Sunday, February 2, 2014

One Sweet Diet...Or Is It?

There are several diets out there, but few have claims that actually work. The ETL Diet that we have written for you as probably the best diet out there is proving to be helping me lose weight. I am at 5 LB. lost in the first week. I want to create another diet that is great for people that want to shed fat like it is an extra jacket or sweatshirt. How cool would it be to have weight loss like that? Unfortunately, weight loss doesn't work like that. You can shed fat like crazy, but it will normally be 3-4 LB. at a time each week. Any more than that is dangerous unless you know what you are doing or are being monitored by a dietitian. Let's get started on the in's and out's of The Sweetest Diet. We will call it the TSD. The TSD diet is not for everyone, but it is a great diet nonetheless.

1. Why Does Cutting Out Sugar Work so Well?
The reason that cutting out sugar works so well is because sugar causes weight gain and causes fat to form. People have misconceptions that eating fat or carbs causes you to gain weight. This simply is not true. Sure, it may be that by the time the sugar breaks down it turns into carbs and fat, but it is not solely carbs or fat that causes you to gain weight. Sugar disables and shuts down your immune system and is the number one reason for weight gain. When you drink 32+ oz. of soda for lunch and have a candy bar later on in the day, you add on a significant amount of weight. All this to say, cut out the sugar completely. Drink water or milk if you drink soda.

Men, aim for 2,500 calories in your day in your eating. If you want to lose weight quicker, then aim for 2,000 calories in your day. Women, aim for 1,500 calories in your day. Don't eat any less than that because you might experience your body shutting down and not operating.

2. Sugar...An Artificial Killer
Sugar is a naturally grown, artificially processed, killer. Sugar is literally in everything! If you are a Sugar-free Diet purist, you are someone that will make your own food without sugar. For this diet we are cutting out sugar in our drinks, cutting out candy, and any extra sugar. If bread has some sugar in it, we will let it pass. What I don't want you to do is go to the doughnut aisle and pick up a box of sugar powdered donuts and say, "It only has a little bit of sugar." When you live your day eating sugar like crazy, you leave yourself open for developing diabetes and you are susceptible to crashing and needing a nap. This can be alleviated by cutting out the sugar that will cause you to crash later on. Sugar is an artificial killer that seems to lurk into your life through many avenues. Let's cut the sugar to cut the weight!

3. Working Out
Ah yes, the thing that we hate to do, work out. When you eat sugar, your body gets to the point where it is dependable on it. It essentially becomes a crutch.When you cut the sugar you realize immediately how much energy you have to work out without the sugar. I have been feeling immensely better since I have cut my sugar intake considerably. I would suggest working with kettle-bells, medicine balls, and running. The kettle-bells are great for stripping fat off of certain areas, the medicine balls are great for gaining solidity, and the running is good for re-enforcement of the other two areas. I would aim for about 45-60 minutes when you work out 5 times a week for a significant burn.

4. Breaking the Addiction
You mean that I can be addicted to sugar? Yes, you can be addicted to sugar. It is about as easy as any other illegal drug in the world. Sugar is highly addicting because it causes you to crave the sweetness and the taste of what we think is good. We think that it is innocent enough to drink whatever we want and eat all the candy we want, but it really is not that easy. You are essentially killing yourself when you eat and drink sugar like that. The way to break the addiction is to say no to those things that have sugar in them that are bad for you. Think of those things like they are poison because in fact, they are!

5. Share It!
Share this diet with your friends! This diet could be very influential for getting your body back to where it feelings good instead of that terrible feeling after you eat a sugar loaded candy bar. There are many people out there that can and will benefit from this diet. I would urge you to join us on this diet and to share it with a few friends. Get a group together that can keep one another accountable! Start a The Sweetest Diet Facebook page for your community and impact others around you.   

As with any and every diet, ask your doctor before starting to make sure that your body can handle the diet. Take these tips and implement in your life to lose weight by the ton. Start today and make today the day that you reform and get on the track for that beach body. Let's get that beach body before summer comes!

~Obesity Overload

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