Wednesday, May 8, 2013

6 Powerful Exercises to Strengthen Your Abs

Let's admit it. If you are here, you probably want a six pack or to lose weight around your abdominal area.
A lot of people in the United States want to lose weight on their abs.
When we are used to picking up a large soda and eating a large fast food meal for lunch, it becomes apparent very quickly that we have problems.
Today I want to talk about 6 powerful exercises to strengthen your abs.
We are going to work on building that six pack!

1. Abdominal Crunch
Abdominal crunch or the crunch is a very great exercise for building your ab walls.
The problem that many people have is that their lower back hurts when they do crunches.
I have the perfect solution for this problem.
When you go to do your crunches put a pillow under your lower back to give your back greater stability.

2. The Plank
This exercise is fantastic for its use in ripping the lower abs.
It has the same position as starting a push-up accept that you don't do the push-up, you hold it.
The plank has been used for multiple purposes.
You can lift one leg at a time up off the ground to add a variation.

3. Bridge
The bridge is one of those exercises that is easier to do.
As you get into your crunch position, lift your butt off the ground with your hands flat on the ground.
You may have to do more of these, but they will give a burn to your abs.

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4. Supermans
The Superman exercise is great because you lay flat on your stomach with arms and legs stretched out above and below your core. You lift your arms and legs off the ground at the same time.
This will give a workout for your back and abs.

5. Running High Knees
Running High Knees is one of those workouts that you can get tired on quickly, but it beneficial to your abs.
Basically you are standing in one place, running in place, but trying to get your knees as high as you can.
You can start off your workout with the running high knees to warm up and get the blood flowing.

6. Side Ab Crunch
Side ab crunches are another powerful exercise to give you that ripped look you want.
You sit in a regular crunch position except that you put your legs all the way to the side on the ground.
Then you do a regular crunch and it works the outside abdominal muscles.

Do these exercises until failure for five times a week to get a six pack that is ripped.
It may take longer for some people as you may need to start a diet to lose the fat on top of the abdominal muscle wall before you begin these exercises, but you can do it!
I believe in you guys, and I believe that if you do these exercises until failure, five to six days a week that you will get the six pack that you guys are looking for!


~Obesity Overload

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