Friday, January 31, 2014

Can You Lose Weight Through Bodybuilding?

There has been a lot of speculation and a lot of questions asked by a lot of professionals, dieters, and weight loss advocates on the topic of if you can lose weight through bodybuilding. It is a good question that we should look at because there are a lot of people taking part in bodybuilding. Weightlifting is a topic that coincides with bodybuilding so we will combine the two. The difference is that bodybuilding is normally competitive with other people and competitions. Weightlifting is an activity that Joe at the gym can take part in. Let's take a look at if bodybuilding can help you lose weight or if you should do bodybuilding for weight loss.

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1. Building Muscle
One problem with building muscle while you are losing weight is that the muscle will make the fat on top of it look for pronounced. In other words, you build the muscle and grow the fat. Yes, you can build an intense amount of weight off of getting rid of fat, but in the end muscle weighs more than fat. If you are going to plan on doing bodybuilding for a LONG term then you could lose weight on doing it. If you are going to do it short term, you may find yourself gaining more weight than you wanted to without losing the fat.

2. Range of Motion
If you are adding muscle that will make your fat more pronounced it may become hard to move, even though you ARE building muscle. The muscle it still covered in layers of fat that will hinder your movement. How do you figure out how much fat you have? One way is to flex your whole upper body, including your abs, and push up on your toes, then let yourself fall on your heals. If you do this in front of a mirror you can see which parts jiggle. For me, I have nothing jiggle on the top half of my abs, but the bottom half I have a bit that jiggles. It is sickening and discouraging to see if you are going for weight loss, but can be encouraging to see as you can see where you need to work out to lose the weight.

3. Leanness and Results
If you stick to working out and working out hard in your bodybuilding you can expect to be lean and lose weight. I have seen thousands of stories where people go on bodybuilding programs only to have a lean and yoked up body afterward. The problem is that weight loss this way takes a LOT longer. If you have the patience to wait for that beach body you have always wanted, then bodybuilding is for you.

Many of the professionals, professional trainers, etc., say that you can't lose weight because they are thinking about the discipline that the average person has. The average person may not have enough discipline to do bodybuilding. It takes a strong will and the will of a strong person to do bodybuilding. It takes quite a while to see the results as they are long term investments. Yes, you can definitely lose weight and transform your body into a beach body you can be proud of.

~Obesity Overload

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