Monday, November 24, 2014

Think Positive, Lose Weight?

Our brains are effected by even some of the smallest things. We laugh and feel happy, and our brains think that we can conquer the world. When we are sad we feel like our brains are falling apart. When we are doing weight loss and dieting, it is very important that we have good attitudes. Good attitudes give us a great boost in weight loss when we feel good about ourselves. We are going to talk about why weight loss depends on our attitude and how we see the world. It is very important that we think on the sunny side of things instead of thinking so bad. Why are positive attitudes key to weight loss?

1. Endorphin Overload
Endorphins are a hormone that are released when you work out and are happy. When we are happy and we have good attitudes, the endorphins release neurologically and it boosts your weight loss because your body functions better. When your body functions better, your body burns fat better. 

2. See Yourself as Someone Who is Changing
What attitude are we to take if weight loss depends on an attitude? Instead of seeing yourself as someone who is overweight, obese, or someone that just needs to get a life, look at yourself as someone that is getting skinnier, someone that is changing their body for the good, and someone that will conquer obesity and will win. 

3. Bad Attitude, No Weight Loss
I have a question for you. Would you rather have a good attitude while losing weight and it be easier, or would you rather have a bad attitude and weight loss be extremely grueling? When we have bad attitudes, we find ourselves hitting rock bottom and we have problems because our minds convince our bodies that we are nothing. Bad attitudes are a weight loss killer and we find ourselves beating ourselves up because we see skinny people that set the standards on what the good looking person is. We need to redefine ourselves and to change the way we look at weight loss.

4. Good Attitude, Weight Loss
Good attitudes are essential for weight loss and we need to have good attitudes in order to really experience weight loss. Good attitudes boost your ego and your body feels good about itself. You want to lose weight in this case and having a bad attitude is out of sight and out of mind. Good attitudes are something that are rare during the holidays. Try to think of a happy thought or time that is very dear to your heart. 

5. Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a powerful tool that can be very empowering in weight loss and dieting. When we can forgive ourselves for eating the wrong thing or forgive ourselves for not working out when we know we should have, we can get past the simple but crippling disease of the bad attitude. Bad attitudes thrive on guilt and making you feel bad. Slay your bad attitude by forgiving yourself!

6. Cut Out the Negative
Cut out the negative things in life and replace it with positive things. Hang with people that will encourage you even though you think that you will never lose weight. Find other people like you that you can encourage and have encourage you. Start a Facebook or social media group that you can support one another through your hard times. When we cut out the negative, we will find the positive emerge, almost magically!

7. Sticky Note Positive Affirmation
Write something positive about yourself that you want to remember days down the road on a sticky note and put it in the most prominent place in your life. Every time you see those notes, your mind will immediately think more positively. It pays to think more positively!

We find ourselves in the midst of the holidays and we find that bad attitudes run rampant. Please try to have a good attitude to boost your weight loss this holiday season. We all could use some good cheer and our weight loss and dieting loves good cheer. Do yourself a favor and think a good thought. Helping others helps us to feel better because we are helping others. Weight loss is all about attitude. Have a good attitude and have victory, have a bad attitude and your weight loss will die!

~Obesity Overload

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