Friday, October 24, 2014

Fast Food...Worst Food for Your Weight Loss!

Have you ever suspected that there was something weird about fast food? I mean, you have all of these food items, they don't cost all that much to buy, and you seem to feel really bad after eating it. Why then do we keep eating it? Its easier to get a couple of cheap burgers and go home after a long day at the office, its cheap, its quicker than most fast food restaurants, you don't have to talk to anyone, they smile at you, and you think it's all good. We are going to talk about why fast food is the worst food for your weight loss. It is crucial that we, "know our enemy" before we can, "beat our enemy!" Let's get started and really dig in!

1. Fat Content
Let's begin with talking about the fat content that we deal with in fast food. Most fast food is deep fat fried, like the french fries and chicken nuggets, and the mozzarella sticks that we enjoy. There is fast seeping out of and running off of the food that we consume on a regular basis. My mom used to joke that we would go and get our share of grease for the day. Fat is killing more people than the ebola crisis that we are dealing with in the world. People are diagnosed with diseases related to being overweight and for having too much fat on our bodies. Before we take a shock at finding that the ebola virus is out there, let's first remember that we are dying from eating fat every single day!

2. Salt Content
Salt content is not nearly as bad as the fat content, but it certainly contributes to the way our bodies feel after eating it. The salt content is through the roof because there are less preservatives in fast food and they need the food to stay fresh for a long time. The shelf time needs to be a lot because they never stop making fast food by the ton. They know that they will eventually sell the one's that they made two hours ago, and then they will move on. Quite often when I go to fast food restaurants my food is cold when I get it and I realize that I'm eating exactly what I paid for, a dollar sandwich and it's worth no more than about twenty five or fifty cents. The fries at most fast food restaurants aren't even edible because there is so much salt.

3. No Protein 
My brother did a test in his chemistry class and they were studying proteins and how proteins react to certain chemicals. They decided to test a famous meal from a certain fast food restaurant and the sandwich contained almost zero physical evidence that it even contained protein at all. The funny part was that the packaging that the sandwich came in said that it contained ten grams of protein per sandwich. There were no signs of protein anywhere! If your somebody that works out and then goes out to get a chicken sandwich somewhere, be aware that what you're eating isn't chicken!

4. Cheap Food
If you're like me, then you hate spending money at fast food restaurants. I mean, who wants to spend five or six bucks for a sandwich that is bad for you anyways? I don't! The problem is, is that the cheaper you go in price, the worse off the food is for you. Fast food restaurants make and prepare their food for pennies on the dollar. I used to think, "Oh, its only a dollar, I'm going to get three!" Until I was sitting there one day and my friend that worked for a fast food restaurant said, "You realize that you get what you pay for, right?" I thought to myself, "So that's why the cheaper food tastes worse and is worse for you!" It was all beginning to make sense in my mind.

5. Not Fresh
The last point I have to make today is that the food isn't fresh. I was in a local fast food restaurant a few days ago and the flies were the worst that they have ever been in there. Flies were running rampant all over everything. It was one of the most unsanitary situations that I've ever been in. I mean, a person can only take so much. The food wasn't fresh, it was cold, and it tasted terrible. I was so disgusted that I have not been back into that fast food restaurant since then. With so many flies flying around, you have to know that your fries are now flies, and that your sandwich is now a flywich. I have heard of stories of people finding bugs in their food from fast food restaurants. It is no wonder!

I was very happy to write this blog post as I feel passionate about telling people about the hidden dangers of fast food restaurants. I would suggest taking your money to the store, getting some fruits and vegetables, having a nice glass of wine if you would like and sit down and have a sandwich. Avoid the cheap and bad food that is coming from these fast food restaurants. There are sit down restaurants that have great tasting food that is good for you. You just have to look around and find them! Remember, fast food does not contribute to weight loss, but weight gain!

~Obesity Overload

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