Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Years Weight Loss

Why did I write a New Years weight loss blog post late?

I wanted to embrace my goals, not resolutions, for the New Year.

Weight loss is not a simple task. Losing weight and fat and defeating obesity will be accomplished this this year.

We are starting a New Years Weight Loss Revolution! No longer are we going to be making New Years Years resolutions, but we are making New Years REVOLUTIONS! If you are like me then you really hate New Years resolutions. You pick a resolution, promise to be better, and then you fall flat. We are going to avoid that and take you right to the New Years Weight Loss Revolution. We are excited to give you something that will boost not only your weight loss, but your life too.

1. Stop Making Resolutions
Stop making promises and resolutions that will never come to anything. Stop making them to your family and friends and then dumping on them a day or two later. You don't help yourself at all.

2. Watch What You Eat
Watch what you eat. By watching what you eat, you will gain control over the most overlooked part of weight loss. Eating is something that a lot of people do for the pleasure of eating. We are going to eat, purely to sustain ourselves, and then stop before the weight packs on.

3. Implement the ETL Diet
The ETL Diet is one of the easiest diet, if not THE easiest! Where can you get this diet? Right here! The elements are easy enough for anyone to do and they are healthy and quick.

4. Exercise Like Crazy
We are going to exercise like CRAZY during this revolution. Please understand that you don't lose weight unless you work out and burn more calories than you take in.

5. Get the Results
This revolution that we are starting is sure to get you going and will be a sure fire guarantee to get you to lose that weight. You will see more results in a shorter amount of time by joining us on this revolution.


1. I will not quit.
2. I will not be one to brag about my results and boast about them over my friends and family.
3. I know that this is not for the faint of heart and that I will be losing a LOT of weight over the next few months.


How are we going to execute the revolution?

1. Strive for Weight Loss Perfection
2. Be Okay with How Much weight you lose and how fast you lose it.
3. Encourage Each Other
4. Challenge a Friend

If you want to join us merely comment with your first name and why you want to lose weight.
Weight loss, fat, obesity, and our goals are going to be defeated.
I will be next to you every step of the way.
Together you and I will lose weight and get our six pack or better body.

~Obesity Overload

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