Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weight Loss Step 1 - Work Out Smarter

There are all of these people that work out so hard, but accomplish nothing.
You may be one of these people. Not to worry, we can fix that.
We are going to change the way you look at things.

1. Cardio
I'm sure that you have heard to do this before to lose weight.
Let's look at it through new eyes.
When working out cardio, you can work out on the treadmill.
The treadmill allows you to monitor your length of your run, calories burnt and heart rate.
Working out with sweats and a sweat shirt will boost the sweat and will burn of that obesity.

2. Compound Exercises
Working out with regular exercises only work on one body part at a time.
Compound exercises like deadlifts, pushups, and pullups are a few exercises that work on a few body parts at a time.

3. Walking, Jogging, or Running
Walking is great for burning calories, but jogging and running is better.
The body hits a certain rate when your body no longer feels much of anything, its called, "The Runner's High."
Your body gets an adrenaline rush and then you are able to run longer and harder.
Running burns 2-3 times as many calories as walking.
Jog or run for at least 45 minutes every other day at least three days a week and you will be on your way to killing obesity.

You are well on your way with the first step!


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