Friday, October 11, 2013

Holidays, Living Hell for Diets

The holidays are nearing very quickly and we need to go through the important information. Let's just admit it right now. Holidays are living hell for diets and weight loss. Are they not? I mean, we are downing the turkey, gravy, rolls, and butter as if earth is running out of it without regards to our diet! Are there ways around it? Yes! We are going to talk about how to get around gaining weight during the holidays. Let's go.

1. Cut Out the Excess Butter
I know that butter is one of those things that makes food taste indelibly terrific. There is a problem that smacks itself right into your face. Eating butter is like pasting fat onto your body. That is what you are doing to your body. Cut down a little bit on the butter. Do your rolls need half a stick of butter on them?

2. Keep the Sweets to a Low Roar
You have heard the expression, "I am going to keep it to a low roar" before. It is a simple concept. This expression can be put another way. "Everything in moderation," is another one. Eat your sweets in moderation. Eat ONE serving and then be done.

3. Eat Slow
We have often heard that it takes food 20 minutes for food to, "Hit bottom." If this is indeed true, then eat slow. Chew your food past when your normally do. Put smaller amounts of food onto your fork.

4. Use Smaller Plates
Did you know that the average plate in Europe and in the east is 30% smaller than our's in America? I wonder why they are skinnier than we are. Interesting, isn't it? I urge you to use smaller plates during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It will cause you to see exactly how much food you are eating. You will see that you are going to eat a large amount of food and that you should stop. 

I hope that you guys have a great week! Keep it up on your diets and weight loss! 

~Obesity Overload

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