing. I know what it is like to do the point trackers, the shakes, the junk and spending too much money and time on it. All you have to do it think about what you eat, exercise, and live your life!

We have come to the next year and I want to encourage you to keep your New Year's resolutions! I urge you to keep going and lose that weight. As we are trying to finish up January, I am challenging you guys to beat those fitness, weight loss, weight lifting, and bodybuilding goals to get to that beach body you deserve!

~Obesity Overload

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