Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Three Tantalizing Thanksgiving Trimmings

Have you ever wondered, "How can I cut back on my Thanksgiving meal that I'm serving my family without cutting the flavor out?" I am here to tell you that we are going to have three fresh ways to cut back on your Thanksgiving meal without cutting the flavors out of your good tasting meal. Millions of people will eat a Thanksgiving meal this holiday season and we want you to enjoy bit of it without cutting on the deliciousness that is the famed best meal of the year! Let's take a look!

1. No Salt Butter
What with all of the salt on the turkey, in the dressing, and on the rolls, you will find yourself wanting to drink more and more. The more you drink the more bloated you will feel. I have done this all too often as salt is the culprit for more liquid consumption and retention. Cut back on the salt in the butter that you use to cook and butter your rolls with. This will help you lose weight and feel skinny!

2. New Recipes
Sometimes you just need to get some new recipes. If you have traditions that are in your family, you are just like my family. We make the same exact thing every year and we end up feeling so bad afterward because we don't change the recipe. Do something about that by changing the recipes to the classics to healthier recipes. Pinterest is a great place for recipes. Try something new or do something a different way that will make a difference in your weight loss.

3. Cut Sugar
Cutting down on the sugar by using half the sugar in pies, drinking a sparkling juice instead of soda, and sticking to yams without marshmallows are just a few of the ways that you can cut down on sugar. Cutting the sugar will help your body to digest easier and the sugar will not be stored as fat. I know that each of us likes something sweet to eat during the holidays, but if you can refrain from the sugar, you can save your diet and weight loss!

I am so glad that you have stopped by once again to Obesity Overload! We have enjoyed giving you three tantalizing Thanksgiving trimmings that will help you lose weight despite the Thanksgiving and holiday season. I hope that you guys and gals are doing good after not having written for a long time on this blog. I would like to pick it back up and give you guys and gals some good tips, tricks, and ways to lose more weight than you ever have before. Share our post! Be safe this holiday season! No drinking and driving.

~Obesity Overload

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