Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Star Wars Workout - May the Awakened Force be With You

With the new Star Wars movie set to break records in the box office at $300 million, we find ourselves wanting to workout like the famed Jedi in the Star Wars movies that we have grown to love over time! If you have run up against a wall in your working out, awaken the force in you, and become a Star Wars hero with this Star Wars Jedi workout. Find out how you can lose weight and fat by following and implementing this great workout to become like the Jedi that rule the Star Wars world!

1. Legs
This great workout is mostly leg oriented and we find ourselves faced with another leg workout. The legs are the most overlooked body part group set. I have worked out my legs quite a bit and am happy to say that I have a good set of legs. Plyometrics are added very subtly to this workout as the leg exercises give you something more than just a burn in your legs. They will help you jump higher as well as burn fat.

2. Abs
Abs are the second most worked set of muscles in this workout. Abs are a very delicate set of muscles, but can be worked out quite well with this workout. These exercises typically will give you a good burn throughout your abdominal area. The side jackknives will need to be done at a slower pace because you can pull or separate the obliques from the ribs and it will cause lots of pain and discomfort.

All in all this in a really great workout that will help awaken the force and greatness in you. This is a true Jedi workout because it combines the abdominal power along with the combustibility of the legs to give you a good leg and jumping workout. This workout is not for the beginner unless you're going to take it very slow. Stretching is very vital to the well being and state of your muscles before, during, and after this workout. Join the Jedi rankings with this workout and awaken the force in you!

-Jedi Master Jeremy Scharmann

~Obesity Overload

Check out the official trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens below!!!

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