Thursday, January 12, 2017

5 Simple Ways to Tighten Your Core in 7 Days

I was sitting there one day trying to figure out how to tighten your core and how to do it as quick as I could. There are many ways to tighten your core, but I wanted to give you five of the best ones that I have found to work the best for me. We will do it in 7 days, but you have to be committed to eating right and working out every day. Implement these 5 ways to tighten your core for 7 days and you will tighten your core considerably. I have used these 5 ways in my life and have tightened my core immensely.

1. Plank

The single greatest exercise for tightening your core has got to be the plank. I have used this exercise quite a bit. You may think it easy to hold a push-up position for a long amount of time while not letting your lower back sink, but it may prove more difficult than you think. I started at holding the plank for one minute and worked my way up from there. If holding it on your hands is too easy, simply rock down to your elbows. 

2. Drink

This may not be exactly what you were thinking of when first seeing the word, "drink." I have found that drinking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in an 8 ounce glass of water is a hyper boost to your metabolism. Besides boosting the metabolism, the vinegar balances out the PH in your body to make it more alkaline. What does this mean for your weight loss? It means that you can tighten your core even more because your body is rid of the pain causing acid that sticks in your joints. 
3. Breathe

Breathing deeply and practicing your flexing will allow your stomach to get used to being hardened. If you flex in a mirror it will help you to visualize your breathing and flexing. Breathing properly adds another dimension to your core tightening and strengthening. When you breathe in deeply you flex your diaphragm and abs. Really feel the abs flex as you see them when you squeeze. Yoga is phenomenal when it comes to practicing your deep breathing.

4. Kettlebell

Kettle…what? Kettlebells and swinging a chunk of weight that is quite heavy will cause you to flex those abs and tighten that core. Grip that handle, keep your back straight, and swing that kettlebell. A tip that I found that helps is to flex the abs in order to get the bell to swing, don’t physically swing your arm. Its not an arm workout, its an abdomen workout.

5. Stop

Stop eating sugar! Sugar is the biggest fuel for fat and gaining a lot of weight. Once you completely cut the sugar, you cut the gut and tighten your core. Sugar is all bad and doesn’t present any good nutrition for your body. I stopped eating and drinking sugar and my weight began to go down. As I lost the weight my core tightened and my abs were uncovered under the layer of fat.

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~Obesity Overload

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