Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yoga, Strength from Within!

Many people have thought about doing yoga in their lifetime. I have thought about it as well. I kind of thought of yoga as something that women did or that it was too girly for men to be doing. I have been pleasantly surprised to admit that it is manly to do yoga and that those that do yoga are strengthened in their mind, inner core, and are extremely flexible. There are many benefits to yoga and to doing yoga; one of those being that yoga can and will help you lose weight. It is like doing weight loss exercises, but they are slow and controlled as opposed to explosive and fast. Let's delve into why yoga is strength from within and how it is good for weight loss.

1. Strength from Within
Yoga is a set of exercises that are mostly stretches to increase your flexibility. It is based on the concept of breathing deep into your diaphragm and exhaling through while lifting your body up. The strength from within comes in the form of strengthened core muscles from the inside to the outside. The first set of muscles to be strengthened from yoga are those of the core and center of your body. The strength builds from within to the outer parts of your body.

2. Slow, Easy on Your Body 
Yoga is a set of finessed, controlled, and easy movements that make it really easy on your body. By doing slow and easy movements, you prevent hurting your body and you really strengthen your body. Yoga is notorious for giving you a base for which you can build a bodybuilding, weight loss, or athletic body. A lot of people have misconceptions that yoga is for women only. The problem with those people that think that its girly to do yoga is that they are missing out on the long list of PROS by looking at one CON.

3. Weight Loss 
Yoga can burn fat by breathing in deeper and giving your muscles more oxygen to burn fat and perform at greater heights and intensities. By going slower, the deeper breathes are more than adequate in providing the best and deepest selection of oxygen in order to get your body running like a fat burning machine. I recently found a video that had a lot of the same movements that regular weight loss exercises had, but you go at a fifth or sixth of the speed and you hold your body in order to burn the fat off of muscles.

All in all, besides the fact that you may not score points with the guys for doing yoga, you will gain a six pack by sticking to a bigger and deeper yoga workout. You may find that yoga is the best thing that has happened to you in a long time. I will be taking up a yoga regiment because my body is extremely sore from work, most of the time. If you would like to join me I will be doing the workout that is in the video posted above. Check it out and take it up for strength from within, for yoga abs!

~Obesity Overload


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