Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back 2 Basics

Okay, so how have your weight loss programs been going? I went on a sort of sabbatical/taking a break from blogging. I realized that there are a lot of people still out there that need help. I mean, if you go to the store and you are driving through the main thoroughfare, there will always be a fat person waddling by. Maybe you are that person! I am not criticizing you by any means. I used to be that person with the gut hanging over my small athletic shorts. I want to help you look like the guy in the picture to the left. I too want to be the guy to the left. I will be going on this journey as well. I will track what I am doing and my weight loss totals, as well as, giving you the tips, tricks, and self helps. I know how much we all love the fad diet programs. (WE DON'T!) In this blog post I will be going over how to get back 2 basics. Let's begin!

1. Weight Loss Equation
The weight loss equation has been a forgotten friend to those people that are trying to lose weight. Maybe it is that one thing that you can't remember and it may be the reason you don't lose weight. The equation is easy to remember. You must burn more calories than what you eat in a day. In effect, you must burn 3,500 calories to burn one pound of fat. You must compensate when figuring it. If you eat 2,500 calories a day and you burn 3,500 calories, then it will take you about four days to burn 1 pound of fat. Seems simple, doesn't it? I would suggest that you cut 1,000 calories from your diet when you eat while exercising more to burn more calories; which in turn burns more pounds of fat. This brings me to my next point.

Fat Burning Foods

2. Exercising Correctly
There is a right and a wrong way to exercise? YES, there is! If you walk for an hour at 3 M.P.H., then you will burn a total of a couple hundred calories. That is not bad if you are starting out. For most of us, if you are healthy, you are going to want to do compound exercises and exercises that push you. I was doing a program a couple of months ago and we were doing about 10 miles of running a week. The twist was that we had to do our quickest mile and then try to beat it with the others. We were also doing 40 push-ups and 40 sit-ups in one sitting. This means that you get in position and do it until they are all done. You don't rest! I would also suggest that you do a medicine ball workout. I will be doing the medicine ball workout that Duke University put's their athletes through. I will put a link up for it. the medicine ball workout will cause your whole upper body to tone because it uses exercises that are compound.

Duke University Medicine Ball Exercises

What are compound exercises? Compound exercises are exercises that work 3 or more body part groups at once. Examples would be basketball or soccer. Basketball and soccer have a LOT of running in them that work upper body parts, lower body parts, and they torch your core. Another great example of compound exercises would be working with kettle bells or a medicine ball like a stated earlier. Both the medicine ball and kettle bell use exercises that will tone your whole body at once. You will find that you are working muscles you never thought you had.

3. Eat Correctly
Again, there is a right and wrong way to eat? Of course there is! Eating chips, candy, and junk food while trying to lose weight adds more calories to burn off. You body will in fact gain weight because your body doesn't burn enough calories. I would suggest keeping to mostly fruits and vegetables. They will fill you up quickly and you won't pay dearly calorie-wise for them.

Fat Loss Factor

4. 2 for 1
For every 2 hours of TV that you watch you must do 1 hour of cardio exercise. That means that you will be toning a lot because America seems to love to watch TV. Keep this 2 for 1 mentality in mind when you are watching that baseball or football game for three and a half hours in your day!

5. Cut the Sweets
Cutting the sweets out will drop your calorie intake drastically. I found that when I stopped drinking soda and eating candy everyday that I began to lost weight at a more rapid speed. It is because your body doesn't intake extra calories. Eating fat doesn't make you fat. Eating sugar that converts to fat makes you fat!

6. Cut Your Crutch
I want you to cut the one food that you love and can't live without for the duration of your weight loss. Sounds extreme, doesn't it? It is a bit radical, but it will be a motivating factor for your weight loss journey. Trust me when I say that cutting the crutch (favorite food) will do you good. It may be chocolate, soda, cake, cookies, whatever it is, cut it. I will be cutting my crutch and expect you to do so as well.

Incorporating these factors into your life will ensure that you will have a quick and successful weight loss period. I have done years of research and my methods work! I have implemented them in my own life and have lost 3-4 pounds a week consistently through it. I am not setting a time for weight loss on purpose. I want you to put these rules into practice and reap the benefits of your labor. Let's begin again and do this together!

~Obesity Overload  

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