Sunday, May 3, 2015

Obesity Overload E-Book is Coming Soon!

Hello guys! So, I have been a little bit laxidazical with working on the blog and the e-book, but I'm proud to report that I have begun working on the e-book again and will be releasing it once I am finished! If you guys want to email me at:     then I can email you guys when it releases. Spread the word and get excited because we are going to release this e-book that will be revolutionary and will help you get a beach body that you deserve!

~Obesity Overload


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    1. Thank you, basheer Orsala! I have been hard at work working on the e-book and I will finish it this year in order to help millions of people with help for losing weight and it will be under $10. I'm happy to write it and help people!

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