Tuesday, November 4, 2014

7 Golden Fat Burning Foods

After reading the past couple of blog posts about weight loss and pushing to accomplish your New Years resolutions (CLICK HERE!), you're probably thinking, "Can you give us some tips on how to accomplish what you're asking us to do?" That's where this blog post comes into play. I would like to introduce 7 golden fat burning foods to you and how they help you burn fat. We will be going into depth a little bit further than just the surface for these 7 foods. Anyone can tell you, "yep, these are fat burning foods," but very few posts ever say, "why." Let's get into these 7 golden fat burning foods and why they burn fat to give you a six pack in no time at all!

1. Spicy Foods
Peppers and hot foods are a great way to burn fat and to lose weight. You may have heard of the famous Sriracha hot sauce that is sweeping over the world like a huge spicy cloud. Spicy foods can liven your foods and dishes up really well and then get your metabolism going, In turn, this gives you a fat burning kick-start! If you really want to add something to your foods quickly, then just add some spicy salsa.

2. Eggs
This fat burning food is probably the most overlooked one of them all, mainly because we often think of eggs being full of fat. The truth is that you don't get fat from eating fat. You get fat from eating foods that have sugars that convert into fat. Eggs are full of protein that will give you better muscle. This will add up and will help those muscles burn fat at a greater pace because you will be building more muscle. Have some eggs for breakfast to start the fat burning wagon on a trail-blaze!

3. Lean Meats
This golden fat burning food is the most considered of them all. It is easy to eat meat in this world because it tastes so good. Meat is easy to cook and you can cook it in many different ways and flavors. Lean meats like turkey, chicken, and lean beef can burn fat by adding to your muscles. Meat contains a lot of protein and this protein can help burn a good amount of fat. You can incorporate a meal or two in the week to start. It's that simple.

4. Peanut Butter
There are a lot of myths about nuts being fatty. The thing is that everyone needs to eat a little bit of fat. Everything in moderation is better than ridding yourself of it altogether. Peanuts and peanut butter has a large amount of fat burning protein because this too can help you build more muscle. It is essential to have muscle to burn fat. If you don't have muscle, then you will not burn fat. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a great way to start. Slather a good amount of peanut butter on your sandwich.

5. Green Tea
You may be reading this fat burning food shaking your head wondering how green tea could burn fat. Green tea uses natural caffeine to boost your body's production of muscle and energy levels. Your metabolism boosts as well, and we have found that green tea or black tea will give you even greater fat burn. All you have to do is have one cup of tea a day. Make a tea time like the people in England, and enjoy the benefits of burning more fat.

6. Citrus
Citrus is a great source of vitamin C and vitamin C is great for helping the body pass the cold or flu better.Citrus is also known for boosting your fat burning furnace by causing metabolism combustion in your body at rapid rates, causing your body to burning more fat because of greater efficiency. Add fresh lemons to a fish for dinner, or a lime to your tacos, or maybe some lemonade to your meal. The acid will cause your fat burners to explode.

7. Apples
Apples may be the last thing you think of when you think of golden fat burning foods, but they play a very important role in helping you burn fat. Apples allow your body to feel full for longer amounts of time. Your body has to have the energy from the apple to burn fat. The sweetness  can also act like something sweet to curb your sweet tooth cravings. There are also great amounts of vitamins and essential minerals in apples. Add one to your day for a snack to boost your fat burners!

I hope that you guys have enjoyed this post about 7 golden fat burning foods. Please share these foods with your family and friends to help them lose weight as well. Save a life by promoting these blog posts. You can save somebody's life by pointing them in the right direction for weight loss. Please consider adding these foods to your diet to help your fat burners kick into overdrive. You will not be sorry, I promise!

~Obesity Overload

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