Monday, June 2, 2014

3 Myth-Conceptions About Weight Loss

We all know that we aren't always the best at assessing the situation and experiences that we have. Weight loss is a subject that a lot of people have misconceptions about. In this blog post we are going to look at myth-conceptions (myths that are misunderstandings) that we actually believe as facts about weight loss. We think that we are people that fully understand weight loss and our bodies, but you might be surprised to figure out these myth-conceptions that we often have.

Myth #1: "Snacking is a bad thing"
I often hear people talking about weight loss and snacking as if they go together like water and oil. We often mis-conceptualize our minds and trick them into thinking that weight loss and snacking are bad. We think that eating more will aid in weight gain, not weight loss.

Fact #1: "Snacking aids weight loss"
Snacking is actually an aid in weight loss because we keep our metabolism going and in turn, we lose more weight. This doesn't mean that snacking on pizza, chips, and soda is a good thing. Snacking on wholesome foods such as, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and drinking water are all good snacks that you can eat.

Myth #2: "Weight loss, only for a limited time"
The next myth-conception I want to talk about is the myth that weight loss is only for a couple of weeks or months. We think that weight loss is only for a few days and then we can go back to how we are eating. People that think this normally go back to their atrocious eating habits, and they gain their weight that they just lost, back.

Fact #2: "Weight loss, a way of life"
The analogy I want to use here is the one that we have heard a million times, "garbage in, garbage out." When we eat garbage and take it in (fatty, bad foods), we will feel terrible and get garbage out (fat on our butts, abs, and thighs). When you put good in (good foods during a diet and weight loss), you get good out (weight loss and loss of your fat). Weight loss becomes a way of life after you lose the amount of weight that you need to, for the sheer fact of maintenance of the weight that you have lost.

Myth #3: "Fast food...a thing of the past"
We often think that just because we are doing a diet, working out, and losing weight that we can no longer eat fast food. We think that our juicy Big Mac will never touch our lips again, that we will never eat gold crunchy fries, that we will never eat doughy pizza ever again. We have a misconception that our society has tricked us into thinking. These misconceptions are simply not true!

Fact #3: "Everything in moderation"
My mother's voice rings in my ears when I begin to think that I will never eat fast food again, "everything in moderation, everything in moderation." The fact of the matter is that we ARE and CAN eat fast food again even though we are on a diet! We can get the Big Mac, fries, and pizza, but we have to eat it in moderation. What do I mean by moderation? I mean, instead of pigging out on a ginormous burger with all the fixings, shoving down a truckload of fries, and downing a 32 oz. drink; eating a moderately sized burger, a smaller portion of fries, and a medium soda. Eat smaller portions so that when you are done eating, you're not overly stuffed and feeling sick.

I have had these same myth-conceptions about weight loss and I know that a lot of you guys have too. Read through these, comment below, and share them for the maximum effect of getting the word out about these myth-conceptions. We have all had our times of seeing something for the wrong meaning or the wrong thing. We need to stop adopting and making new myth-conceptions and get out there and share the factual truth about these!

~Obesity Overload

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