Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let Me Persuade You...8 Reasons for Weight Loss!

Over the years we pretty much eat whatever we want, do whatever we want, and say that we want to lose weight, but there are some people that aren't convinced that they need to lose weight. There are those that are still skeptical, and they are still saying, "I am only a few pounds overweight, I don't need to diet or lose weight!" I am here to tell you that unless you lose that extra weight, you may be at even greater risk of dying sooner than you would later. I am convinced myself that unless I do something big soon, I will be in big trouble. I only have a few pounds to lose, but they weigh heavy on me and my lifestyle. Please, take a look at these great points that I have to make and be convinced that weight loss is for you! The first step to changing is recognizing and admitting that you have a problem!

1. Hard to Bend Over
Sometimes I make the joke that its hard to bend over for me because I have too much in the middle and I know it! It's really not a joke, its a big problem. If you are someone that has too much fat on your bottom or stomach, then you can relate to it being hard to bend over. This inconvenience should be enough to go into weight loss full bore. In case you're not convinced, I have more!

2. Unbutton Top Button
For most of us, we only have a top button if you're someone that wears jeans . I sometimes find it hard to button the button because I have a paunch of fat hanging over. You know what that feels like! It doesn't feel good! You sit at your parties, get-togethers, and other events and you pull your pants up the whole time because you button the top button. This is an inconvenience I've dealt with before in the past.

3. When You Play Sports, Your Fat Moves!
This might be the biggest reason that you don't work out and participate in weight loss. My question to you is, "Unless you work out, how are you going to lose weight?" You HAVE to work out, it is a must! It may be uncomfortable to work out with fat jiggling in various places, but that doesn't mean that you give up or worse yet, you don't even participate in weight loss.

4. Disease 
You may be thinking, "Disease only happens to those, 'out of control' type people!" This is simply not true! I'll tell you why. It's not true because we are susceptible to heart diseases, high blood pressure, and hypertension which is the silent killer. The reason I'm adding this point is because I don't want the overweight and obese people that are reading this to go on with life as if nothing is going to happen. Nothing may have happened so far, but the odds of you getting sick and dying are considerably higher than those that are not overweight or obese.

5. Finding a Mate
We look at ourselves in the mirror and we think, "If only I had a six pack, I could get a...(insert girl or guy here)!" We don't think that we can get a guy or a girl if we are fat and overweight. What is the solution for this? Yep, you get off of the couch and you go and get that weight loss and six pack body that you have been wanting. You deserve to be skinny and happy at the same time, but you have to put the work in!

6. At Risk for Cancer!
The main reason for weight gain is sugar and consuming sugar at alarming rates. Guess what the main fuel for cancer is? Yep, you guessed it, SUGAR! This reason in and of itself should be enough to convince you that you need to lose weight. Cancer cells have been shown to feed on sugar and our fat is made of primarily sugars that are extra. We eat candy and drink soda and we give cancer cells fodder for destroying us! I urge you to lose weight!

7. Less Depression
If you were to lose weight, then you would feel better both about yourself and you would not be depressed anymore. Most of the time the reason we get depressed is because we are not at the place that we want to be body-wise. Stop being so depressed, get up, and join the weight loss community. Get a head start on feeling better about yourself!

8. Save Your Life!
This is the biggest point that I want to make today. COME IN CLOSE, I WANT YOU TO HEAR THIS. If you lose weight and better yourself, it can SAVE YOUR LIFE! The majority of the people in the world think, "I don't need to. I would rather be happier eating my food than be miserable and live longer!" Why would you think this? Weight loss people have good things to eat too. Losing weight can potentially add 20 years onto your lives!

I would like to ask you guys to please share these points for weight loss with your family and friends. It is crucial that everyone knows about these. We need to have a weight loss revolution and get obese and overweight people on board! Save a life, share this post with someone you care about! Take into consideration these points yourself if you are skeptical about weight loss. I hope that I have convinced you that you need to participate in weight loss,even if you only have a few pounds to lose.


~Obesity Overload

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