Tuesday, May 7, 2013

10 Weight Loss Tips for Women!

If you are a woman that has trouble wearing certain pieces of clothing because you don't think you look good, then this blog post is for you.
If you are someone that just needs a few tips because you don't have a clue on what to do, then read on.
Here are the 10 tips for weight loss for women!

1. Go Walking
If you are someone that loves to walk and doesn't mind a little sweat, (Many people don't like sweat even though they know that weight loss comes with it) then take a little walk around the block or a five minute walk. Even a five minute walk can be beneficial and can add up to big weight loss in the end!

2.  Add, Don't Subtract
Adding fruits to a meal for desert or as a snack can be beneficial because your stomach fills up quicker.
Also, adding vegetables to your soups and stews is good as it gives a healthier stand point.
Add fruits and vegetables to start toward energy, to feed the muscle, to burn the fat.

3. Drink More Water
This is a somewhat cliche tip for women and men in weight loss, but it is essential.
Water is like the lubricant of your body and even more energy that your body gets as it runs more efficiently.
Drink 48 oz. a day or three water bottles.
This goal is great because its a good amount of water without going overboard.

4. Eat When You're Hungry
So often we eat and splurge, even when we aren't hungry.
This tip goes hand in hand with #3 as we are often thirsty, not hungry.
Take a sip of water and step back before you go and splurge.

5. Share Your Dinner
Share your dinner with your husband.
By sharing your dinner, both of you are happily satisfied instead of overstuffed.
For those of you that love eating a huge plate worth of food, get used to eating half of it.
This will add up in the long run.

6. Stop Eating 3-4 Hours Before Bedtime
This tip is something that not many of us really consider.
By eating right up to when you are going to sleep you consume the calories and fat that, in turn, sticks right onto your stomach, adding to the fat.
Stop eating 3-4 hours before bedtime to give adequate time to digest.

7. Enjoy a Treat
Sometimes you just want a treat or to treat yourself to something that tastes good.
Reward yourself for doing well on your weight loss at least once a week.
Many people are loss-a-holics that go cold turkey, and they don't reward themselves.
You set yourself up for failure when you don't get a reward because your body begins to wonder what it has to do to get something good.

8. Food En Fuego (On Fire)
Add spices or chilies to your food to add a new spice.
Hot or spicy foods take longer to digest and boost your metabolism.
Make it spicy and enjoy a new flavor to savor.

9. Use Something Besides Food to Cope with Stress
Many people eat loads of food within a few minutes because they have a test in school coming or a deadline at work coming up soon. Read a good book or listen to music that relaxes you.
Keeping a journal or meditating can also be great for getting rid of stress without eating.
Avoid the unnecessary calories that come from eating from stress.

10. Eat at Home
Fast food is a ginormous amount of calories and fat that you absolutely don't need.
Eat at home and make a home cooked meal.
It will be healthier and will be better for you in the long run.

Women, get on these tips and act now!
Lose those pounds and boost that weight loss.
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~Obesity Overload

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