Saturday, May 31, 2014

2 Super Sunday Tips! ***BONUS TIP***

In our last post we talked about the Concentrated Fat Blaster. If you didn't read it, click here to get that post. In this post we will be working off of that CFB. We were utilizing the body and some of the body functions and getting a good burn going. We were incorporating eating 4-6 smaller meals in a day, lifting heavy, and raising our metabolism. In this post we are going to add two more parts that will help boost this CFB and take your weight loss to new heights. Here we go!

1. Drink Water
Scientists have proven that if you drink a glass of water within the first ten minutes of waking up that your metabolism is raised 50-70% greater for the rest of the day. This means that all you have to do is add a glass of water to your breakfast to raise your metabolism to new heights. On top of that, let's add eating a little bit of protein to this to utilize some greater muscle growth. Eat one or two eggs with that water for a metabolic powerhouse of a breakfast.

The other half to this tip is the fact that water composes us as humans. When you drink 3-4 water bottles worth of water, your muscles function better (no cramps), your stomach consumes your food better, and you will feel better in general. 70% of all men are dehydrated when they first wake up because they don't consume water for 7-12 hours at a time while they sleep. The same is somewhat true for women in the fact that they too do not consume water for 7-12 hours. Women retain water better than men do, so less women are dehydrated when they wake up.

Drinking water is a natural diuretic that will help keep everything regular in your body. Water removes the free radicals, gets rid of extra acid in the body, and removes waste from your body that would otherwise be there. I can not emphasize the importance of drinking water to boost your metabolism past what you would ever think. The Concentrated Fat Blaster will be thrown into hyper-drive.

2. High Intensity Interval Training
I was looking back over the last post about the CFB, and I was convinced that there are people out there that can't lift heavy to help burn fat. So, I was thinking of something else that we could supplement for that. High intensity interval training, or HIIT is a set of exercises that kicks the body into fat blasting overdrive without being a burden of having to lift like a bodybuilder. HIIT gets the heart beating faster, longer, and harder to give you a prime time for burning fat.

What exercises are incorporated into HIIT? The first one that I would start off with after stretching are jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are great to get that heart beating. Sprinting short distances multiple times is another beneficial exercise. If you get a kettlebell, most of the exercises, such as, kettlebell swings, halos, gunslingers and the like are great for raising your heart rate. Mountain climbers are another good one for burning that fat. Burpees done in the dozens range are good too and can be incorporated with squats for burning butt and leg fat.

I hope that you guys enjoy these tips and the Concentrated Fat Blaster post! Use these super tips on this super Saturday to boost your weight loss even higher. Remember, I'm here for you guys and you guys can comment below to get more help. Drinking water to raise your metabolism and doing HIIT will help with some insane fat blasting. Get out there and off the couch and get what you're worth. You deserve better than you are giving yourself credit for! GO!

3. Stop Drinking Soda
This might be a, "duh" tip for some of you guys, but we still drink soda even though we know that it's detrimental to our weight loss. The sugar in soda converts directly to fat when we drink it. We may not have a beer belly, but it is possible to have a soda belly. I know that when I drink soda, I get addicted to the caffeine and the sweet tasting sugar. Why is it that we drink it then? Our body craves water and we drink soda instead. This tip coincides with the first tip about drinking water. You get headaches when you don't drink water and you drink soda. I'm convinced that we are a society that is drowning in soda, calories, and layers of soda fat. We need to stop drinking soda. Just by cutting the soda and drinking water, you cut 200-700 calories depending on how much soda you drink, in just one day. That would cut off 1-2 pounds a week if you were to cut it out of your diet. I urge you to use these and share them!

~Obesity Overload

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