Wednesday, August 21, 2013

4 Ways to Beat Child Obesity

There are millions of children that are overweight and obese in America today. They cry out with helpless voices for the help of the adults in America. They scream as they are picked last for sports at school and as a result they are depressed. Today in America, children are bombarded with candy, soda, and lots of other forms of sugar that are making them irritable to disease and heart attack later on. Could this be the reason why so many Americans are dying earlier and are getting sick? Sugar disables you immune system. According to the Center for Disease Control in July 2013 ( 70% of all obese children ages 5-17 years old has one risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Let's take a stand to stop the madness! Here are a few quick ways to beat childhood obesity.

1. Monitor Your Children's Food Intake
The #1 way to beating child obesity is to monitor your children's food intake. If you want to stop them from eating candy or sweets, then stop them from eating it! Ground your child if they take advantage of you. You have to be hard on them or else they will have disease issues later on.

2. Keep Them Active
Keep your child active! The #2 way to beat childhood obesity is to keep them active. Each child should be getting 60+ minutes a day of activity outside. Get them interested in a team sport and keep them going at all times. It will lead to them going to sleep earlier because they won't be able to keep up.

3. Stop Spoiling Them!
This #3 way to beat childhood obesity goes hand-in-hand with our #1 way. Stop taking your child to McDonalds to get soda or ice cream. If you care enough for your child, then stop giving them cookies, cake, soda, and sugar.

4. Practice What You Preach
The final way to beat childhood obesity is to practice what you preach. When your child sees you splurging on your favorite food or drink and you tell them to stop eating and drinking their favorite things, then it will send a bad message. Instead, change your family's eating habits so that all of you can beat obesity and you will find that your child will cooperate better with your wishes when it applies to you as well.

Put these 4 ways to beat childhood obesity into practice and watch your child's weight drop. You will be amazed at what results you can get, just by following these 4 ways. Share these with your friends! Subscribe to our blog to get more tips, ways, tricks, and advice on how to beat obesity!

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