Friday, May 22, 2015

Obesity...The Silent Death!

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I have decided to do a post about the effects on the body that obesity leaves. Several of my friends and the people that I know have become sick from being overweight and having obesity. I have endured through some of the effects of obesity. Millions of people are affected by obesity and I am calling everyone in the world to read this blog post and consider changing your life for the better.

Some of the affects of obesity have been topics that we have talked about. I don't want to extensively talk about what each of these affects entails, but I want to educate my readers on what exactly is happening in your body when you are overweight or obese. There are a good number of people that are oblivious to what obesity is, the affects, and the consequences of continuing on the path of being obese. Let's learn about how obesity is the silent death!

1. Heart Diseases
The number one way that obesity affects your body is through shutting down your number one vital organ, the heart. Obesity is literally a heart breaker! Heart diseases are extensively destroying hearts and are clogging our arteries with fat from being overweight.

2. Liver and Kidney Complications
Another huge way that obesity has an affect on our bodies is liver and kidney complications. We normally associate sugar consumption with obesity because eating sugar makes you fat, not eating fat itself. Our liver and kidneys can't handle the the dense sodas and the sugar that we stuff our faces with.

3. Cancer
Cancer is a rather broad cause of death from obesity. There are several different cancers and causes for them. The thing is that it has been scientifically proven that a lot of cancers feed off of sugar. When you are obese you eat a lot of fat creating sugar which in turn causes cancer.

4. Shin Splints
Shin Splits aren't quite as serious as cancer, but it is a very painful effect of obesity. Shin splints are extremely painful and we find it hard to jog or run or even exercise because our body can't handle the extra weight. Our bodies were built for smaller amounts of weight in order to live at optimal health.  

5. Death
Obesity has the ability and power to kill you! Don't be duped into thinking that obesity is harmless. There are are countless of ways to die and while obesity is only one of them, there are thousands of different parts to obesity. Death can come to you at any time, especially when you are obese.

According to World Health Organization there are over 600 million people in America alone that are obese, 1 out of every 10 people are obese, the worldwide devastation of obesity has doubled in the time between 1980 to 2014, and obesity is preventable. It is quite simple to fix the problem of obesity, but it is hard at the same time because people don't want to be bothered with the truth and they don't want to give any effort towards it. We will talk in the upcoming effects of obesity in further detail. End obesity in your life today. Share this post with everyone that you! Let's begin a worldwide war on obesity right now!

~Obesity Overload


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