Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Do Men Really Burn Fat Quicker than Women?

We have had a constant debate of trying to prove which sex burns more calories and fat quicker.
Where do you stand on the subject?
Do you think that women burn it quicker?
Let's look at a couple factors to see if we can prove once and for all which sex burns fat the quickest.

1. Testosterone
Testosterone is a chemical that aids in maximum body performance in men and women. Women have a minute percentage of testosterone in their body. Estrogen is the chemical that is found in women that allows for max performance. Testosterone has been proven to help the body grow quicker and stronger. Men have gobs of testosterone in their body when doing bodybuilding or working out. Men in turn build greater muscle mass and burn more fat in a shorter amount of time.

2. Body Fat Percentages
It is a fact that women are more overweight and have a greater percentage of body fat. Women have a greater deficit to overcome than men do. There are many factors that contribute to women having a greater body fat percentage. Whether this coincides with burning fat is unseen. Women tend to splurge more often than men do. I am not trying to sound prejudice at all. The fact is that women can not eat the same things as men can and expect not to gain large amounts of unhealthy weight.

3. Different Bodies
Another factor that you have to consider is that men and women have different bodies. Men have bodies that are built to build muscle, work, and go hard. Women have more delicate bodies that are built to bear children and do lighter work. I am not saying that all men and women are like these stereotypical examples, but, for the most part many people fit into these two examples. Men have the extreme advantage for burning more fat quicker than women as far as body types go.

I think that we can conclude that men really do burn fat quicker than women do. These are the hard facts that we are faced with every day. There are things that women can do to combat their larger fat deficits. If you want some tips then go to the blot post that is located below to get some tips.

Tips for Stay-at-home Moms

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