Sunday, October 26, 2014

10 Habits to Stop Doing While Dieting

In today's world, its hard to keep the weight off. What, with the fried foods, sweets, and comfort foods. We all have habits that are detrimental to our weight loss and diets. I'm always amazed at how when we stop making the mistakes of bad habits, we keep going on our weight loss with no problems. If you're not sure if you make bad habits in your weight loss or diet, check these ten out and see if you are. I would encourage you to read this post and have these ten help you guys in your weight loss and dieting!

1. Going to Bed Late
Stop going to bed late. When we go to bed late, we find our metabolism slowing down because there is no energy to feed the furnace. When you go to bed early, your body responds better to rest and allows you to be more efficient in your weight loss.

2. Eating after 8
Eating after 8:00 at night is something that we must change in order for our bodies to be able to lose weight. When we eat late night snacks, our body shuts down and our body stops burning fats and foods at night. The fat, in turn, stores straight to our fat stores.

3. Eating Sweets
When it comes to eating sweets, our body immediately wants to store the sugar as fat. The sugar is harder to burn, and our bodies find it sufficient to store it as fat. Cookies, pie, candy, and soda is all considered sweets and are horrible for weight loss and our diets.

4. Eating Constantly
This habit may be one of the most obvious of them all. We often don't think of ourselves as eating all the time, but those of us that have huge fat stores are normally eating all of the time. We have to stop eating all the time, and we have to find something else to fill our time that we normally use making food and eating.

5. Being Lazy
This habit is something that we don't consider. We all have busy lives that make it easy to be busy. What I mean by being lazy is the fact that when we are not working, we are sitting down on the couch for long amounts of time. If we go for a run in the middle of an afternoon instead of sitting on the couch and eating, then we save ourselves the calories, and we can gain more positive energy. We need to quit being so lazy and get up and go.

6. Consuming Empty Foods
Consuming empty foods can be explained as eating foods that don't fill you up. Fast foods are empty foods that you can eat a ton of, but they don't fill you up. Junk foods are empty foods as well. If you eat fruits or vegetables, then you will be filled up, and you can stop eating sooner than later. Stop consuming empty foods.

7. Consuming Fatty Foods
We need to end the habit of consuming fatty foods. Fatty foods contributes to weight gain and we will soon find ourselves in trouble when it comes to weight loss. Consuming bad foods like this will make your diet and weight loss die.

8. Procrastinating
Procrastination is another really bad habit that we do that contributes to our weight gain. Our dieting goes horribly and we can't figure it out. When it comes to working out to burn the fat off, we often procrastinate. We can't keep waiting for our weight loss to happen when we procrastinate and wait for the result. We have to stop procrastinating, and we have to go out and get that weight loss!

9. Waiting Until Lunch to Eat
If you're like I was, you wait until lunch to begin eating. We sometimes wait until lunch to eat our first snack or meal. To get your metabolism going, we need to stop waiting until lunch to eat, and we need to eat breakfast to begin the explosive weight burning furnace with something to eat in the morning.

10. Following the Fads
How many of you guys follow the fads and the latest diet just hoping that it gives you the drive and the push to lose that weight that you guys so passionately want to lose? Many of us follow the fads and the latest technology when it comes to diets and weight loss and we spend so much money all to no avail. Stop following the fads and trust the, "burn more calories than you consume" concept that has worked for many decades.

If you are like me, you were convicted by these bad habits and are convinced that you need to stop making these mistakes. Really, they do you no good when it comes to weight loss, and they really begin to kill your weight loss and diet. I strongly urge you to take the steps to stop making these mistakes and to start instilling good habits in your weight loss and diets. Please share this blog post and tell your friends about it!

~Obesity Overload

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